How much do you know about All American Season 6?

All American is an American sports drama television series created by April Blair. It was in the year 2018 when the first season of All American was released on the original network of the series, The CW. The sports drama series truly impressed viewers from all across the globe as its interesting storyline along with the selection of casts together was itself something worth mentioning.

All Amerian Release Poster

However, the series did gain a good rating from the critics as well which is why the show has run for five successful seasons.

Now, with the series gaining good popularity across the globe people are already starting to assume the release date of All American season 6. Fans are looking to get an update from the showrunners and the original network for the renewal status for another season of the sports drama series. Well, here is what we know so far. 

All American Season 6 Release Date – When it’s going to release?

The fifth season of All American has been released recently. Currently, the episodes of the fifth season are being released one at a time every week. It was back on March 2022 when the fifth season was renewed by the original network which premiered on the same year in the month of October 2022. Surprisingly, The CW renewed it for All American season six as well earlier this year in the month of January.

The fifth season is still airing one by one every week and it is quite early to make an assumption about the release date of its sixth season. As of now, there is no official date announced for the release of its sixth season. However, if things run smoothly for the production team then fans can expect the sixth season either by the end of this year or by mid-2024. All in all, viewers would have to stay patient for a while before they can watch the sixth season in the streaming platform. 

Who is in the Cast of All American Season 6?

As of now the fifth season is just airing and viewers have not come to the end of it yet. Therefore, this makes it quite difficult to make an assumption about who could be the cast in the upcoming season. It is likely that all the original casts would be back to reprise their respective roles but on the other hand, it is also possible that the showrunners could look for fresh faces as well because it will be a whole new season. 

Fans can expect the return of the original casts in the sixth season. The production of the sixth season has not yet started which is why there is no confirmed news from the production team. However, once the fifth season has been aired and the production for the upcoming season starts then things will become much clear about who would be the cast in the sixth season of the sports drama series. 

The fifth season has shown us some new cast members like Darone Okolie and Tre Hale. if they remain active in the series then it is possible that they will be shown in the upcoming season as well. All in all, it is now way too early to guess as to who would return and who would not. 

Predicted Storyline & Plot of All American’s 6th Season

The story is when a rising high school American football player from South L.A is recruited to play for Beverly Hills High, the wins, losses and the struggles of two families from vastly different worlds -Crenshaw and Beverly Hills begin to collide. The story has got a lot of drama in it along with the amazing beauty of American football. 

The combination of these two makes the storyline catchy and attractive for the viewers and the five seasons has always continued with the same storyline but with a lot of drama in it. The fifth season has just recently aired and with the renewal of the sixth season it can be assumed that the sixth season will continue where the fifth season will end. 

The series being renewed for its sixth season might not be the last of it because the showrunners has not confirmed anything so far yet. This means that the story should continue even after the fifth season ends. 

All American Season 6 Casting Call: How To Be On All American Season 6?

The sixth season of the drama sports series may have got the green signal from the original network and the production team but it is way too early to know about the casting lineup for the sixth season. Fans can expect the return of the original casts from the previous seasons with a few additions in the upcoming seasons as well.

The showrunners or the casting team still did not reveal when they are going to start their filming and who would they cast for their upcoming season. 

If the casting team decides to cast new faces then it is likely that they will be taking to their social media accounts (official) and interested actors can audition for it. Candidates who wish to be a part of the upcoming season must keep themselves updated with the series on their social media platforms to receive proper details and confirmed news about the casting call and audition process. 

Are They Casting For New Roles?

As of now, the series is airing its fifth season and the filming for the sixth season has not started yet. As soon as the showrunners decide to start its filming then only some revelations would be made by them about who would be the new faces for their upcoming season. Some fresh faces has been hired for the fifth season who could also return for the sixth as well depending on how the showrunners decide to take the storyline. 

As of now, it is quite difficult to say that the showrunners would be hiring for new faces because the production for the sixth season is yet to start. Therefore, if you wish to be a part of the upcoming season then you should follow the social media pages of the show. 


All American is one of the most underrated shows that you will ever find. If you are a sport and as well as a drama lover then this series would be the perfect entertainment for you during the weekends. The series has got five seasons already under its belt and now with the renewal of yet another season fans and viewers are very much excited about it.