The Traitors Canada is a brand new Canadian reality game show that premiered on October 2nd, 2023. As of this writing only two episodes have been released so far of the first season. As of now, it is quite early to make a judgment about the renewal of its second season.

Out of the 20 contestants making their appearance in the season one has been murdered (Erika Casupanan from Survivor 41) and one has been banished (Collin Johnson from Transit Operator) in the second episode.

Hosted by award-winning French-Canadian actress, Karine Vanasse the show has caught the attention of the viewers because of its suspenseful acts that are based on lies, distrust, deceits, and treachery. This unscripted competition series follows 20 strangers taking part in an ultimate murder mystery game.

Will There Be Second Season Of Traitors Canada?

Traitors Canada has created a great impact on the viewers because of its interesting plot and the line of characters selected. All of this accumulated together has created so far a great first season. Therefore, it would be obvious for fans and viewers to expect another season from production house Bell Media soon after the first is over. 

Well, as of now, the first season is currently ongoing and one episode is being released once a week. We do not know how many episodes will be released but we are assured that the production house is going to renew the game show for a second season either later this year or early next year. Whatever decision the production house takes it will be announced through social media.

Watch Now : New Episodes of Traitors Canada

How Do I Become A Contestant On Traitors Canada?

To become a contestant on Traitors Canada it is important that you are an eligible candidate first. It is likely that the production house will not entertain ineligible candidates.

Therefore, visit the official website or look through trusted video sources to check out the eligibility criteria and the application process. If you can talk to previous contestants then that too would be a great input knowledge for yourself. 

Eligible candidates can apply for the show online. Candidates would be required to fill out the application form and as well as submit a self-recorded tape which will be considered as the auditions.

If your application is approved then you may have several interviews ahead with the director or the producer. 

Traitors Canada Audition & Casting Call for 2024

Auditioning may be conducted online like most other reality shows and game shows. Candidates are asked to submit a self tape introducing themselves in less than a minute or two.

Applications that pass the first stage impressing the production team may be further called upon for personal interviews. This is done to better understand the character, nature, attitude, and mentality of the contestant. 

As mentioned earlier, the contestants who wish to appear for the next season of Traitors Canada would be required to fill out an online application form. The show being new in the Canadian region is one of the reasons why there has been so far no revelations made about its audition process and casting call.

Interested and eligible candidates would be urged to follow the official social media pages and the official website to remain updated with the latest news and announcements. 

Is Application Portal Open For Season 2 Auditions?

As of now there has been no announcements made about the renewal of the second season. This gives a clear hint that the application portal is closed as of now. But, sooner or later the portal has to open because of the first season being well received by the viewers and as well as by the critics. 

The social media handle (Instagram) also does not reveal about the application portal being open or closed for the second season because it is way too early now. Interested contestants would have to wait for a couple of weeks more to receive proper news and announcements. 

Is Traitors Canada Same As Traitors Australia & Traitors USA?

The overall plot and theme of the game show is the same but viewers may notice some slight changes, differences, and adjustments. But, all of them are almost similar and entertaining for their respective regions and countries.

Though the line of characters are different which makes the series unique from one another. This is one thing to look at and is also one of the reasons why people may find one show much better than the other.