The Power Rangers are back! Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury is the 30th season of the Franchise and will soon premiere on Netflix. This new season will follow the Dino Fury Rangers as they become the Cosmic Fury Rangers and fight a new alien threat.

The new season promises to be action-filled and full of adventures. This season will surely be a hit in the eyes of the fans.

When is the confirmed date of Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury Season 30

The premiere of the Cosmic Fury season has been scheduled for 29th September 2023 on Netflix. Nickelodeon previously held the rights to new seasons of the franchise until 2021, when Netflix took charge and streamed the show on its platform.

Though the earlier seasons of The Power Rangers are not available on the streaming platform, season 30 will be streamed exclusively on Netflix.

Who will be Cast in Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury Season 30

The cast of The Cosmic Fury will be the same as that of the previous season, The Dino Fury, with the beloved familiar face of David Yost, who will return to play his role as the original Blue Power Ranger.

The casting details are mentioned below:

NameShow NameRanger
Hunter DenoAmelia JonesRed Cosmic Fury Ranger
Russell CurryZaytoYellow Cosmic Fury Ranger
Kai MoyaOllie AkanaBlue Cosmic Fury Ranger
Tessa RaoIzzy GarciaGreen Cosmic Fury Ranger
Chance PerezJavi GarciaBlack Cosmic Fury Ranger
Jordon FiteAiyonGold Cosmic Fury Ranger
David YostBilly CranstonOriginal Blue Power Ranger

This is for the first time in the Power Rangers history that a woman, Hunter Deno, aka Amelia Jones, will take the lead as the Red Ranger trading her Pink Ranger suit from the previous season.

This season of The Power Ranger is going to go big, with this being the first since the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that a cast has returned back for the third season running. 

Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury Season 30 Trailer

In the 30th season Lord Zedd has managed to break free from his confines, and his evil influence is now wreaking havoc on an unimaginable scale, spanning across multiple galaxies across the fabric of time and space.

In this time of crisis, the Power Rangers are not embarking on this mission alone. A group of trusted allies is joining their ranks, uniting their strengths to combat this universal threat. Their path will lead them to the discovery of the enigmatic Cosmic Orbs – fabled sources of unparalleled power.

With these newfound cosmic energies at their disposal, the Rangers are reborn as the Cosmic Fury Rangers. Their appearance is transformed with sleek new uniforms that bear the mark of their cosmic connection. Advanced weaponry now aids them in battle, equipping them to face the impending darkness. To match the magnitude of this challenge, an entire fleet of innovative Zords has been assembled, each more formidable than the last.

Together, these Cosmic Fury Rangers, bolstered by familiar faces and armed with the might of the Cosmic Orbs, stand as the universe’s final line of defense. Their mission: to restore peace, quell the looming chaos, and thwart Lord Zedd’s insidious plans once and for all.

Though the trailer for the new season is yet to be released, the theme song is already setting the stage for an out-of-this-world adventure. Composed by Bert Selen, the fans can get a taste of the treat that lies ahead.

What is Cosmic Fury Power Rangers? 

The Cosmic Fury Power Rangers is a sci-fi action series. A team of youth is provided with special powers and the ability to morph them into the Cosmic Fury Rangers. These special powers include superhuman strengths, speed, and agility. The Power Rangers are also capable of flying and shooting energy blasts. The main motive of the Power Rangers is to stop the interstellar alien threat in their pursuit to destroy Earth. The aliens are a powerful force under the leadership of evil Lord Zedd, but the Cosmic Fury Rangers are determined to protect their home planet from destruction.