Hailing from Chicago, Illinois Alexandra Lichtor and Sheridan Lichtor are brother and sister who are young and enthusiastic to take part in the popular travel reality show The Amazing Race season 35. Alexandra Lichtor is the elder one among both while Sheridan Lichtor is the younger one.

Introduction to Alexandra and Sheridan Lichtor

Alexandra and Sheridan grew up together in Wilmette, Illinois. They both went to the same school, same university and even pursued the same degree. Both are dedicated and motivated to try new things and excel in it.

Both are consultants by profession and now together they have participated in the Amazing Race to face new challenges. However, the duo became the very first to get eliminated in season 35 of The Amazing Race.

Early Life and Education of Alexandra and Sheridan Lichtor

The duo from Chicago, Illinois consisting of Alexandra Lichtor and Sheridan Lichtor are siblings. The duo has been doing almost everything together since childhood.

Even they like having the same breakfast. The duo has been slow while racing in the show as they have taken so much time to decide directions, double-checking the things they have taken nine attempts to pass. The duo chose swordplay instead of a 30-minute deep-tissue Thai massage and spent a lot of time in the swordplay.

Alas, the duo of brother and sister is the first pair to get eliminated from the travel reality show The Amazing Race season 35.

Alexandra Lichtor Age, Bio, Wiki, Net Worth

Alexandra Lichtor is a very calm and strategic person. She is 34 years old living in Chicago, Illinois. She has done her schooling from New Trier High School which is located in the picturesque town of Wilmette, Illinois. She is bright and focused on her studies.

After completing her schooling she attended Northwestern University where she pursued her degree in chemical engineering for her academic excellence, she got awarded the magna cum laude honors for performing well in academics. Not only in studies but she is also passionate about doing adventure.

After completing her studies she became a professional consultant and started her career as a chemical engineer in the year 2012 at Dow. She has worked at Dow for almost six years and gained industry-relevant experience. Later she joined an ITW company called Kester where she was working as a process engineer.

She is now working at McKinsey & Company where she started as assistant but in 2022 got promoted to engagement manager. With the diverse experience and expertise Alexandra is sure to be earning well. 

Sheridan Lichtor Age, Bio, Wiki, Net Worth

29-year-old Sheridan Lichtor from Chicago, Illinois. He has always excelled in his academics. He grew up in a town named Picturesque in Wilmette, Illinois. He did his schooling at New Trier High School and later graduated from Northwestern University where he studied chemical engineering.

His academic commitment can be seen in his achievements in academics. He has always been an excellent learner when it comes to study. In his graduation, he was awarded the magna cum laude honors which is given to students with distinction.

After graduating in chemical engineering he is pursuing an MBA degree from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. While being excellent in academics he is also interested in the other activities. Sheridan began his career in 2014 as a research assistant at Northwestern University.

He has followed his sister Alexandra’s footsteps and joined Corning Incorporated as a process engineer and worked for almost 2 years to improve his skills. He is currently working as an associate at McKinsey & Company. He has been working for three years but his professionalism and work have improved his net worth in the industry.

What did Sheridan & Alexandra say on the show?

The sibling duo from Chicago Alexandra and Sheridan Lichtor has been excited to compete in the popular show The Amazing Race. they have always been fans of the show and always wanted to join the show.

Alexandra and Sheridan have said whenever they encounter any situation in real life like getting lost and not knowing the direction or going on a trip or opening the meal box they have always thought about how it is on the show The Amazing Race.

However, the strategic pair has been eliminated from the show due to tough challenges. Sheridan has said that he hasn’t thought about being knocked out in Thailand and getting eliminated at the very first. He also added that he didn’t think that they would make a catastrophic error.

Alexandra said that they had made a wrong choice by choosing swordplay instead of Thai massage. Also said that her gut was “wrong Detour choice, spend too much time”. Sheridan said he loved Amazing Race and it was more about entertainment and they also enjoyed all the places they went to.

Alexandra concluded that the journey was short on the show but the experience of the show can’t be taken away and it was a great experience on the show. 

Social Media Profiles

Alexandra Lichtor’s instagaram: alexandralichtor 


Sheridan Lichtor’s instagram: sheridan102