Fans and critics were quite happy when the fifth season of Love Island USA was announced and premiered. But, not everything lasts forever, The season is headed to a beautiful conclusion with the top four couples as the performers of this latest season.

Premiered on 18th July, 2023 and Love Island USA Finale episode on 27th August, 2023. It was a great ride to see lots of amazing contestants on the show. Now, only four couples are left and we have kept our fingers crossed of who could be crowned winner of this fifth season. 

Who Are The Final Four Couples of Love Island USA 2023- Season 5? 

As the fifth season of Love Island USA is headed towards its conclusion all the final contestants have been revealed. If you have missed some episodes in the middle, you will be shocked to see these people in the final list of contestants. Here are the final four couples of Love Island USA season 5:-

  • Bergie and Taylor S 
  • Carmen and Kenzo 
  • Hannah W and Marco 
  • Kassy and Leonardo 

These are the final four couples and finale eight contestants on the fifth season of Love Island USA 2023. 

Bergie and Taylor S

Bergie was present in the Love Island villa from the first day, but Taylor S joined the villa or the group in the third week or Day 21. Initially, Bergie chose Anna as his first partner but, soon he became single on the third day.

Again on the fifth day, there were some rumours of Bergie with Kassy. The moment Taylor S joined the Love Island USA villa on the 21st day she and Bergie chose to be together ever since. People were happy for Bergie as he finally got someone who was there for him. 

From the very moment Taylor S came in, she believed that she liked Bergie and she could kiss him. But, some rumours are spreading that, is Taylor Smith really interested in Bergie?

We are not so sure about that, but the couple are doing quite well and have now reached the finale of Love Island USA Season 5 together. Let’s hope they give their best on the final week of Love Island USA season 5. 

Carmen and Kenzo

Carmen was present in the Love Island villa from the first day but, Kenzo joined the group on the second week or Day 11. Initially, Carmen was single and later in the first week itself, she showed her interest to Victor. Little did she know that, her perfect partner would be soon joining her on the second week of the show. 

Ever since Kenzo joined the villa both of them got attracted to each other. After kissing Carmen during one of the party games, Kenzo wasted no time choosing Carmen as his partner for the next recoupling ceremony. After this event, the relationship between the two progressed rapidly and the two lovers fell for each other very quickly. 

Interestingly, the challenges given to them were not very easy as their bond was put to test when the latter went to Casa Amor. Both the stars missed each other’s company for a week. Kenzo remained devoted to Carmen and was always sleeping outside without a bed partner.

Such gestures from both the stars helped their bond grow stronger in the fifth season of Love Island USA. Both the couple played safe and have reached the finale of Love Island USA season 5. Let’s hope both of them give their best and impress the judges of the show in the finale. 

Hannah W. and Marco

Hannah and Marco are one of those couples in this version of Love Island USA who found their partner at a very early stage. So we could say Hannah and Marco have been together for most of the season. But, the same kind of reaction is not coming from the fans of Love Island USA.

All the fans of the show feel both Hannah and Marco are incompatible with each other. But, that is surely not true because they are already on the list of finalists of Love Island season 5. 

The reason behind their strong bond is that they cleared everything before coming into a relation. Both Marco and Hannah spoke about their previous relationship, Marco ensured to tell his ex that he was closed off and not to have any feelings for her in any manner.

All of these gestures are creating a good and strong bond between Hannah and Marco and that is what we will witness further in the show. Let’s hope they give their best in the remaining episodes of the show. 

Kassy and Leonardo

Kassy and Leonardo had a mixed-bag companionship in the villa ever since both stepped in. Both Kassy and Leonardo were present in the villa from the very first day. Interestingly, during the initial phases both of them chose each other as their partners but, soon that did not stay for long. 

At the end of the first week Kassy was rumoured with Bergie and on the other hand, Leonardo was rumoured with Anna. From the second week onwards, Kassy and Leonardo again paired up and made their way up to the final list of contestants in the fifth season of Love Island USA.

There were a lot of times in the show when Kassy got charmed by Leonardo’s gestures. These small habits and cute gestures from Leonardo are helping their relationship to grow strong. Let’s hope they give their best in the final week of Love Island USA.

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Name Age Partner Hometown Instagram Episode Entered 
Carmen Kocourek 22KenzoMilwaukeeCarmen Kocourek (@carmen_kocourek) • Instagram photos and videosDay 2 
Kenzo Nudo 26CarmenPhoenixKENZO (@kenzonudo) • Instagram photos and videosDay 10
Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen22Taylor S Cottage Grove Carsten Bergersen (@bergielicious35) • Instagram photos and videosDay 1
Taylor S 24Bergie Orange CountyTaylor Nicole Smith (@taylor98smith) • Instagram photos and videosDay 17
Kassandra Castillo 22LeonardoFort WorthKassy Castillo (@kass.c) • Instagram photos and videos Day 1
Leonardo Dionicio21KassandraWest HartfordLEONARDO DIONICIO (@leonardo_dionicio) • Instagram photos and videos Day 1
Hannah Wright 24Marco DonatelliPalm Springs Hannah Maria Wright (@misshannnahw) • Instagram photos and videosDay 2
Marco Donatelli22Hannah GirardMarco Donatelli (@marcoadonatelli) • Instagram photos and videos Day 1
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