There was quite a lot that happened in the first episode of . Yes, we did get to see some amazing human beings on the show and they have now all partnered up. 

Yes, now it was time for the reality dating show to be quite interesting. Further in this article, we will discuss all the happenings of Love Island USA’s second episode which took place last night.

Meet the Bombshells: Carmen and Hannah

The second episode of this dating reality show was, even more, sexier than the first episode. The last episode of the show left us where we saw Bergie getting a text that he will be in a throuple and the two Bombshells that we currently have are Carmen and Hannah.

Bergie’s Throuple Dilemma

Now, Carmen says that she is looking for somebody who is confident, fit, and obsessed with her. On the other hand, Hannah is looking for a good relationship as she was done playing the games and wanted to find the right partner for her. Bergie was put with these two girls in the room for the night. After looking at the character of Bergie, we could tell that the girls were not very interested.

Leonardo’s Intentions and Conflicts

We saw Leonardo is all ready to become a menace. Leonardo is not willing to let Cassie know about his intention of exploring the other islanders. It was time for now to meet the Bombshells to meet the OG boys, where Leonardo tells them that he is conflicted as we all know he has two options left with him already.

The two new bombshells were Carmen and Hannah. We also saw Keenan saying he has settled in but, has not wifed up yet with his partner.

Destiny and Marco’s Turmoil

After Bergie spent a night in the hideaway, his confidence level has skyrocketed. It was Anna who noticed it and she became slightly close to him now.

The bombshells of the night were given the choice to pick their partners where Hannah picked Victor and Carmen picked Leonardo. We have to agree with the fact that, Leonardo is a great presenter as he is good with his words. On the other hand, Cassie was quite dissatisfied with the action from Leonardo.

Victor’s Thoughts on the Bombshells

Marco pulls Destiny aside and he is trying to let her go. We could feel that he is interested to know more women other than his partner. Yes, when Marco revealed his intentions to Destiny, she was really not happy with his decision. She revealed that he would have let her know 24 hours ago and not today. Marco revealed that there were new ladies in the villa and this was where his intentions changed.

This was surely a huge twist for Destiny as it came to her very surprisingly. The greatest problem Marco created was when he kissed the girl in the very first episode knowing that he wanted to explore or had the intention of exploring. Kissing the girl changes the whole situation and this is the reason why Destiny was feeling so bad.

Cassie’s Frustration with Leonardo

In the evening we can see Jasmine having a conversation with Victor. She was doing this just to see where his mindset is with the two new bombshells in the villa. Victor revealed that he did not feel any spark or something like that but, he surely felt comfortable and he was not planning on kissing anybody which makes him very much uncomfortable.

There were some harsh conversations between Marco and Destiny. Marco was not very happy when Destiny called him a ‘macho man’. He spoke about this to Destiny saying that he did not like it but, he wanted to be friends with her even after all the things that happened between them.

Marco also revealed, when he goes back to bed it would be Destiny who would be next to him and he respects her very much. In return, Destiny revealed that she does not respect Marco to which Marco replied ‘ok’. Destiny then ended the conversation with a simple ‘Thank You’.

Cassie was still angry with Leonardo as he did not acknowledge her at all. Cassie was mad because Leonardo did not give her the attraction she wanted which also included the ‘goodbye’ theory.

Cassie directly confronted Leonardo saying he did not look for her at all for which she was depressed. Leonardo who is very good at handling girls takes care of the situation. It was Cassie’s plan to entice Leonardo sexuallrgiey.

Anna’s Confession to Leonardo 

Anna lets Leonardo know that even though he has options he is still her number one choice. She also revealed that he is going to be her number one for a while now. They both were dancing saying ‘I am your wife now”.

Cassie on the other hand, saw Anna and Leonardo holding hands and she has become upset thinking of not cuddling him in bed anymore. The episode ends with all the Bombshells getting a text that they will get to recouple in 24 hours however, it is up to them whether or not to tell the other islanders about their intentions.