In The Dark Season 5:‘In The Dark’ is an American police procedural or rather say it is a crime drama series. The series became a hit show among its viewers worldwide as soon as it was released back in the year 2019, people are eagerly searching for In The Dark season 5.

In The Dark Season 5

With an interesting storyline and plot the American drama series gained a reputation in the industry. However, critics also have received it well and according to IMDb, the series has got a rating of 7.5 out of 10 which is a pretty good rating.

This crime drama series has got four seasons and every season was loved by its viewers worldwide. But, the huge question remains whether the production team and officials are going to renew the series for In The Dark Season 5. Fans and viewers are hoping to get an official statement from program creator, Connie Kingsbury and Executive producer, Jackie Cohn to get some updates about its next season.

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In The Dark Season 5 Release Date

As of now, there has been no news about In the Dark Season 5 release date of the drama series. Also, there has been no statement made officially by the production team. This means that fans and viewers cannot hope for the next season. soon after the fourth season was released it was also revealed that the fourth season was going to be its final season.

In the dark star sitting on couch wearing a pink jacket

The production team stopped their work after its fourth season was over because they have made plans only till the fourth season of the drama series. The final episode of the fourth season arrived on Sep 13th, 2022, and is available on Netflix US.

This means that there is no release date for the fifth season of ‘In The Dark’. Fans and viewers are feeling disappointed because the production team will not bring an additional season of the drama series.

In The Dark Season 5 Cast

The fourth season of In The Dark was released last year and it was the final season of the drama series. Casts did excellent work in their respective roles which was one of the reasons why the series was a hit among its viewers and fans worldwide. The reason for the cancellation of the fifth season was due to change in ownership.

The cast of the fourth season included:

  • Perry Mattfeld
  • Rich Sommer
  • Brooke Markham
  • Casey Deidrick
  • Keston John
  • Morgan Krantz

Many more casts have played roles in the fourth season of the drama series which portrayed by them beautifully and gave justice to each of their characters. The contribution of the cast to the success of the series was crucial for the past couple of years.

In The Dark Season 5 Storyline

If there would be “In the dark season 5” it will be surely inspired by the storyline of In the dark season 4. Here is the synopsis of In The Dark Season 5.

The fourth season of ‘In The Dark’ was the final season of the crime/drama series. Therefore, it was bound for the creators and directors to keep the viewers interested in the storyline of the show. Just like most series, In The Dark’s fourth season was also the continuation of its previous season (season 3). Therefore, it was something that the fans could expect in the final season.

Even though fans were happy about the fact that Murphy had ended up with Max, they felt a hiccup that Max was no more in the fourth season as he was dead. But, Murphy, on the other hand, had made her peace with it and started to live with Pretzel (the best dog one could ever imagine) and her best friend, Felix.

At the beginning of the final season, Murphy was seen in jail which is after the events of season 3. However, it was a difficult way for Murphy to live considering the surrounding of the jail that she was in. Murphy was never away from trouble and a similar thing happened in the final season as well.

In The Dark Season 5 Renewal Status

In The Dark Season 5 has been officially canceled by its original network, The CW. This is because of Warner Bros merging with Discovery. However, it was not just In The Dark that was canceled several other series were canceled along with the merger of Warner Bros.

Therefore, fans and viewers cannot expect the renewal of the fifth season of the drama series.

Fans and viewers have been feeling disappointed ever since they heard the news about the cancellation of the fifth season. Well, there is nothing else that can be done because the fourth season was the final season of the series.

In The Dark Season 5 Trailer

In The Dark Season 5 Trailer

Latest News Regarding In The Dark Season 5

In The Dark Season 5


In The Dark is a crime/drama series that gained the immediate attention of the viewers as soon as it was released. Streaming companies like Voot and Netflix are streaming the episodes of the drama series. In case you haven’t watched the series yet then maybe this could be your next binge-watching show for the weekend.

Q. Is In The Daek Dark Season 5 Coming in 2023?

There is no official announcement yet related to In The Dark Season 5 when it will be releasing in the next year 2023.