The Lincoln Lawyer is a legal drama series that is based on The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly. The show came with its very first season last year in 2022 and became an instant hit among binge watchers and critics. The production team has come back with the second season of the legal drama series in August to continue the storyline of the previous season. Surprisingly, the show runners will not be stopping with just two seasons as the third season has been renewed as well. 

Who Are The Cast and Characters For The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3?

The line of cast and characters for the Lincoln Lawyer has so far been simply amazing as every cast has reprised their roles excellently. The second season saw the following list of cast and characters:

  • Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller 
  • Neve Campbell as Maggie 
  • Becki Newton as Lorna 
  • Jazz Raycole as Izzy 
  • Angus Sampson as Cisco 
  • Lana Parilla as Lisa Trammell
  • Yaya Dacosta as Andrea ‘Andy’ Freeman 
  • Krista Warner as Hayley 

The second season has just arrived recently and has already received the green signal for its third as well. It can be assumed that most of the original casts would be back to reprise their respective roles until and unless someone gets killed off in the plot. Manuel Garcia, Becki Newton, Jazz Raycole, Angus Sampson, Yaya Dacosta are the cast members who could be as the returning casts for the third season. As far as addition of new cast goes then there is nothing much to reveal as of now. 

The Plot for Season 3 of The Lincoln Lawyer

The third season could portray a lot of things when it comes to the overall storyline and plot as well as in terms of character development. The series being based on the book The Brass Verdict by Michael Connelly there could be a lot of things that can be taken from and put in the next season. With the finale episode of the second season just dropping on Netflix fans and viewers can sense a bit of hint about what could take place in the next season. 

The third season is expected to focus more on the character of Mickey discovering what has happened to Gloria and as well as getting Julian acquitted from her murder. The filming is yet to begin for the third season and as soon as there is an official trailer released then we can get an idea about how the producers are taking the series in the third season. 

Behind The Scenes of Season 3 for The Lincoln Lawyer

The second season just arrived on Netflix last month and therefore it is quite early to make an assumption about when the legal drama series will be back with their third season. Once the filming starts for the third season fans can see more from The Lincoln Lawyer season 3 behind the scenes.Both the previous seasons have received good viewership and the series remained in the Top 10 list among 80 countries worldwide. There are not many behind the scene videos available on ‘YouTube’ platform but there are several interview videos of the cast of the show. If you wish to see those videos then you can easily watch it for free on YouTube. 

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 Renewal Status

The Lincoln Lawyer season 3 has received the green signal to move forward with yet another season. But, the expected release date could be later in 2024 because of the ongoing strike in the Hollywood industry. The expected filming period would be around 12-15 months but fans can expect an official teaser trailer within a few months. 

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 Release Date 

As of now there is no speculation about when the filming will start and the release date for the third season. But, when the filming takes place all those details will be revealed soon. If production and filming takes place according to the timeline and schedule then the expected release date could be 2024 or early 2025. 


The Lincoln Lawyer has become a successful series and there is a movie series released on the same name. When it comes to viewership of the series then it has been quite impressive there as well as the series ranked in top 10 position in more than 80 countries globally. If you are a legal drama fan and have watched series like Suits then this series is a must watch for you. 


When will ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ season 3 be released?

Ans: Lincoln Lawyer season 3 is yet to start its filming and once everything falls into place then the expected release date could be in 2024. 

Will Matthew McConaughey reprise his role as Mickey Haller?

Ans: Actor Matthew McConaughey has not confirmed whether he will be joining the cast yet.

Will Matthew McConaughey reprise his role as Mickey Haller?

Ans: Actor Matthew McConaughey has not confirmed whether he will be joining the cast yet.

Are there any hints about the plot of Season 3?

Ans: There are many things that could happen in season 3 of the legal drama series. 

How many episodes will season 3 consist of?

Ans: The third season will consist of 10 episodes. However, it could be more or less than that. 

Is there a trailer for season 3?

Ans: As of now there is no official trailer for season 3.