The Last Day of the Top 30

In the previous episode, 14 contestants gave it their best out of which 4 were put on notice. By far Amy, Trent, Drea, Imogen, Natasha, TJ, Chennai, Denvah, Jake and Kobe made it to the top 21. In today’s episode we saw who were the three contestants who were eliminated. 

Today we get our top 21 contestants of the Australian Idol 2024.

Tyler Hammill | Budapest (George Ezra)

The first to perform comes Tyler. He performed exceptionally well in this competition. Tyler chose the song “Budapest” by George Ezra. He has always been a great performer and had continued to prove it in the earlier challenges

The judges were highly impressed with his rendition of Budapest with even Amy praising him saying,” I saw a true performer In your eyes today” and Kyle commenting,”You’ve made it to the live show, you deserve it”. After careful consideration actually a no brainer discussion. Tyler was put onto the Top 21.

Ivana Ilic | Came Here For Love (Singala and Ella Eyre)

Next on stage come the family girl Ivana, accompanied by her family from the rounds of auditions. Ivana appeared a bit nervous and intimidated at first, but not until she got the mic and began singing with her incredible voice.

Performing “Came Here for Love” the judges were in love with her performance and Kyle commented,”You did well, although I believe you could have done even better”. Nevertheless, she earned her way to the top 21.

Ripley Welsh | Heart Of Glass (Blondie)

Ripley impressed the audience of Australian Idol with his acoustic performance of “Heart of Glass”. His vocals and the emotion he brought onto the stage impressed both the judges and audiences alike.

Ripley’s confidence and passion for the song were transparently see throughout his performance. The judges were blown away, with Amy stating, “It felt like you looked into my soul”. The camera loved him and the audiences as well, as he advanced to the top 21.

Olivia Britton | Genie In A Bottle(Christina Aguilera)

Olivia, the pop singer, has been giving her best inall of the  challenges. However, her biggest challenge came now. Olivia chosed to sing “Genie in a Bottle” by Christina Aguilera.

 Although her stage presence was phenomenal, unfortunately, her vocals were not in sync with the tempo of the song. The judges were disappointed as they expected more from her. As a result, she was put on notice. We are yet to find out what happens next.

Bethany Byrne | Kiss Me (Sixpence None The Richer)

Bethany came in next with her performance of “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None The Richer. From being a single mother to showing up in Australian idol.

The judges were a bit disheartened as it didn’t feel like the best she could have given. But unfortunately, she was put on notice but we can only know at the end what happens next.

Jackson Smith | You Broke me First 

Next to perform is Jackson. During the performance, Issac forgot his lyrics due to nervousness. Despite this, he was able to complete the performance, but it wasn’t his best.

Singing “You Broke me First”, judges were of great expectations when Amy commented,” You really disappointed me”. That’s a disaster commented Kyle. At this critical moment, we cannot afford any mistakes. He has been put on notice, and we can only hope for the best for him.

Kym Miaco | Touch (Little Mix)

Kym, a church singer, went from singing in church to auditioning for Australian Idol. She made it to the top 21 with her rendition of “Touch” by Little Mix.

Everything went perfectly for her and she advanced to the next round, making it her best performance yet.

Saoirse Hoarding | Jealous (Labrinath)

Saoirse came a long way to the show. She performed “Jealous” by Labrinth and nailed it with her stage presence, and vocals, and everything else.

While the judges appreciated her performance, they wanted more than just good from her. Despite the competition, she made it to the top 21, and it will be a challenge for her to climb up further. For now, she is in the top 21.

Jesse Lazzaro | Say Something (A Great Big World)

The only wildcard left off on the stage comes Jess singing “Say Something” by A Great Big World This song was very special to him, as it reminded him of the time he played it with his father. With his parents watching from the audience Jess got emotional at the stage.

Marcia commented,” This was your best performance” The judges loved and connected but Jess’s vocals were off track at the start for that only reason he got put on notice. The judges are now uncertain if Jess will stay as a wildcard or if they will have to say goodbye to him.

Dylan Wright | Sorrento Moon (Tina Arena)

The young dad Dylan comes with the last performance of the week of the top 30 will it be his last performance? He chose to sing “Sorrento Moon” by Tina Arena, a song he grew up listening to and held very dearly.

Amy complimented his performance, saying that he was a great performer. Kyle wanted him to be more than what he showed today. Although the performance was great Dylan hopefully made his way into the top 21 along with all the other artists.

Top 21 Finalists of Australian Idol 2024

The contestants who made the list today for top 21 are: Amy, Trent, Drea, Imogen, Natasha, TJ, Chennai, Denvah, Jake, Kobe, Jackson, Dylan, Kym, Bethany, Ripley, Tyler, Ivana, Kiania, Jess, Olivia, Saoirse.

The Final Elimination The three contestants who unfortunately couldn’t make it to the top 21 today were Jonathan Wells, Jesse Lazzaro, Jess Chalmers.