The Masked Singer is a reality singing competition show. The show is based on King of Mask Singer which is a Korean show of a similar category. The Masked Singer is not just like any other regular singing competition show where a contestant takes the stage and shows off his/her singing talent judged by a panel of judges.

The Masked Singer includes a different format where famous celebrities take the stage anonymously in masks or in costumes and perform songs. Then the panelists will guess the identity of the singers based on the clue they receive from the performers.

Well, the show has seen a lot of finales and a lot of winners as it has got 10 seasons under its belt. Let us talk about the winners for each season. Fans would love to see more from the upcoming season where there will be a lot of new famous personalities. It could prove to be entertaining and as well as exciting for the fans at the same time.

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The Masked Singer All Winners

SeasonWinnerIdentityWinning Song
1T-PainMonster“This Is How We Do It”
2Wayne BradyFox“Try A Little Tenderness”
3Kandi BurrussNight AngelNot specified
4LeAnn RimesSun“The Story”
5Nick LacheyPigletNot specified
6JewelQueen of HeartsNot specified
7Teyana TaylorFirefly“Bad Girl”
8Amber RileyHarp“The Edge of Glory” and “Gravity”
9Bishop BriggsMedusa“Elastic Heart”
10Demi Lovato (Anonymouse)AnonymouseNot specified
The Masked singer previous year winners 1-10

T Pain – The Masked Singer Season 1 Winner

American rapper T-Pain was crowned the winner of the first season of The Masked Singer back in the year 2019. The 38-year old is known for his popular distinctive vocal sounds. His stage name in the season was ‘Monster’.

T-Pain, the Grammy award winner, wore a monster costume throughout the duration of the season. T-Pain sang ‘This Is How We Do It’ by Montell Jordan in the finale to take home the winner’s trophy. 

Wayne Brady – The Masked Singer Season 2 Winner 

Wayne Brady was announced the winner in the finale of the second season. Brady is known to be a famous American host as well as a comedian. His voice was a surprise to the audience out there and even earned him the title on the show in the second season.

He had revealed that he wanted to show people his ‘musical side’ which was the primary reason why he took part in the reality show. Wayne was dressed as Fox who sang ‘Try A Little Tenderness’ by Otis Redding in the finale episode of the second season. 

Kandi Burruss – The Masked Singer Season 3 Winner 

The third season belonged to Kandi Burruss. Kandi Burruss is also a multi-talented personality in the US. The 47-year old is a TV personality as well as a singer and a songwriter. Therefore, it was obvious that she would be crowned the title in the third season.

She was dressed as ‘Night Angel’ in the season. Her music performance in the show was as epic as the design of her costume which was not only unique but was eye-catching and gorgeous. 

LeAnn Rimes – The Masked Singer Season 4 Winner

LeAnn Rimes was the fourth season winner who was introduced anonymously as ‘Sun’. LeAnn Rimes comes from a musical background as she is an American singer and a songwriter.

She has got several hits in her musical career. She sang a powerful song in the final episode of The Masked Singer season 4. She sang ‘The Story’ written by Phil Hanseroth.

Talking about her costume, there is no one who would come closer to her uniqueness. Dressed up as ‘Sun’ in the entire show it was her costume that actually stole the show. 

Nick Lachey – The Masked Singer Season 5 Winner

The fifth season took place in the year 2021 when Nick Lachey became the fifth champion in the singing reality show. Nick Lachey is an American singer and a dancer which only gave a huge advantage in the fifth season.

achey was dressed as the Piglet in the entire season and left every judge confused about his true identity. The finale performance that was put up by Lachey was extraordinary which left every audience and the panelist speechless. It was a good show that had to come to an end which the audience would have loved more to watch. 

Jewel – The Masked Singer Season 6 Winner

The 49-year old American singer-songwriter, Jewel stole the show in the finale of the sixth season of The Masked Singer. She was crowned the winner in the season where she was dressed as ‘Queen of Hearts’.

Her costume was one of the most fascinating things that most viewers had ever witnessed in the history of the show. Her performance was simply magical and the crowd went crazy as soon as she was declared the winner of the season. 

Teyana Taylor – The Masked Singer Season 7 Winner

Teyana Taylor dressed as ‘Firefly’ kept everyone surprised when her face was revealed and at the same time declared the winner of the 7th season of The Masked Singer. Teyana Taylor comes from a musical background as she is a famous American singer and an actress as well.

She knew what had to be done in the season to become the favorite of the panelists and as well for the audience. Her performance was worth watching which was a unique talent that she had and was loved by everyone on the show. She chose the song, ‘Bad Girl’ by Usher in her final performance before her face was revealed. 

Amber Riley – The Masked Singer Season 8 Winner

Amber Riley dressed as ‘Harp’ deserved to be the winner in the eighth season of ‘The Masked Singer’. Her performance in the finale episode made the episode so very special. Amber Riley is an American actress and singer who has been part of several movies and television shows in her career.

Coming from a musical background it almost seemed like she won it so easily because of her unique vocals. Riley sang the song, ‘The Edge of Glory’ by Lady Gaga and John Mayer’s ‘Gravity’ in the finale that led to her ultimate glory. 

Bishop Briggs – The Masked Singer Season 9 Winner

Bishop Briggs was the winner on the 9th season of the singing reality show. Bishop is recognised as a British singer and songwriter who appeared in the show on its 9th season and was dressed as Medusa that was something different.

The singer has released several hits in her musical career and seemed proud to be a part of the show and was declared the winner as well. Briggs sang ‘Elastic Heart’ by Sia in the finale performance before she was unmasked. She says that it was the ‘Coolest Thing Ever’.

Her appearance on the show was quite unique. Nobody could have guessed that under the mask was a hidden gem whose talent is recognised globally through her musical releases. All in all it was a performance that kept everyone on their feet.  

Demi Lovato – The Masked Singer Season 10 Winner 

Demi Lovato aka ‘Anonymouse’ in the 10th season of The Masked Singer season 10 was declared the winner. Demi Lovato is a personality that needs no introduction. The American singer and songwriter has released some of the best music that the music industry has ever witnessed.

With a strong musical background, it was obvious for her to take home the award on the 10th season of the reality show. Apart from her performance, it was her overall costume as ‘Anonymous’ that attracted a lot of attention. It was not just brilliant but an episode that is worth remembering. 

Her voice is incredible which put up a great performance in the finale episode. Even though there is no cash-prize received by the winning famous personalities but the contestants do not leave the show empty-handed.