Chenai Boucher (26 years) | Melbourne, Victoria

Chenai participated in the audition round last year with the hope of impressing the judges, but unfortunately, she couldn’t get all the yeses to make it past the auditions. This was a heartbreaking moment for her, and she walked out of the audition feeling disappointed.

Name Chenai Boucher 
Age26 years
DesignationMelbourne, Victoria
Song PerformedRive r<Bishop Briggs>

On the other hand, Amy expressed her willingness to improve and said,” I’m ready to be molded” She then sang “River” by Bishop and successfully secured her spot in the top 30” 

Chenai Boucher Audition at Australian Idol

“She’s very passionate, almost aggressively passionate. I’m still a little bit scared,” said Amy. Her song was perfect, but her words were really too much of a ‘desperate type’.

You’re an aggressive performer, and it’s alright, but don’t let it come out as angst,” said Marcia.”Find Humility”

Her voice was just perfect but the character she brought in was not really what Kyle wanted in the show. He found her unconvincing and in resentment he said,”Stop being DESPERATE”

She received two yeses and a no from Kyle, but still made it to the waiting room from where she eventually won the ticket

Chenai Boucher Social Media Profile

Instagram : C H E N A I B O U C H E R (@chenai_boucher)

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