The famous reality Australian show, SAS is famous for its recruits. Everyone who is a fan of this show is always interested and excited to know about is the recruits that the show has done. 

Do not worry we are here to explain all the amazing recruits for SAS Australia 2023. We will give you every important detail regarding the recruits and their personal life.

Meet SAS Australia Contestants 2023

Here are all the recruits from SAS Australia 2023 that you must know about:-

Abbey HolmesFormer Australian rules footballerKnown for her impressive career in AFL, she’s expected to be a strong competitor on SAS Australia 2023.
Boyd CordnerFormer Australian professional rugby playerA renowned rugby player who has played for notable clubs, he’s eager to embrace new challenges in SAS Australia.
Anthony MundineFormer professional boxer and rugby playerA former World Champion Boxer, his accolades and mental strength make him a formidable contestant on the show.
Cassie SainsburyUnique contestant with a troubled pastConvicted of cocaine smuggling in Colombia, Cassie is determined to prove her transformation and determination on SAS Australia.
Craig ChallenAustralian technical diver and cave explorerKnown for his cave rescue achievements, he’s set to bring his unique skills to SAS Australia for an extraordinary experience.
Craig McLachlanActor, musician, singer, composerWith a versatile background in the entertainment industry, Craig is eager to tackle the diverse challenges of SAS Australia.
Jason AkermanisFormer Australian rules footballerA former Brownlow Medallist, Jason’s experience in the AFL and his readiness for challenges makes him a compelling recruit for the show.
Lindy KlimModel, Indonesian Princess, entrepreneurHaving started her modeling career at a young age, Lindy’s willingness to say ‘yes’ to challenges makes her an intriguing contestant.
Mahalia MurphyInternational rugby starWith an impressive rugby career, Mahalia is excited to face different challenges in a new environment on SAS Australia.
Matthew MitchamOlympic gold diverAn accomplished diver with a remarkable Olympic history, Matthew seeks to test his abilities and break free from his comfort zone on the show.
Peter BolAustralian middle-distance runnerKnown for his prowess in 800 meters run, Peter’s experience in athletics prepares him for the unique challenges of SAS Australia.
Stephanie RiceFormer competitive swimmerA three-time gold medalist in the 2008 Summer Olympics, Stephanie is excited to explore her mental and physical abilities on SAS Australia.
Tim RobardsActor, chiropractor, model, TV personalityKnown for his diverse roles, Tim’s enthusiasm and resilience are expected to shine in the face of tough challenges on the show.
Zima AndersonActressFamous for her acting roles, Zima is known to embrace challenges, and she’s eager to participate in SAS Australia to test her limits.
SAS Australia Recruits

Abbey Holmes

If you are a fan of AFL then you will surely know Abbey Holmes from there. She is a former Australian rules footballer who played for Adelaide Football Club. Abbey was really a good competitor to other players during her playing days.

She was just brilliant in the sport and achieved huge success from it. Abbey was born in Victor Harbor in South Australia. Interestingly, both her parents were actively involved in the sports industry and that is one of the reasons why she took up sports as her career.

Looking at her career we can presume that she can be one of the best competitors on SAS Australia 2023. This is because she loves taking up new challenges and loves doing something to get out of her comfort zone. All of her fans and followers are surely very desperate to see her in the upcoming brand-new season. 

Boyd Cordner

Another sports player is on the list of SAS Australia 2023. Boyd Cordner was born back on 9th June 1992 and he is a former Australian professional rugby league football player. Throughout his professional playing career, he has played for many notable and reputable clubs across the country.

Some of the famous clubs that he has played for are Sydney Roosters, Country Origin, New South Wales, and many more. Moreover, this 30-year-old retired NFL star has the passion and interest to face challenges. He becomes very interested when something tests him both physically and mentally. We are sure all of his fans and followers are excited to see him on the brand-new season of SAS Australia. 

Anthony Mundin

Most of us will surely know about this greatest sportsman. Anthony is an Australian former professional boxer and rugby league football player. He is also a former World Champion Boxer. Most part of his professional life he spent in boxing.

Anthony started boxing from 2000 to 2021. He has received many reputable accolades in his name and has faced very hard challenges from his opponents. Interestingly, Anthony Mundine is the son of former professional boxer Tony Mundine. He comes from the northern coastal areas of New South Wales.

This 47-year-old former boxer is still very active both physically and mentally. He can face any challenge that is thrown at him at this age and is always ready to solve it. Anthony just wants to get out of his comfort zone and wants to achieve what he has come for in SAS Australia 2023. 

Cassie Sainsbury

Cassie is not one of those normal contestants in the 2023 recruits. She has a very dark past and was arrested for various crimes that she had committed. Back in 2017, Sainsbury was convicted of cocaine smuggling in Columbia and was released on parole after three years.

After she was released, Cassie revealed that going to prison and living there was very hard for her. She is in the show just to prove herself and how she has changed over the years. 

Craig Challen

Craig’s profession is very dangerous and very unusual. People from such professions do not easily come for such shows. Craig Challen is an Australian technical diver and cave explorer. When we spoke about cave explorers, you must know the famous Tham Luang cave incident, right?

Yes, this cave explorer played a great part in that cave rescue back in 2018 in Northern Thailand. He is highly known and praised for this achievement that he had done. When he was asked, why he joined this show he replied that it would be interesting and different to what he does normally. 

Craig McLachlan

He is a famous Australian actor, musician, singer, and composer. Craig has been a part of many reputable projects for more than 30 years. This is something very different in the recruit lineup of SAS Australia 2023.

Craig Dougall McLachlan was born back on 1st September 1965 and is currently 58 years old. He is very excited that he is a part of SAS Australia 2023 and is ready to face any challenges that will be thrown at him. 

Jason Akermanis

Another sportsperson is on the list of new recruits for the show. Jason Dean Akermanis is a former professional Australian rules football player. He played in the famous Australian Football League and is a Brownlow Medallist.

Interestingly, his incredible performance in his profession has helped him a spot in various notable and reputable clubs. Today, he is 46 years old and is very much ready for different challenges from the show. 

Lindy Klim

She is the 12th recruit of the show in 2023. Lindy is an Australian-Indonesian model, Indonesian Princess, and entrepreneur. Just at the age of 20, she started modelling and already started walking in high-end fashion shows. She earned good money from a very young age and has gained huge experience in the field.

This Balinese princess did not want to enlist herself in the show initially but, she revealed that she has the habit of saying ‘yes’ and doing things that she does not want to do. 

Mahalia Murphy

She is the sixth recruit of the show in 2023. She is an international rugby star who has played for many famous clubs. Mahalia is an Australian rugby league and union football player who has won many awards.

It was in 2015 when she made her rugby league Test debut for the country and she was very proud of it. She is willing to experience a different challenge and in a different environment. 

Matthew Mitcham

Matthew is a 35-year-old Olympic gold diver. He is also a former Australian retired diver and trampolinist. He feels proud to have participated in the 2008 Olympic champion in the 10m platform. Interestingly, he is also the second-highest single-dive score in the Olympic history.

Back in 2008, he revealed to the world that he was gay to the Sydney Morning Herald. Moreover, being a sportsperson he is always proactive in different sports and activities. He believes that he is becoming soft and comfortable in his life and participating in SAS Australia will give him a good challenge to tackle other goals. 

Peter Bol

Another Olympic player in the list of 2023 SAS Australia recruits. He is the tenth recruit of the show in 2023. Born in Sudan, he is an Australian middle-distance runner whose speciality is in 800 metres run. If you have watched the Olympics then you must have seen him performing in the category.

Being an athlete he has always faced challenges from the start of his career. SAS Australia has presented him with another opportunity to face different challenges and know how to solve them. 

Stephanie Rice

She is the 11th recruit of the show in 2023. Stephanie is a former Australian competitive swimmer who won three gold medals back in the 2008 Summer Olympics which was held in Beijing. Interestingly, she was also awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in January 2009.

She is a fan and follower of SAS Australia. Watching the show has always excited her and getting a chance in the show is a one-time experience for her and she wants to test her mentality and other abilities by facing all the challenges she faces. 

Tim Robards

He is a famous Australian actor, chiropractor, model, and television personality. You must have seen different roles and projects in the Australian industry. Tim was part of the very first season of The Bachelors Australia and now he is a part of SAS Australia.

Just like other contestants or recruits in the show, he is very excited to face challenges and is not willing to give up very easily. 

Zima Anderson

Zima is a famous actress who is known for her amazing role in Neighbours, Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries, and many more. She is very active in different activities and loves to take up different challenges given to her. Zima is very excited and interested in participating in the show.