The Amazing Race Canada season 9 premiered on CTV back in the month of July. Now, the season has finally come to an end with two new winners of this season.

They are the dating couple Ty Smith and Kat Kastner who proved to be the best pair in this season while other dating pairs couldn’t compete with these duo. In this article, we will have a personal look at Ty and Kat. 

NameAgeOccupationHometownCurrent LocationNet WorthSocial Media
Ty Smith25Public speaker and Mental Health AdvocateHinton, ABCalgary, AB$136,000 per year + prize moneyInstagram
Kat Kastner25Client Success SpecialistLeduc, ABCalgary, AB$53,000 per year + prize moneyInstagram

Ty Smith Age, Wiki, Height, Net Worth 

Ty Smith is just 25 years old and proved to be a strong contestant in the ninth season of Amazing Race Canada. Ty belongs from Hinton, AB and is currently in Calgary. He currently works as a public speaker and as well as a Mental Health Advocate.

Tyler had a history linked with the Humboldt Broncos bus crash. He was the only survivor in the crash and even today he feels lucky that he survived it. 

Well, when it comes to his personal life Ty and his current partner, Kat began dating in the aftermath of the bus crash. The duo struggled a lot in terms of mental health and was successfully able to overcome it which is itself a great achievement. Fans are very happy that this duo became the winner of the latest season. 

The average salary that a mental health advocate in a country like Canada receives is $136,000 per year. This means that their net worth of Ty is pretty good. Now, with him and his girlfriend winning the season they will receive more cash prizes which will only add to his net worth. 

Kat Kastner Age, Wiki, Boyfriend, Net Worth 

Kat Kastner is also aged 25 and has supported her partner, Ty very well in the latest season of The Amazing Race Canada. Kat Kastner is a Client Success Specialist. Her hometown is in Leduc, AB and is currently in Calgary.

Kat also had to overcome several physical and as well as mental challenges at such a young age. She struggled with depression and also the loss of her close friend to suicide. 

However, she learned that mental health should be prioritized above all to lead a better life. Fans would be quite happy to know the life she led before becoming the winner of the reality game show.

The duo raced for everyone they loved and we know that they made everyone proud after becoming the winner. Her relationship with her boyfriend, Ty, seems to have been a great motivation for her. 

As far as her net worth goes, the average salary that a Client Success Specialist in Canada receives is $53,000 per year. Combining the cash that she will be receiving as prize money this season will only add to her total net worth. 

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