The fifth season of Love Island USA was one of the most-awaited dating reality shows in the world. The first episode of its fifth season has already aired and there has been quite a lot in the first episode itself.

Love Island USA Contestants 2023

Yes, we saw a new group of Love Islanders walking in for their first and new season in this dating reality show. Further in this article, we will talk about what happened last night on Love Island USA Episode 1. 

What Happened on first episode of Love Island with A Fresh Lineup of Love Islanders?

We saw the beautiful Caroline Flack and along with her all-time favourite Scottish narrator, Iain Stirling was back just like any other season. Yes, the new lineup for the fifth season of the show was something to look at. It was very attractive, all the contestants present in the first episode looked bold and sexy.

Introduction of the Female Contestants

Now, the first contestants to arrive in the very first minute of the show were Lucie Donlan, Amy Hart, Amber Gill, Yewande Biala, and Anna Vakili. These beautiful and bold girls were the first ones to arrive in the villa and they quickly became acquainted with Amy, who revealed to Amber that she never had a boyfriend.

The new villa which was selected for the fifth season looked a lot like its previous season but, with a modern design and more colourful details. 

Introducing Lucie’s Catchphrase “Bev”

We saw Lucie trying to introduce her catchphrase “bev”, she revealed that in this villa everyone would be hearing some new and weird words. A “Bev” is a hot male, and if he becomes your boyfriend then he becomes your “bev” but, if he does not become your boyfriend then he is a “Bev”. Later, we saw Caroline Flack arriving in the show where she wore a denim dress.

The arrival of the First Male Contestant, Anton Danyluk

The first male contestant rolled out after Caroline Flack and his name was Anton Danyluk who admitted he has a “wandering eye” when it comes to women. He immediately chose to couple up with Amy. interestingly, the very first awkward moment happened when Sherif Lanre arrived.

Sherif Lanre’s Unsuccessful Introduction

He failed to impress the ladies within his few minutes and nobody stepped forward for him. Girls did not like his yellow shirt but, when he was given the chance he coupled up with Amber. 

Michael, the Fireman, Makes His Entrance

Michael who is also known as the Fireman then arrives in the villa. While entering the villa he seemed genuinely happy and Lucie stepped forward for him. Michael has a degree in biomedical sciences if you did not know about it.

Joe Garratt’s Impact on Yewande and Lucie

Next in line came Joe Garratt who quickly got caught up by Yewande and Lucie and both of them stepped forward. Joe then picked Lucie to couple up with, this meant Michael was benched at the first place now.

Welsh, the Aircraft Engineer, Steals Amber’s Attention

Now, the last contestant to arrive in the villa was Welsh who is an aircraft engineer. The moment he arrived Amber stepped forward straight away despite being coupled up with Sherif. She loved the way Welsh greeted the host Caroline with a kiss on the cheek.

Now, in return, Callum picked Amber which meant Sherif was also benched for the first episode. On the other hand, Anna was holding off on stepping forward for every male contestant who was coming on the show. 

Sherif’s Instagram Stalking Revelation

Later, Sherif and Michael who were benched got the chance to pick a partner to couple up with. Sherif chose Anna and Michael had to couple up with Yewande by default.

Now, it was time for all the couples to get to know each other. Before Carolina Flack exited she reminded all the couples that, the path will not be easy as they will face lots of challenges in the future of this season.

On the other hand, Anna found out that she had an Instagram stalker in the villa. It was Sherif who revealed that he followed Anna on Instagram for over a year and Anna was left a little taken aback.

Michael and Yewande’s Bond Over Education

Later in the episode, we saw Michael and Yewande bonding. Yes, initially they have not been very friendly but, they soon bonded over their education. It was Yewande who told the firefighter that, she is a scientist, to which Michael gave a simple response as he was also from a scientific background.

Anton and Lucie’s bonding also started when Anton began grafting on Lucie behind Amy’s back but, she went straight to Amy to tell her about it. 

Lucie’s Confession About Her Nightclub Experience & Anton Reveals a Surprising Detail

After everything was settled in the group, Lucie revealed that she had sex in a nightclub. Yes, it was revealed when the group was playing ‘Never Have I Ever’. Hearing this from Lucie, Anton revealed that she had a threesome. Once all the contestants settled down, it was time for the producers Curtis Pritchard and Tommy Fury to enter to switch things up a bit.

All the islanders were then sent a text message warning the late entries will be able to pick a partner of their choice, this meant that two boys will be single once again. This is how the first episode of Love Island USA season 5 ended.