Celebs will be getting a taste of the rigorous training in this episode. At the starting of the episode we see that the celebs go through a series of challenges. In this episode the celebs will have to do one of the most difficult tasks which is jumping off from a cliff.

The celebs are going through a stressful moment ever since they have joined the season. This is high time because they cannot afford to make a single mistake.

Season 5 Episode 3

After the introduction viewers see that this episode is taking place in Jordan. It is around 6am and the celebs are waking up. It is Day 3 now and there are only 10 remaining recruits.

Anthony Mundine who is an athlete revealed that it was really tough for him and how he was having difficulty sleeping. Breakfast was served and we saw everyone having it together. 

Anthony here is called upon as number ‘five’. Number five has requested to see the chief instructor as it was shown at the beginning of the episode. He just needed to get some motivation which we think he got. The recruits were seen moving to the task stage next. Everybody was so scared for this task. 

This episode is named ‘Precision’ because a small mistake would cost a life. The task here was high assault access. Some celebs were scared of heights and it is going to be a difficult task for them and not to mention a dangerous one too.

The task here was to get down through a rope from the terrace of a 17-storey sized building and get into a window where two to three gunmen were roaming about. The recruits would have to fire only those who were carrying guns. 

At the next moment we see everyone wearing their gears for the task. Number Four aka Abbey Holmes was the first to go for this dangerous task. She is so scared of heights and she kept talking about it. It was going to be a massive mental game for her.

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Abbey Holmes aka Number Four

Four was trembling throughout and she was quite fearing about the task. It was a new experience for her and when her mentor said ‘go’ she did  quite well to descend.

She felt so nervous but the main task was lying ahead of her. She failed in this part because she shot everyone in the room. Her tears rolled down her face because she felt the pressure throughout her task. 

Zima Anderson aka Number Two

Zima is an actress who was next after Abbey Holmes. She wanted to prove that she can do it with ease. She seemed confident unlike Number Two. She did pretty well in the descent part. Well, it was her first time and her actions were clearly telling that she was quite nervous too.

But, the next part was crucial for her because she needed a calm mind. She missed her shot and now she is dead and also failed the whole mission. 

Peter Bol aka Number Ten

Peter is an olympian who will be facing a great deal of pressure in this task. He was already tired coming up the stairs. It was a whole new experience for him. But, that doesn’t matter now because the main task lies ahead and he was scared of heights. He just had to follow instructions but it was not so easy.

Number 10 has dropped his weapon during his descent. But, he was asked to keep moving. He got through that window but he did not have a gun. He got a good scolding from the staff members. It was a failure for him and he was asked to leave. 

After a lot of contestants we saw some doing great and just a glimpse was showing for each one of them. The last to do this task was Anthony Mundine aka Number 5. He was scared of heights too. He was trembling as well. But, in the end he was through the window.

His shots were on target but he just blurted warning shots which was a massive failure. Well, there was another task later on. 

In The Meeting Room

The DS comes together for a meeting and talks about the performance put up by each task. The combat officers are seen talking to each other about the performance. They talk about the mistakes that the contestants were making. Some were good while the majority of the celebs failed. They thought to bring the number ‘five’ in. 

Soon after their meeting we see the contestants having a little chit chat with each other. But, later we see they bring in number five for a meeting. The mentors shared their thoughts about his performance. There were a lot of questions in the meeting. 

In this part he talks about his life and the challenges he faced. He says that he wanted to play football for Australia. He did not get picked in the team. This moment devastated him which is a moment he still regrets. But, the mentors out there gave a taste of motivation. 

A New Task

It was time for a new task for the contestants. Supplied by a hand grenade by the DS, the contestants must maneuver to the building before launching the explosive under constant firing from the other side. The pressure is high even on this target and it requires a lot of ‘PRECISION’ to do such tasks. It was time to get on with the task. 

We see the contestants doing the task one by one. It was a new experience. All things were being done under supervision of the experts which was a good thing. There was constant firing. There were a lot of failures. Number two failed because she was the first one. Peter did good and he was successful out there. 

Number 11 hurt her shoulder during this task just before throwing the live grenade. But, she did not give up. Chief Medic Dr. Dan was called in to check on the injury. It seems like she popped her shoulder. The ambulance was called in shortly after. Number 10 also did an excellent job. 

Soon after all their tasks we saw the contestants getting together in the camp. Duty recruit Zina rations out the evening meal. Number 11 is clear to return to the camp. But, her place in selection is still in doubt. Well, she was back in the game