Here’s everything Love Island USA Season 5 fans need to know to vote for their favourite couples – The popular dating show Love Island season 5 is streaming on Peacock and has already undergone all the twists and turns. Love Island fans are already curious about who will stay and who will leave the show by getting dumped. The fans can vote for their favourite couple and secure their place in the show.

Fan’s vote matter a lot, as they decide whether the participants stay on the show. The couple with the highest vote is secured on love island, and the couple with the lowest number of votes is in the dumping zone. According to this, contestants can learn who is popular among viewers and who needs to put in more effort.

Now, to vote for the couple you want to see safe in the Love Island villa, you can download the Love Island app. You can install the app from the Google Play Store as well as from the Apple App Store, as it is available on both platforms. After installing the app, register yourself and vote for your favourite couple.

Love Island usa Season 5 voting process

The famous reality dating show Love Island season 5 is getting excited with all the drama, as in the latest episode, recoupling has started. As two islanders get dumped, it’s up to the audience to choose whom to vote for and save.

The voting process for Love Island Season 5 includes some easy steps, as everyone these days is very familiar with smartphones. Start by installing the Love Island app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, as it is available on both platforms. Visit the app store and search for the Love Island App.

Click on Install, and it will start installing the app. After successfully installing the app, register yourself as a new user. If you are already registered on the application, click on log in. With a successful login to the app, you will find a voting button.

Click on the voting button, and you will find all the couples competing in the show. Select a couple for whom you want to vote. Lastly, click on the Submit button. Hence, you have successfully voted for the couple you wanted. Make sure you can vote only once with a device.

If you don’t want to install an app to vote for islanders, you can also directly vote for them through the official website of Peacock. Register yourself and log in with the correct username and password. After logging in, search for Love Island season 5.

Then you will see the voting button on the screen. Click on that voting button. You will see a list of couples. Choose a couple that you want to vote for and click on the submit button. With this, you have voted successfully for the couple.

Vote For Your Favorite's Love Island Couple
Vote For Your Favorite Love Island Couple

When have you started voting for USA Love Island Season 5?

The audience can start voting for islanders after the show is broadcast on the peacock. The audience can vote during the period stated by the show. The show voting starts at around 10 p.m. after the Love Island episode’s release on Tuesday night.

Voting polls stay open for two and a half hours, i.e., till 12:30 am. To vote, you need to watch the episodes live to cast your vote. The audience, be ready to vote for your favourite couple every week.