About Aidan McCann

We all love watching films and have our favorite actors and actresses. Similarly, many of us have seen the famous Aidan McCann in famous roles. He is a favorite actor to many people across the globe.

Aidan McCann is an Irish actor and the big brother of another famous actress Molly McCann. His famous role was in the movie ‘The Holiday’ which was a drama series and ‘Bad Sisters’.

Aidan McCann is not only an actor but, also a magician and a television personality. His success story began as a magician. Not all successful-born people become successful easily entering into any industry. The life story of Aidan McCann is highly inspiring even being a youngster he has shown the world what is efficiency and hard work.

Further in this article, we will talk about, almost everything about Aidan McCann. We are sure many of the readers will be inspired after they read the background story, success story, and journey in Britain’s Got Talent of this young kid.

Education & Qualification

Aidan McCann is a school-going boy. He is quite active on his social media accounts posting related to his daily life and projects. We can surely understand by the work of this young kind that he is a bright student.

Not all actors and actresses are open about their personal life and details. They do not share these details easily with the media. In the same way, we do not have any idea of the educational background of Aidan McCann. But, we are quite sure he is getting the best education from the school he is going.

How old is Aidan McCann?

Aidan McCann was born on July 1, 2009, and has seen the world more than any of his school friends. Every day Aidan McCann is getting new assignments and projects after he became famous.

He is just 13 years old and has made his parents proud at this age itself. During many interviews, his parents have revealed they just want him to work hard and make them prouder.

Aidan McCann – Early Life

The early life story of the famous magician is quite simple. He understood what he wanted to do at a very young age. Aidan McCann’s birthplace was Kildare, Ireland. It was very soon when Aidan found out that he wanted to learn the magic trick and show the world how famous he was.

He became interested in magic when he was just five years old. The intention of conducting magic came into his mind when he received Marvin’s Magic kit as a gift. He then started improving his magic skills and soon thought of appearing on Ireland’s Got Talent. Unfortunately, we do not know if he was able to won that season of Ireland’s Got Talent but, he surely won the hearts of many.

Aidan McCann is very young so there many of his early life achievements are unknown to us. But, we can assure you that Aidan McCann had an amazing childhood and is having the best time of his life today.

Aidan McCann’s Journey in Britain’s Got Talent

Before joining the famous Britain’s Got Talent, Aidan achieved major success. He was already famous and well-known to many people across the globe. This was because he had already participated in Ireland’s Got Talent when he was just nine years old. During his participation, no judges thought he could amaze them with his unique magic tricks.

He joined the 14th season of Britain’s Got Talent.

During his auditions, Aidan McCann performed an act that included a trick to judge Alesha Dixon’s ring. He placed the ring in a handkerchief and told the judge to hold onto it with the ring inside.

But, with the swish of the handkerchief, the ring has vanished. Interestingly, the ring was inside’s Simon Cowell’s watch. He again vanished the ring and surprisingly the ring was attached to his shoelace. He then received ‘Yes’ from all the judges of the show.

In his second performance, he showed an incredible mind-reading magic trick. He asks Amanda and David to help him perform this magic trick. He asks David to color a picture with a few color pencils. He randomly colors them and then finally shows it to the audience. Now, Aidan asks Amanda to open an envelope in front of her and there is the same colored picture. Interestingly, he is also seen wearing the same clothing in real world.

He pulls a mind-reading card trick with David again. Interestingly, he correctly says whatever letters David was thinking of at that moment. In the end, the total word was written ‘Eat’ which David was thinking. With his exciting and surprising acts, he secured a place in ‘The Final’ on October 2020.

Aidan McCann Performing in Britain’s Got Talent

Success Story after BGT

The magic tricks he made were highly impressive and amazing. He did reach the semi-finals but he couldn’t win that particular season. Now, with this huge achievement he was invited to the world-famous ‘The Ellen Show‘. This appearance of Aidan McCann changed his life and career.

He then went to perform his magic show in Shin Lim’s stage show ‘Limitless’ in Vegas. This participation made him the youngest magician to perform on the Vegas stage. Later, he was again invited to ‘The Ellen Show’ in 2019 and was given his segment on her show. It was named ‘Aidan’s Magic Corner’ which was recorded in January 2020. Some of the famous guests in his segment were Collin Farrell, The Jonas Brothers, and Kalen Allen.

On Britain’s Got Talent Aidan McCann repeated his success with an act that included a trick to judge Alesha Dixon’s ring. He placed the ring in a handkerchief and told the judge to hold onto it with the ring inside. But, with the swish of the handkerchief, the ring has vanished.

Aidan McCann’s Parents and their Profession

Aidan McCann’s parents are also from the entertainment world and will always be. The name of Aidan McCann’s parents is Ronnie McCann and Noella Brennan. He has a sister, Molly McCann who is also a famous television personality and actress.

Both the parents of Aidan McCann are actively involved in movie and television projects. They receive projects in both Ireland and from abroad. His father Ronnie acted in the famous ‘Fair City’ as the notorious gangster Richie Lennon. On the other hand, Noella was seen as ‘Gunrig’ in the very last series of ‘Vikings’ that was shot on Co Wicklow.

Aidan McCann & Family Social Media Handles

The social media handles of Aidan McCann are the following:-

  • Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/aidanthemagician/
  • Twitter- https://twitter.com/aidanmagician
  • Website- https://www.aidanmccannmagic.com/
  • Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/Aidanthemagician/

Family Social Media Handles

Noella Brennan

  • Twitter- https://twitter.com/noellaofficial
  • Website- http://www.brennanactingagency.com/agency/profiles/noellabrennanmccann.html

Aidan McCann Journey in America’s Got Talent 2023 So Far

Most of their success story or background story of Aidan is shared in Britain’s Got Talent section. After completing his Britain’s Got Talent, Aidan get lots of roles and responsibilities from many directors and producers.

Just immediately after Britain’s Got Talent, he appeared on BBC’s ‘Blue Peter’. Then it was a challenging year for all of us, the COVID-19 pandemic. He couldn’t make it to any stage performances. Then in 2022, Aidan performed at the Blackpool Magic Convention Gala Night Show. He also performed at the Ulster Magic Convention in Belfast.

After that, he has taken an active part in numerous charity events for both home and abroad organizations. He enjoys putting on Magic Shows for Corporate Companies all around the world. Other than performing on stage, Aidan has acted in many products such as ‘The Holiday’, ‘Bright Sparks’, and ‘Bad Sisters’. He is currently filming his feature film ‘Horizon’ and ‘Clean Sweep’ which will air this year (2023).

After all of this success, Aidan McCann is highly excited to be a part of famous America’s Got Talent All-Stars. This will premiere on January 2nd, 2023.

Aidan McCann Performing in AGT all stars 2023

Aidan McCann’s Net Worth

The young magician has won the hearts of many people. Interestingly, he is earning quite a good amount performing on various stages.

Currently, Aidan McCann has a net worth of US$900k. This net worth figure was posted according to Net Worth Post.

How Aidan McCann Learnt Magic?

Aidan McCann learned magic when he was just five years old. Yes, he received a Marvin’s Magic kit on his fifth birthday. During this time, Aidan McCann generated his skills in different magic tricks.