So far America’s Got Talent is witnessing amazing contestants and it continued for its seventh episode as well. This audition episode was something unique compared to any of its previous audition episodes.

Now, further in this article, we will talk about all the participants who had come to audition on the seventh episode of America’s Got Talent season 18. 

Before starting the audition rounds of this episode, Terry Crews advised the judges that the first few rows behind them were cleared out for safety reasons. There was some fight in the previous season and it turned out to be quite dangerous. 

BJ Griffin’s Musical Talent

The first contestant of the night was BJ Griffin who was an electric cello player and a performer. When he was asked why did he come to this platform? He revealed that he wanted to share his music skills and how healing it is with the whole world using this platform.

The Electric Cello Player’s Emotional Journey

He also revealed that, in his high school days he had to quit football to become a musician and it was a very tough decision for him. Then he handled a microphone and it was his time to perform. His vocals, music, and song choice he made surely made the audience in the hall happy.

Impressive Performance Earns Four “Yes” Votes

They were already standing in their place and giving him an ovation. At the end of his auditions, all four judges were really impressed by his presentation and singing skills and had to give him a ‘yes’ to qualify for the next round.

Phil Wright and Parent Jam Dance Crew

Now, it was time for some dancing show. The second in line for the auditions was taken by Phil Wright and Parent Jam. Phil Wright bought in a group of kids and the name of that group was Parent Jam. Looking at the group we could tell that it included children from different ages.

Energetic and Fun Hip-Hop Dance Performance

Each participant in this group was wearing different clothes which did not match each other except for some. Soon the group took their position and started dancing to hip-hop music which was going really well with their dance moves.

Mixed Reactions from the Judges

The whole dance group did some random and amazing stuff before the whole auditorium which they absolutely loved it. After their auditions ended, Howie revealed that the act is ‘fun and sweet’, but it doesn’t fit to be a million-dollar prize. On the other hand, all three judges were impressed by the dance and they all gave a ‘yes’ to this group.

Enishi’s Unconventional Clown Act

This act was something very unique and different as compared to any previous auditions in this show. This character was not very interested in answering any questions from the judges before him. He was dressed as a clown along with a unique mask which covered the full face.

Mysterious and Innovative Performance Wins Over the Judges

Enishi was changing his outfits using different tools that he brought along with him. He portrayed all the judges in his auditions and yes in a very unique and innovative way. This impressed all the judges and they had to give this character a ‘yes’.

Timothy Fletcher’s Groovy Drum and Dance Act : A Drummer with a Memorable Story and Performance

Another interesting audition was performed by Timothy Fletcher. He is a drummer and he started drumming when he was in high school. Unfortunately, the friend who supported him to go for drumming ended up getting killed. His friend even told him that, one day he would be on the stage of America’s Got Talent performing.

All Judges Impressed, He Receives Four “Yes” Votes

Timothy is just following his friend’s advice and his dreams on the same. This was surely not an ordinary drum audition. Timothy was drumming and dancing along with it. The music he chose and performed in his auditions was very catchy and groovy. All four judges were very impressed with his act and he got a ‘yes’ from all of them.

Koko Hayashi’s Face Yoga Attempt : An Unsuccessful Audition Despite Unique Act

Koko performed face yoga before all the audience including the judges. This 44-year-old woman did everything she could to impress all the judges. But, her audition did not go very well at the end. She did perform some amazing techniques and face yoga for better face structure and health but, that was not liked by the judges. All the four judges had to give a ‘no’ to her.

The Rybka Twins’ Simple Magic Show

Many people will surely have seen them on different talen stages and one of them including Australia’s Got Talent. These twins revealed that it was Simon who had met them earlier and asked them to perform on America’s Got Talent. Simon revealed that he knew speaking to them and they seemed very happy with the fact.

Simon’s Special Request Leads to Mixed Judging Decisions

They performed some simple tricks on the stage which was not very innovative. Sofia thought it was ‘outdated’ and it could be more modern. On the other hand, Simon disagreed and revealed it was a ‘fun’ show. Howie and Sofia were quite confused and did not agree to give a ‘yes’ but, Sofia switched her vote to ‘yes’ and they were qualified for the next round.

Duo Just Two Men’s Impressive Hand-Balancing Act

When we saw some acrobatic dance moves not have some hand-balancing act on the stage. Two men came to the stage and performed some amazing hand-balancing skills before the whole audience and the judges. There was a rope in the middle of the stage which they used perfectly for their performance. In the end, all four judges were quite impressed by their performance and they had to give them a ‘yes’.

Cakra Khan’s Soulful Singing

He revealed that he was from Indonesia and he is 31 years old. He revealed that he would be singing soul music for his audition rounds on the stage. Even before his performance, the whole audience was going crazy with his voice and introduction. Cakra also revealed that he would be singing ‘Make it Rain’

Emotional and Powerful Audition Earns Him a “Yes”.

It was unbelievable when he started singing the song. It seemed like his voice changed when he started to perform. Unfortunately, he was stopped by Simon who advised him to try something else. The second song he chose was ‘No Woman to Cry’. he still gave an amazing audition and all the judges were happy with his performance and had to give a ‘yes’.

Magic Mike Jacobson’s Successful Magic Trick

Magic Mike revealed that he would be performing magic for the crowd based on his name. He revealed that he works for an advertising company but, this performance will determine whether he can quit. He came before the judges and used an invisible deck of cards and through the process of elimination, he asked judges to select one of the cards matching a single card hidden in a matchbox.

He performed the magic trick and it was successful and impressed all the judges. Yes, all the judges were bound to give a ‘yes’ to him.

Atai Show’s Spectacular Performance

The moment this group of different disguised people on the stage they changed the vibe. The movement along with the music they had put was simply amazing and it was perfectly in sync. There were four people in the group and all of them gave a different vibe to the audience. All the judges were very impressed by their performance. Sofia called the act ‘surprising and spectacular’ and they were all bound to give a ‘yes’ to this unique group. 

2 Mom United by One Heart’s Heartwarming Performance

This group was the last audition for the day in the seventh episode of the show. There was Holly and Kim where Kim was a full-time mother and Holly was a teacher who taught high-school English. Holly revealed that back in 2007, her son passed away and he became an organ donor to Kim’s son.

Emotional Journey and Beautiful Singing Garner Unanimous “Yes” Votes

At the time when the heart was transplanted, Kim’s son was 16 days old and they had no idea who each other was. But, this heart transplant bought both of them together. Both mothers then started singing and they were both going very perfectly. The audience was already moved to tears by hearing their journey and the way they were singing. Immediately, after they finished their auditions they received a huge round of applause from the whole auditorium.

Interestingly, Kim’s son Beckham was present in the show and was asked to come forward. Howie revealed that ‘It was very first time when I felt so connected to music”. Simon revealed that the act was ‘ actually remarkable’. All the judges then voted ‘yes’ for this beautiful group.