New Season of The Voice has featured some new faces on Coaches panel, and again as usual The Voice coaches salary is being rumored. As fans are excited to see new voices, they are also eager to know about Reba’s salary on voice compared with others as well. Reba is the latest coach on The Voice getting around $10 Million per sesaon as salary.

However, the salaries depend on their popularity, shows, their tenure and their winning rates. The estimated salary of the judges on The Voice is assumed to be $13 million per season.

Also, the salaries can vary for each judge. The judges who recently got into The Voice might have salaries between $8 million to $11 million.

How much do the judges of The Voice Season 24 get paid per episode?

The Judges of the popular reality show The Voice are assumed to get paid approx. $3 to $5 million for each episode depending on their average salary of the season.

However, many popular judges get paid $13 to $20 million for a season while some newcomers get between $6 to $10 million for a season. Mostly salaries vary depending on factors like popularity, fanbase, no of shows and their reach.

NBC The Voice Coaches’ Salary in Season 24

Reba$10 Million
Blake Shelton$13 million
Adam Levine$14 million
Christina Aguilera$12.5 million – $17 million
CeeLo Green$2 million – $6.5 million
Shakira$12 million
Usher$7 million
Gwen Stefani$13 million
Pharrell Williams$8 million
Miley Cyrus$13 million
Alicia Keys$8 million
Jennifer Hudson$8 million
Kelly Clarkson$15 million
John Legend$13 million
Nick Jonas$8 million
Ariana Grande$20 million – $25 million
Camila Cabello$8 million
Niall Horan$8 million
Chance the Rapper$8 million
NBC The Voice Coaches Salary

Who are The Voice 2023 Season 24 Judges?

The most popular singing reality competition is coming back with season 24 this September. The reality competition is known for finding the best voices around the world. The fans of the Voice are highly eager to know the panel of judges who are coaches as well.

Season 24 of Voice will have Reba McEntire, Niall Horan, Gwen Stefani, and John Legend as the judges. Also, this season will not have Blake Shelton as the judge. He was the only judge who has been coached on the stage of The Voice from season 1. So, who will be replacing him?

Reba McEntire will be coming in the place on the big red swivel chair of Blake Shelton. It’s not the first time Reba McEntire has appeared on The Voice. She was first seen in season 1 and in season 23 she was Mega Mentor on the Voice.

She showed her excitement about joining the show through her Instagram post where she thanked everyone for the hospitality and for treating her nicely. She also added that she is super excited and looking forward to forming her new team on The Voice 2023.

With Reba McEntire, three more judges will join the show with whom the fans are familiar John Legend, Gwen Stefani and Niall Horan. Niall Horan, a member of the popular band One Direction joined The Voice in season 23 as a judge.

On his very first debut in the Voice, Gina Miles who was under the coach Niall won the title of the winner of The Voice. He informed his fans about his comeback to The Voice season 24 through his Instagram page where he posted a video showing his excitement. 

The well-known judge John Legend is also returning as a judge on The Voice. He has previously appeared in the Voice from season 16 to season 22 While he won in season 16, he will be trying to make the show’s next winner. Before John took his place as the judge, he provided advice to the team Adam Levine in season 10 battles.

With the judge John Legend Gwen Stefani is also coming back as judge in the Voice season 24. After taking a break in season 23 she will be focusing on making the next winner of the voice. Gwen debuted in the voice in season 7 and seasons 9, 12, 17, 19 and 22.

She marked her win in seasons 9, 12, 17 and 19. It will be her first season when she will not judge the show beside her husband Blake Shelton. In season 10 she has been the advisor for her husband Blake Shelton’s team.

How Much Do the Voice Judges Make on the Voice?

The Voice is a popular singing reality competition series finding the best voices since 2011. The show premiering on NBC has always had the popular singing sensations as the judges. The voice judges also get paid heavily. Their average salary ranges from $5 million to $13 million.

Depending on factors like fame, popularity, live shows, and duration their salary differs. The longest-run judge Blake Shelton made $13 million per season while Ariana Grande the highest-paid judge on The Voice made approximately. $25 million for a season. Some judges get paid between $14 to $17 million for a season. 

When will The Voice season 24 be released in 2023?

The most popular singing competition The Voice season 24 is all set to air on NBC on 25 September 2023. It will be premiering on the NBC television channel on Monday at 8 pm. The released episodes on every Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. on NBC. also, you can watch it the next day on the streaming platform Peacock.