The popular dating reality show Love Island season 5 has been streaming on Peacock and has already made the audience go crazy with its fabulous contestants striving to find the love of their lives.

From 33 contestants staying in the villa and finding their connection as the show continues couples find the match to survive in the villa. Hannah and Marco found the spark from day 3 and got connected. The couple earned a fanbase and is popular in the villa for their chemistry and understanding.

Surviving all the challenges on the show and fans’ votes has made Hannah and Marco the ultimate winners of Love Island Season 5.

About Hannah & Marco

24 years Hannah and 22 years Marco won the title of Love Island season 5 winner. Where Hannah works as a teacher at a school Marco works as an assistant at Hoffman Chiropractic. Hannah and Marco earned a vast fanbase with their steady love and loyalty.

The couple earned the highest votes in the Love Island season 5 finale from the audience with their genuine relationship. When Marco entered the villa on the first day of the show, he got into a relationship with his fellow contestant Destiny however it didn’t even last for a day.

Hannah entered the villa on the second day and Marco felt an instant connection with her. While every contestant was exploring and experiencing recoupling the couple stayed together for the whole season and it is anticipated that the couple will stay together in real life as well.

Hannah and Marco knew what they wanted and proved their loyalty to each other whether it was in the situation of Casa Amor or be it in when Marco’s ex-girlfriend entered the house. Their chemistry impressed the audience which is why they have never been in a danger zone in the eliminations.

With the highest votes from the fans, Hannah and Marco became the winners of Love Island season 5 and won the grand prize of $100,000.

Hannah & Marco Wikipedia, Net Worth, Winning Amount

Hannah Wright born in the 1990s is 24 years old. Hannah Maria Wright known as Hannah Write is an educator, reporter, published journalist and TV personality. Before joining Palm Springs Unified School as a teacher Hannah used to work as a reporter at Muse TV.

She has diverse interests in different fields. She has studied journalism and completed her bachelor’s degree from Whittier College. She has done further study in Journalism at San Francisco State University and also joined the International School of Journalism in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Hannah who has never dated anyone joined the dating reality show Love Island season 5 in the hope of finding love. She has shared the news of her joining season 5 of Love Island on her Instagram page.

In the villa, she felt a strong connection with her fellow contestant Marco and completed her Love Island journey with Marco only.

Marco Antonio Donatelli known as Marco is 22 years old born on 27 October 2000. He has done his schooling from Girard High School. Marco is a Chiropractic student at Florida Atlantic University where he is studying about pre physical therapy.

While studying in school he earned Northeast Ohio Honorable Mention 2018. He also attended the University of Akron. He works at Hoffman Chiropractic as a chiropractic assistant. He is also a model, Fashion content Maker and entrepreneur. In the search for love, Marco joined season 5 of Love Island.

He entered the villa on the first day and his connection with Destiny didn’t last for a day and he felt a spark with Hannah. Marco and Hannah have won season 5 of Love Island with a cash prize of $100,000. Hannah and Marco both are successful in their fields and have diverse sources of income.

Hannah & Marco Bio, journey on Love Island

Hannah Wright is 24 years old and from Palm Springs, California, United States. She is a teacher by profession, but she is interested in a variety of fields. Hannah is an educator, reporter, Published journalist and TV personality.

Hannah who has never been in any relationship entered the villa in search of love and connected with Marco. Marco Donatelli coming from Girard, Ohio is a Chiropractic Assistant. 22-year-old Marco is a fashionista, model and entrepreneur who is a Fashion content maker as well. 

Hannah and Marco met in Love Island Season 5 has been on the villa from week 1. Hannah Wright entered the villa on day 2 while Marco felt the spark at the very moment, he saw Hannah. Marco got into a relationship with Destiny which barely lasted for a day.

Hannah and Marco got together from day 3. From the very first day, they stuck to each other and proved to the audience that they were the most genuine couple present in the villa. Where every contestant was exploring and searching for another partner Hannah and Marco stuck to each other instead of connecting with the other islanders.

What impressed the fans was that during casa amor Hannah and Marco stayed loyal to each other. Marco proves his Loyalty to Hannah when the makers of Love Island introduce his ex-girlfriend to the villa Hannah Ortega.

Where Hannah got a little nervous, but Marco proved that he only wanted Hannah. In the villa, they are famous for the understanding and loyalty they have for each other. It is highly estimated that their relationship will last outside the villa as well.

Are they still together? (In real life)

Hannah Wright and Marco Donatelli, winner of Love Island season 5. The couple has been stitched to each other from week 1. The loving couple had great chemistry the whole season and were the talk of the villa.

As the Love Island season 5 finale approaches, fans are curious to know if Hannah and Marco are a couple in real life as well or if they are still together. It is estimated that Hannah and Marco are together in real life too. As they were staying in the villa it is expected that the couple is the same in real life as well.

Also, the social media of both males us doubt if they are together or not as Marco follows Hannah but Hannah doesn’t follow Marco. Also, there are high chance that Hannah and Marco will continue their relationship in real life as well.