The popular tv reality show is ready to come back with its exciting plots to entertain the viewers of the Survivor South Africa. However the audition process will start soon and everyone can apply for the auditions. the show will open its applications for the auditions of season 11 soon.

After getting good reviews and success for previous seasons it is assume that the show will might be back with the same plot where contestants are force to survive on the remote island and compete against each other to survive.

If you wish to test your limits and experience how it feels to live on island then its the chance for you. To apply for the show follow the process mentioned.

You need to apply online through the official links with all the require details. Apply to the competition and win the grand prize money of R2 million.

survivor south africa Audition and application

What About the Survivor South Africa?

the popular television series created by Charlie Parsons Survivor South Africa is a reality show. the series has completed its nine seasons and soon the audience will see the finale of season 10. the show follows the format like other survival shows format.

In the show  the contestants are taken to the remote island and force to survive there. Then contestants are divided into groups called tribes and compete each other to stay on the show.

Participants needs to be competitive to earn their basic needs like food and essentials. Participants vote off and the participants who get highest votes are voted out from the show. Once the half of the participants get out from the show they start playing individually to gain the title called ultimate survivor and winner of the show.

Application & Registration Requirements for Survivor South Africa 

To apply for the popular reality series Survivor South Africa you need to meet the some requirements of the show. The requirements to apply are simple yet you need to accomplish them accordingly. Read the requirements mention carefully to be eligible to apply:

  • To apply you need to be at least 18 years old.
  • You should be a resident of the South Africa and have a valid ID proof of south africa.
  • Make sure you have an active phone no and email address throughout the audition process to get all the updates and messages related to the audition and application.
  • You should be prepared mentally and physically to participate in the show and survive all the circumstances that occur.
  • Read all the terms and conditions thoroughly and complete the application form. 
  • Fill the form and correctly and submit it on the official website with all the documents required.
  • If you get selected you are required to provide your consent for all the background check and tests.

How to join Audition for Survivor South Africa?

To join the television reality show Survivor South Africa you need to apply online via shows official website. First make a 3 minute video consisting all the details like name, age, location. Include, think like why you want to join the show, what you like about the show and anything that make you stand out. Mention your strength and qualities in the video and how you can win the show.

Make sure to attach your current photo. Visit the official website of M-Net Tv and submit your application from with the video and photo. Fill the application from with the correct detail. Read all the terms and condition carefully and submit the form.

Keep the track of update on the website if you get selected you will be notified via, your register phone number or email address. Sign up for this show as audition will be free and who knows if you get selected and be the winner of the season 11 of Survivor South Africa.

Audition Venues & Date for Survivor South Africa 

The auditions for season 11 of Survivor South Africa has not been released yet by the officials. However it is assumed that the audition venues for the auditions will be same as previous. The auditions might be held on the following places: 

  • Cape Town 
  • Pretoria
  • Durban 
  • Johannesburg 

To know the dates of the show the stay connected we will update soon. The places for auditions may vary according to the officials. 

Who is the Host of Survivor South Africa?

To make the show more engaging the makers always bring an engaging host. As for now it is expected to see south african actor and host Nico Panagio. 

Survivor South Africa Season 11 Release Date 

 It is expected that viewers can enjoy  the season 11 of survivor south africa in the beginning of the next year 2024. However there is no official announcement from the makers of the show.


Q. How to join survivor south africa for next Season?

A. To join the next session of survivor south africa fill out the application from with the 3 minute long video of your introduction. You can submit the application on the official site when the audition for the season 11 will start.

Q. Where is survivor south africa filmed?

A. The popular television series survivor south africa are mostly filmed in the remote island of south africa. The previous season were film at  remote island like Wild coast, Sunshine coast, Johor of Malaysia, Addu Atoll of Maldives.

Q. How to watch South Africa Survivor Season 11?

A. The South africa Survivor premiers on M-Net television channel and DSTV. you can watch the show on television channel M-Net on local time and stream it anytime on DStv.

Q. How much prize is given to the winner of South Africa Survivor on Finale?

A. The winner of the South Africa Survivor get the title of Winner of the south Africa Survivor on finale and the grand prize of  R2 million.