Kitty Flanagan’s comedy-drama after getting on the viewer’s hotlist most of the viewers are eagerly waiting for season 2 of Fisk. the show is assumed to be on the Netflix in coming years. There is no confirmed update about season 2 streaming on Netflix.

However, the first season was released on Netflix after two years of its premiere on ABC TV in Australia. Although season 2 is expected to be available on Netflix soon.  

About the Show

Get ready to laugh legally as season 2 of the comedy courtroom drama Fisk is back. The show written by Kitty Flanagan and Penny Flanagan secured its rank on the Global top 10 list. The show revolves around Helen Tudor the character played by Kitty Flanagan.

Helen is the daughter of former Supreme Court justice and works as a corporate contract lawyer in the top law firm in Sydney. The story takes turns when she decided to go to her hometown and start working at a shabby law agency name Gruber & Gruber. Season one was a complete powerhouse of laughter so is season 2.

In season 2 it seems that Helen will no longer leaving in her shabby Airbnb. Writers did not force laughter but the circumstances and characters will make you laugh easily. So, watch season 2 of Fisk on Netflix.

Fisk Overview

Show NameFisk
Genre comedy
Number of seasons2
Streaming Platform in AustraliaABC TV and ABC iView
Streaming platform outside Australia Netflix (season 1 only)


Fisk is the story of Helen Tudor played by Kitty Flanagan who decides to work from her hometown Melbourne when her husband ran off with an older woman. She used to practice contract law at a high-class Law firm in Sydney. But now in her hometown, her life is messy and unsettled.

Now she is open to taking any job that involves client interaction but she had decided to not give any reference for her previous work in Sydney. So, she’s referred to a small estate law agency named Gruber & Gruber where Partner Ray Gruber hires her because she is the daughter of former Supreme Court justice. 

The show is from Helen Tudor’s point of view where Helen is not a sociable person whether it’s with friends, people in the office, her husband or her father. However, she finds her way with clients and provides innovative solutions to their problems.

The show puts her in funny situations or her personality unknowingly makes her fall into funny circumstances. The show will make you laugh with its plot and the moments happening in the show. According to us if you are a fan of comedy drama then STREAM IT.

Who is the Host of Fisk season 2?

Kitty Flanagan in the lead role as Helen Tudor will be hosting the season 2. 

Where To watch Fisk Season 2

Season 2 of Fisk can be only watched on the ABC iView as it airs every Wednesday at 9 pm. The series is not available on any other streaming platform. You can also buy season two from platforms like Google Play, apple tv and Fetch but in Australia only.

However, you can watch season 1 of Fisk on Netflix and it is yet to decide if season 2 of Fisk will be available to stream on Netflix or not. Make sure to watch season 1 of Fisk on Netflix.

How is performing Fisk season 2 on the OTT platform?

The series by Kitty Flanagan and Penny Flanagan is undoubtedly funny. If you have watched season 1 of the Fisk then you will get a strong urge to stream season 2.

Season 2 was released in Australia and soon made it to the list of TV’s top ten. The show has marked its place in the Global top 10 with millions of views.