Denvah Baker Moller (23 Years) | Rockhampton, Queensland

The judges were impressed in praise of her, describing her as a refreshing and unique talent. She comes from Queensland and is a funky, free-spirited girl with a deep passion for dance and music.

Her dancing journey began with ballet, and she once dreamed of joining the Valories. However, she eventually fell in love with music, particularly the country genre, after discovering Kasey Chambers’s music, which significantly influenced her style.

Her voice is truly exceptional, and it’s no surprise that she’s considered a strong contender to be the next Australian Idol. Singing “Pony” by Kasey Chambers, she wowed the judges and secured the coveted golden ticket to the next round of the competition.

Jackson Smith (25 years) | Melbourne, Victoria

Singing eyes closed by Ed Sheeran his voice so good the judges loved him that he won himself the Golden ticket.

From being a trading and then a parent it was a completely different journey for him in his career.

Being a father of a one year old can be challenging as well but yeah he is on the show and won the title.  

Gabe Hester (18 years) | Mornington Peninsula, VIC

Ed Sheeran’s performance of “Singing” with his eyes closed was unforgettable.

His voice was so good that all the judges loved him and he even won himself the Golden Ticket.

It’s amazing to see how far he’s come in his career, from being a trader to a parent to now a successful singer.

Although being the father of a one-year-old can be challenging, he still managed to make it to the show and claim the well-deserved title.

Jess Chalmers (24 years) | Melbourne, VIC

Music has always been a part of her life, from her childhood to becoming a backing vocalist. One of her biggest moments was when she sang with Robbie Williams, the king. She has been performing on stage for years and now she is here to win the idol title.

The judges loved her charm and her voice when she sang “Domino” by Jessie J. She even got the opportunity to sing backstage with all the contestants, which helped to build her chances of being more appealing to the judges. As a result, she was selected.