For the very first time, we are going to experience something unique and uncommon in the reality television series world. Stars on Mars Finale will be coming with its amazing and bittersweet finale episode for the viewers, critics, and fans who have been waiting for this episode for a long time.

Stars on Mars Finale will air on Monday, August 28, 2023, on Fox. Fans and critics must be sure to tune in at 8 p.m. for the conclusion episode of the show. Now, ever since the last elimination happened in the show, everything has taken a new turn. 

After the 11th episode, we saw the final six celebronauts on the titular planet competing for themselves. This means there is no more base commander or mission specialist during the special challenges.

All of these happened in and after the 11th episode of the show. Now, further in this article, we will talk about the remaining contestants and quite a lot about them. 

Who Are The Remaining Contestants on Stars on Mars? 

In the 11th episode of the show, we saw the six remaining contestants of Stars on Mars being divided into two groups. The first team included Porsha Williams, Tinashe, and Marshawn Lynch. The other trio were Paul Pierce, Adam Rippon, and Cat Cora. Unfortunately, by the end of the 11th episode, Marshawn Lynch was also eliminated. 

Now, we have only five players remaining on Stars on Mars and it has become quite a lot more exciting. 

Here is the list of remaining contestants and finalists on Stars on Mars :


This popular singer and songwriter made huge headlines when everyone came to know that she would be performing on Stars on Mars. She competed in a variety of challenges ensured the safety of everyone and became one of the last standing members of the galaxy. 

Porsha Williams

She gave it all in the first season of Stars on Mars. She revealed in an interview “My body was snatched, like my abs were popping in Mars.” She also revealed that she was starving and there was nothing to eat. Still, she came out in the list of finalists and now we know her capability.

Paul Pierce

He does not seem to be afraid to speak his mind. He is one of those guys who has issues in trusting someone. He is quite a relaxed guy but, takes all the challenges very seriously.

Adam Rippon

He is an artist, athlete, and activist. He has played a major role in moving into the finals of the show. In one of the episodes, he revealed that he had a great time working with Marshawn Lynch.

Cat Cora

She is the Iron Chef star who is the new base commander and made the decision to eliminate Andy Richter from the Mars habitat. 

Cat Cora

Stars on Mars Finalists Season 1 – 2023

CastAge Profession Hometown Episode Entered Social Media 
Tinashe 30Singer Lexington 1BB/ANG3L (@tinashenow) • Instagram photos and videos 
Porsha Williams 42Television personality Atlanta 1Porsha Guobadia (@porsha4real) • Instagram photos and videos 
Paul Pierce 45Professional Basketball player Oakland5The Truth (@paulpierce) • Instagram photos and videos 
Adam Rippon 33Actor and Producer Scranton 1Adam Rippon (@adaripp) • Instagram photos and videos 
Cat Cora 56Chef, TV personality, business person Jackson5Cat Cora (@catcora) • Instagram photos and videos 
Finalists of Stars on Mars 2023