Will There Be I Am Legend Season 2? 

We all have seen the famous movie of the same name where Will Smith was fighting unnatural creatures. It was surely a worth-watching movie. This action-thriller movie was appreciated by many fans and critics across the world. It is one of Will Smith’s greatest works to date.

I am Legend is an American post-apocalyptic action thriller movie. The first part of the movie was based on the 1954 novel of the same name. The novel was written by Richard Matheson. Now, we surely cannot forget the first part of this American action thriller movie. Fans are expecting when will the second part of the movie to come out. 

Warner Bros, the official broadcaster and production company of I am Legend confirmed that they are in the developing process of the second part. So, yes the second part of this famous thriller movie has got its green signal from the official production company. 

I am Legend Season 2 Release Date 

Warner Bros, the official production company of this movie series has not revealed many details. We do not know when and in what condition the movie is now. Unfortunately, we do not have an official release date revealed by the officials of the show.

The filmmaker Akiva Goldsman confirmed to the media earlier this year (2023) that, Warner Bros is actively moving forward with the second part of the movie. So, we surely cannot expect the release date this year but, it can be released by the middle of the upcoming year. Many resources have made their expectations that the second part will theatres in mid to late 2024. 

Now, the sequel generation was announced back in 2022 by the officials of the show. Now, the fans of both movie and Will Smith will do nothing but, have to wait until any further official notice is provided. 

How to be on I am Legend Season 2? 

All the cast and crews of I am Legend have been cast by highly reputed casting production companies and directors. Now, if you are willing to become a part of the second season of this movie then you will have to follow all the social media handles of the movie. 

Mostly, the official production houses reveal the hiring process through their social media account or professional casting website. Now, the interested individual must ensure that they know all the details regarding the casting process. We are sure you will not be hired for any lead role in the upcoming sequel but, as it is a thriller movie you can be hired as an extra for the upcoming series. 

To go through the casting process easily make sure you fill in all the requirements, eligibility criteria, terms, and conditions as well. 

I am Legend season 2 Audition 

Warner Bros has not revealed many details regarding the second season of the movie. But, we could expect some important details sooner. It is because the officials are not going to delay revealing any important information to the fans and critics around the world. 

The auditions for I am Legend season 2 are not open yet but, we are hoping if any requirements come up then the auditions will open up. All interested candidates must ensure that they keep a follow-up on all official websites and social media handles of the movie.