New Season of Beetlejuice has been announced & here is good news for those looking for Beetlejuice auditions & Beetlejuice season 2 casting call. There are some updates regarding finding of Beetlejuice season 2. Here we go with all the details.

Beetlejuice is a famous horror/fantasy movie that was released back in the year 1988. This classic horror/fantasy movie featured some of the best and most experienced actors of Hollywood back in the time. However, the director of the movie, Tim Burton who had directed several classical movies like Alice In Wonderland (2010), Edward Scissorhands (1990), Batman (1989), and many more did excellent work in Beetlejuice as well. The movie was able to earn a box office collection of 7.47 crores USD.

There have been talks about the second installment of the 1988 classic which has already been confirmed and is set to release in the year 2024. The very first movie received quite positive reviews and ratings from critics as well as from viewers from all across the globe. According to IMDb, the movie received a rating of 7.5/10 which was quite a decent score. 

Beetlejuice Season 2 Casting Call

In the previous movie the lead character (Beetlejuice) was played by Michael Keaton and at that point of time several famous actors had auditioned for it. Some of them included actors like Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Bill Murray, Christopher Lloyd, Jack Nicholson and Tim Curry were all considered for the titular role but in the end Michale Keaton was the cast selected for it.

However, in the case for the upcoming movie it is almost likely that Michael Keaton would be back once again to reprise the iconic role of Beetlejuice. 

Several websites like project casting and backstage are the ideal platform where actors can apply for upcoming auditions. There could be several new faces that could be seen in the upcoming movie and actors those who wish to be a part of it must contact their agents to get themselves onboard for the auditions. With the original casts making their return possibly for the upcoming movie it seems possible for new comers to join them. 

Will There Be Season 2 of Beetlejuice?

Warner Bros had announced that Beetlejuice 2 will be released on the big screens on 6th Sep 2024. The production for the upcoming movie is all set to kick off by May 10th 2023 and currently the sequel is in works as it has been for many years with Warner Bros but now it seems that Brad Pitt’s production company has officially joined the project back in the year Feb 2022. 

It is being said that this sequel will once again be directed by Tim Burton and it will be his first theatrical project in five years, having last directed Dumbo for Disney back in the year 2019. Audiences and fans have been clamouring for a sequel to the beloved film for years on end. 

What Is The Audition Process Of Beetlejuice 2?

Beetlejuice 2 has already started filming couple of days earlier as of this writing. This means that the production team has moved on with the actors that they have onboarded. However, it is very much likely that fans could see some new faces in the upcoming sequel where actors like Jenna Ortega and Monica Belluci has joined the cast. 

If you wish to audition for the movie then you must contact your agent so that he can get in touch with the concerned authority or the casting team. If the casting team feels that they should hire new actors for extras or for some roles that they wish to portray then it is very likely that they will contact you for an audition. 

The audition process may take place offline where actors would have to visit the site and audition for the particular role. The details will be shared only if the casting team wants to get you on board and is interested in what you can offer as an actor on the screen. Casting directors Jane Jenkins and Janet Hirshenson might be the casting directors of the movie. 

How To Apply For Beetlejuice Season 2 Auditions?

To apply for the auditions you would have to register yourself on platforms like Backstage and Project Casting. These are some popular websites where production houses look for fresh tablets and you can sign up here. However, the other way is to connect with an agent who will be responsible for giving you the opportunity for the audition process only if the casting team wants to hire new actors. 

The filming for the second part has already begun and now it is very likely that the casting team has found a suitable cast already. Even though there are some new faces that the fans will be witnessing on the big screen next year it almost seems impossible that the team will be hiring new actors. 

Beetlejuice Season 2 Application Process Explained 

There are various ways to apply for the auditions of Beetlejuice 2. But, as of now, there have been no updates from the concerned production team that they are looking for new actors which means that they have moved on with the pre-selected actors who will be appearing in the upcoming movie. As mentioned earlier you can register yourself on platforms like Backstage and Project Casting or you can directly connect with your agent. 

In case the casting team is hiring new actors then they may post an update on social media platforms. You would have to keep following them on the platforms so that you remain updated and the details for the audition process will also be mentioned. 

Are They Accepting Applications?

As of now, there is no update about whether or not the casting team is accepting applications or not. There is no such process of applying for auditions directly because if you register through Backstage or Project Casting then those are just mediums for production houses to look for fresh talent.

If it is a movie like Beetlejuice 2 then they would be hiring reputed actors who are experienced and if you are one of them then they may be interested to hire you for a role that they want to fill in. 

As of now, there is no new role that the team has posted an update about. But, they have updated that there will be new faces in the upcoming movie which is really exciting for fans. 

When Will The Show Start?

Beetlejuice 2 which is a long-awaited sequel of  Tim Burton’s 1988 macabre masterpiece is all set to release in Sep 2024. It was Warner Bros who had confirmed this news officially and on the mentioned date fans can go visit the theatres and watch the classic horror masterpiece once again on the big screen.

Is Beetlejuice 2 confirmed?

Beetlejuice 2 has been confirmed and has been officially started its filming for the movie. It is all set to release on Sep 2024 on the big screens.