About Human Resource Series

Human Resources is an animated Netflix sitcom series that premiered its first season last year in March 2022. This comedy genre animated sitcom series is based on Big Mouth which is a similar animated comedy series.

This series has got two seasons already and fans are already second-guessing the release date of another season. The second season is just being aired and viewers want to know whether there will be yet another season of the comedy animated series.

Human Resource Season 3 poster

Well, here in this article we will try to provide you with all the details that have been revealed about the possible renewal of another season.

Will There Be A Season 3 of Human Resources?

Human Resources is a spin-off series of Big Mouth. This series premiered last year and producers have already revealed that the show will be running for two seasons, the second season being its final one.

This means that the show will come to an end after the premiering of the second season which is currently being aired on the original network. 

On the other hand, Big Mouth which is the predecessor series of Human Resources will be coming back for its 8th season. This 8th season is going to be the final season where fans and viewers of the show will be witnessing Human Resources characters as well and thus the season which will be arriving next year in 2024 will serve as a send-off for both shows.

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Human Resources Season 3 Release Date

Since the second season is going to be the final season of the comedy series there is no release date for the third season. The production team had already decided that the second season was going to be the final season of the spin-off series of Big Mouth.

Therefore, this will be coming as a piece of bad news for the fans and viewers from all across the globe that there is not going to be any more additional seasons of the show. 

Human Resources Season 2 Cast

  1. Nick Kroll as Maury the Hormone Monster
  2. Maya Rudolph as Connie the Hormone Monstress
  3. Aidy Bryant as Emmy the Love Bug
  4. Randall Park as Pete the Logic Rock
  5. Keke Palmer as Rochelle the Love Bug
  6. Brandon Kyle Goodman as Walter the Lovebug
  7. David Thewlis as The Shame Wizard

Some cast those who will be returning for the second season are:

  1. Hugh Jackman as Dante the Addiction Angel
  2. Pamela Adlon as Sonya the Lovebug
  3. Rosie Perez as Petra the Ambition Gremlin 
  4. Henry Winkler as Keith from Grief
  5. Thandiwe Newton as Mona the Hormone Monstress
  6. Jemaine Clement as Simon Sex
  7. Maria Bamford as Tito the Anxiety Mosquito
  8. Bobby Cannavale as Gavin the Hormone Monster
  9. Cole Escola as Montel the Hormone Monster

In Addition to all the stars that are mentioned above there have been some guest stars added as well to the list of casts for the second season.

Trailer of the latest season of Human Resource

How much time it will take to release all episodes of Human Resource’s second season?

All ten episodes will be released in one go on 9th of June 2023.

Is Season 3 confirmed for Human Resources?

It will depend on the success of the latest release, see the stats of the second season as mentioned here above.