Welcome to Wrexham made huge and amazing headlines when the first season was about to premiere. If you do not know what it is then, it is an American sports documentary series. 

If you have not experienced a single sports documentary series then we would highly recommend starting with this series. The first season of the show was released nearly a year ago which was on August 24, 2022. The cast selection of the show is another reason why it made huge headlines. 

About Welcome to Wrexham Season 2

Welcome to Wrexham features an amazing cast and most importantly the plot. It might be a documentation programme but, the plot and moral behind their story show a good message to the viewers or audience. Viewers have been waiting for a second season from the moment its first season ended. 

Other than these, we might also see some new developments and new players coming into this club. Other than that, we will see amazing casts who will be returning to this new season. Moreover, the second season will be all about the development of the club and trying to enter into major football leagues that are hosted every year across the country. 

When is the Welcome to Wrexham Season 2 Release? 

Welcome To Wrexham has been one of the most awaited shows this year on Hulu. The second season of the show was renewed by the officials back in July. The amazing news for the second season renewal was revealed in an announcement from the show’s official Twitter account. The fans and viewers became instantly satisfied with this amazing news and waiting for it eagerly. 

The official release date for the second season has already been revealed. The amazing first episode of the show will come on September 12, 2023. Yes, it will be released tomorrow for all the fans and viewers. Cancel all your plans and watch the second season’s first episode of Welcome to Wrexham. 

Who Are The New Cast Members For Season 2? 

The cast section of this sports documentary series is just awesome. The casting director of the series has done a tremendous job by selecting such cast members. Fans and viewers are quite happy and satisfied looking at the cast members and for the second season, we are going to expect all the previous cast to make a comeback. 

Here are some of the amazing casts for the second season that we are most likely to see:-

  • Ryan Reynolds- co-owner of the football club
  • Jordan Davies- midfielder 
  • Paul Mullin- forward 
  • Wayne Jones- Owner 
  • Humphrey Ker- Executive Director of the football club 

Where Can I Watch Season 2? 

Now, there are two methods of how one can watch the second season of this show. The first method is either you watch the second season on FX and the second is you can easily stream on Hulu. If you are willing to watch the exclusive episodes on Hulu then you are required to have a valid and active subscription. 

If you are outside the USA, then you can watch all the episodes on Disney Plus. Again to watch all the episodes on Disney Plus you will need to have a valid subscription. 

Welcome to Wrexham Season 2 Trailer 

The official trailer of the second season was released by the officials a month ago. It was released on the official FX Network YouTube channel. It is a 2.09-minute-long trailer. In the initial few seconds, we can see Ryan Reynolds talking to a stranger saying “We are making a documentary right there.” 

Later we can see that the team lost in the semi-finals. Now, the football club has more fans than they had before so the expectations were very high. We can also see the official Wrexham football ground and people cleaning up nets and ground. Interestingly, we can also see the King of England in the official trailer. We can also see players training hard and fans singing their official anthem. The trailer reveals that the players and the officials will face new challenges in the new season. 


Welcome to Wrexham became an instant hit ever since it aired its first season. Everything that we see in the season is unscripted and they have come out naturally from the casts and people in the show. The fan base of both the show and the football club has increased if we compare it to its first year. It seems like the owners and managers of the football club are trying to do and achieve something big. 


Q1. What are my thoughts on Welcome to Wrexham Season 2?

Ans: The second season of this football documentary series will keep its soul and heart in the second season. We might see some greatest comebacks from the football players who have joined the club. The narrative field is trying to dig deeper into the significant figures of the story. 

Q2. Why should you watch Welcome to Wrexham Season 2? 

Ans: There are various reasons why one should and must watch both the first and second seasons of Welcome to Wrexham. It provides detailed reviews from the managers, owners and players. The interactions between officials lead to laughter. The show is funny and emotional at the same time. We can see how two men who have no experience in the field are trying to build a team that can achieve it all.