The much-awaited dating reality show is coming to an end, and it’s only a few steps away from getting the Love Island usa Season 5 Winner. Where viewers are eagerly waiting to know the winner and the next winning couple of season 5 of Love Island.

Season 5 is airing on television, and you can stream it on Peacock. The fifth season, which started on July 18, 2023, is about to reach its grand finale. With all the contestants entering the villa with the hopes of finding love, there are four finalist couples among the 33 islanders.

Now the most frequent question is, Who will win the crown of Love Island season 5? The grand finale airs on August 27, 2023 on Peacock. Where the viewers can decide which couple will take the prize money home.

The audience can cast their votes for their favourite couple on the Love Island mobile app.

Now the most anticipated interpretation of who is the winner of Love Island season 5?

  • The Love Island season 5 winners are Hannah & Marco

Love Island USA Season 5 Winner

Hanna & Marco has won the Love Island USA 2023 after tough competition from top 4 couples.

The top four couples are Bergie and Taylor, Carmen and Kenzo, Marco and Hannah and Leonardo and Kassy it is highly assumed that Bergie and Tayler are the winners of Love Island 2023 Season 5.

Love Island USA 2023 Winner

As season 5 is about to end with the crowning of the winning couple, Marco & Hannah are the couple that became the winners of the season. While entering the villa, Bergie is one of the most far-fetched contestants, but the audience has seen him grow in each episode.

He has groomed himself more after meeting Tayler. Maybe because they have connected after struggling for so long in the villa. By observing the connection that the couple possesses and the voting pattern of the fans, it is more likely that Bergie and Tayler are the winning couple of Love Island Season 5.

Love Island Season 5 Champion

The USA has been named a top finalist for the reality dating show Love Island season 5. The finalist couple for Season 5 are:

  • Bergie and Tayler S.
  • Carmen and Kenzo
  • Marco and Hannah W.
  • Leonardo and Kassy

Among the four finalists, Bergie and Tayer have the highest probability of being the champions of Season 5 with their consistency and understanding. However, it is not confirmed if the Taler likes Bergie as much as Bergie likes her. But the love America has shown for Bergie will surely make him the champion of the season.

Love Island USA Season 5 Runner-Up

On Love Island season 5, after getting through all the challenges, four couples made their way to the finals. We are anticipating that the couple who have a strong connection will win the show. However, we find Bergie and Tayler S. To be the winners; other couples have way more strong chemistry than them.

Carmen and Kenzo can be the runners-up of season 5 with their understanding and strong connection. Even if they argue sometimes, they have been seen as the strongest couple of the season. Meanwhile, there is drama between Kassy and Leo; they have captivating chemistry that makes them stand stronger.

Love Island USA Season 5 prize money

Love Island season 5, airing on Peacock, is in full swing and a few episodes away from finding its winner. After surviving all the challenges and eliminations, the winning couple of Love Island season 5 will win a grand prize of $100,000. However, it’s up to the couple if they want to split the money or not. But after surviving all the hurdles, who will not want their share?

Love Island USA Season 5 Winner Prediction

Season 5 of Love Island had its four finalist couples in the last episode, and now the fans are eagerly waiting to know the winner of Love Island. According to us, Bergie and Tyler S. are most likely to be crowned the winners of the season.

While Bergie has been seen as the favourite of the audience for his kindness and generosity, I’m not sure about Taylor, as much as America loves Bergie, there is a high probability that Bergie and Tyler S. will win as a couple.


Q. Who won the title of the “Love Island American Season 5” trophy?

A. The title of Love Island season 5 with a trophy is won by the couple Hannah & Marco.

Q. Who is the winner of Love Island USA Season 5?

A. The winner of Love Island USA season 5 is Hannah & Marco.