Noora H Biography: Who is Noora H?

Noora H is an Australian-based singer, recording artist, and an Australian Idol participant. Her hometown is Sydney and she has been emerging into the singing world after her great participation in Australian Idol.

Her Hijabi representation on the show made her unique. On the other hand, she does have a modest fashion style and is quite active on TikTok. Today, Noora H is 27 years old and she is one of the best singers in her neighborhood.

About Noora H and her journey as a singer

Her journey as a singer was quite challenging and did face lots of hardships. When she was quite young she learned the best from her teachers in singing classes. She knew what she wanted to become when she grew old. She had a clear vision of what achievements will help her achieve her dreams in the future. Looking into this she has started working on her singing skills and has recorded many beautiful songs in her name.

She is a huge fan of Ariana Grande and loves her singing style and vocals. During the lockdown, she was seen singing with her friend on viral TikTok songs. On May 10, 2021, Noora recorded her debut single in the studio. Her songs were then published on Apple Music, Spotify, and many other musical applications.

Noora H’s Journey in Australian Idol So Far

Noora H auditioned for Australian Idol back on January 23rd, 2023. Interestingly, during her auditions, she sang ‘She Wolf’ by David Guetta. This performance was highly loved and appreciated by all the judges and she received a golden ticket to the Top 50.

She gave a solo performance on her Top 50 challenge week and made her way through Top 24. She again gave a brilliant performance on February 22nd, 2023, and made herself into the Top 12. She updated a social media post by saying that ‘Australian Idol has turned my life around and I could not have been more grateful than today’.

Again her next brilliant performance helped her to the Top 10 on the show. On her final show, she sang a beautiful masterpiece and hoped to win the competition. Make sure you vote for her so that she can win the competition.

Noora H Net Worth

Noora did perform a lot of singing shows but, we do not know her net worth. She is a young and talented singer and songwriter we expect nothing but a bright future ahead of her. She will surely get lots of opportunities which will help her earn quite a lot of money. We are sure her parents are proud of her and they will always be. If she is declared the winner of Australian Idol then she will be getting good prize money.

Noora H Family

Unfortunately, we do not have any details related to Noora H’s family background. But, we hope her family is all proud of her and nothing else. She has proved to her family that she is a talented singer and can achieve her dreams and goals with her talent.

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