Who is Triston Harper who auditioned for American Idol?

Triston Harper the country boy from McIntosh, Alabama, he came in to audition on the first episode of the American Idol Season 22. At the age of 15 he is one of the youngest ones to come up on the stage.

As a kid growing up he had his own share of problems, he was homeless and had to sleep on the streets and more. But what stood out was his voice. His voice became the ultimate language for his problems.

Triston Harper’s Audition Performance

Triston came up to perform, “Cover Me Up” by Jason Isbell. Here’s what the judges had to say about his performance.

What judges said for Triston Harper’s performance on American Idol?

The judges were delighted when they heard this young cowboy voice.

The judges commented where Luke Bryan said, ”The purity of your voice, the purity of your B part going into the hook was killer”. Your voice is a storytelling voice

Katy commented on her saying, “You were so authentic and so connected with yourself”. She further added on by saying that that it felt like you were singing from your soul, not perfect but I resonated with your voice

With his delighted voice the judges couldn’t stop themselves from sending him to Hollywood. 

About Triston Harper’s Family & Background

Age: 15 years

Mother Name: Hattir Mae

As a kid growing up Triston had a lot to face and see, he loved his town McIntosh ever since he could remember. He lives in a tribe and his act of showing up to the stage of American Idol has made his tribe shine. Mama had a great ambition to see her boy shine and so is Triston on his way to make Mama proud.

He had his share of trouble. At the age of 11 when his mama got married, Triston was very concerned for his mom as his stepdad was very abusive. They had to leave McIntosh. He and his mom had been homeless and sleeping on the streets. Triston decided on to call his Papaw “Percy”.  

After all, everything came on track and Triston is on his way to make his destiny change. He is a great performer and a great son.

We will see more of him in the coming episodes.


Triston is a high school student.