The most anticipated 35th season of The Amazing Race is back with a long list of contestants. Viewers and fans of the show have been waiting for this show for quite a long time and now finally it has started airing.

ContestantJoel StrasserGarrett Smith
Age42 years43 years
ProfessionAuto Claims Training SpecialistDelivery Driver
HometownKuna, IdahoMeridian, Idaho
Guinness RecordsHolds world record for most cotton buds in a beard (2,470)N/A
Net WorthN/AEstimated to be above average due to salary as a claims adjuster and show earnings
Joel & Garrett Smith Amazing Race Bio

Now, as the contestants were revealed before the show began, let us talk about Joel Strasser and Garrett Smith who have partnered up this season to win the title. 

So many types of relationship pairs come on this show to participate which is the most amazing part. Similarly, Joel Strasser and Garrett Smith are best friends who will be seen taking up lots of challenges in the current new season. Further in this article, we will talk more about this amazing best-friends duo and what they think about the show.

Joel Strasser Age, Bio, Wiki, Net Worth 

If you search Joel Strasser on any search engine then you will come to know quite a lot about him. He is a 42-year-old Auto Claims Training Specialist from Kuna, Idaho.

Now, the reason why you will find him on various search engines is because he has made lots of Guinness World Records for putting kinds of stuff into his beard. Joel has a world record for most cotton buds in a beard which was 2,470. 

Other than his daily professional life he is well-known for his world record attempts. Unfortunately, we do not have a net worth figure for Joel Strasser. But, the average salary per annum of a claims adjuster in Idaho is $59239 per year.

We are expecting him to be quite experienced in the field and earn more than the average amount. Now that he is in the show, he will receive some amount from the officials as well. 

Garrett Smith Age, Bio, Wiki, Net Worth 

Garrett is a 43-year-old delivery driver from Meridian, Idaho. The professional life of him and Joel are very much different but, they share common thoughts and are best friends. Garrett is very much excited for participating in the new show of The Amazing Race. 

Unfortunately, we do not know what could be the net worth of Garrett Smith but, the average driver’s salary in Meridian, Idaho is $53,000 which adds some value to his overall net worth. This excludes the salary he gets from the show. 

What They Said For Show? 

Just like any other participant, both the contestants were interviewed and asked some simple questions. The first question that was asked to them about the show was, about the most important skill required in the show. It was Garrett who answered by saying positivity. That is something they are going to use further in the challenges given to them. 

The next question that was asked to them was about which previous team reminds them of their dynamic. Joel replied Jet and Cord and on the other hand, Garrett replied Afghanimals. 

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