The History Channels’ exciting series mountain men is renewed for season 12. The American television series where some well-known people participate and live their life in the woods. In the modern world where everyone is reliving on model equipment and new technology.

The show cast will deal with the old and innovative methods to live in the wood. Participants mostly use the things provided by nature. The show has captivating and exciting plots that indulge the audience watching the show. 

Mountain men season 12 release date

Who is the New Season mountain men season 12 Cast?

The season 12 cast consist of Eustace Conway who has been the host of the series from season 1. He teaches participants how to practice life in the woods. Tom Oar with his wife Nancy is part of the show from season 1. Though Tom’s heart condition scared the audience last season, Tom’s will made him come back to season 12.

Jake Herak who joined the mountain men in season 7 has had a great and troubling experience with his wife Anika and now in this season, he’s more determined to complete it. The brother duo consisting of Kidd Youren and Harry Youren are known as the toughest pair of mountain men from season 8. Just like the previous season, this brother’s duo is ready to play free and wild in the latest season.

The new contestant Ray Livingston is a wild traveller and works as a predator. Paul Antczak who is known as a predator and animal trapper does many other work to earn money and fulfilling his dream of buying a house in the mountains.

Aron Toland who is an off-road mechanic and Jennifer Toland who is a search and rescue medic are going to start their journey away from civilization in the woods in season 12 of Mountain Men.

Mountain Men Tv Show Premiere Date & Seduleds Episodes

The Mountain Men popular American series is all set to premiere on Thursday, 24 August at 8 pm on the history channel with the cast of some wild spirits who will be living their life in the cold mountains with nature’s company. 

Which channel comes in the mountain men Season 12 – 2023?

The official broadcast channel of the American series Mountain Men is the History Channel. You can watch it live on the history tv Channel and the next day on the history channel website called However, the show can be streamed on different streaming platforms like Pluto tv, freebee, Roku channel and any other streaming platform you have got a subscription.

Do any trailers of mountain man come in 2023?

Fox Entertainment has announced the new season of mountain men which will be airing soon in August 2023. However, the makers haven’t released any trailer yet related to the new season of mountain men.