The Amazing Race Australia is coming back with a new season soon. Network 10 has already announced the cast featured in season 7. The season will be a celebrity edition where the celebrity contestants will face challenges with their partners while racing across the world that too in the budget.

The race will be taking place in the regions of India, Malaysia, Cambodia and Borneo. In the celebrity edition, the teams will try to win the season together and the winning duo will get the grand prize of $100,000 which they will give to a charity of their choice.

So, You must be excited to know the contestants who are participating in The Amazing Race Australia season 7 and hence we have mentioned all the star contestants participating in the Amazing Race 2023.

Amazing Race Australia Teams 2023 – Season 7

TeamContestant 1Contestant 2Charity/Cause
Alli & AngieAlli SimpsonAngie SimpsonDementia
Rebecca & KateRebecca JuddKate TwigleyThe Impatient Advocacy Foundation
Ben & JackieBen GilliesJackie GilliesMoira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation
Dane & BowDane SimpsonBow SimpsonProviding Water
Darren & TristanDarren McMullenTristan DouganFeel the Magic (Orphan Children)
Emma & HayleyEmma WatkinsHayley WatkinsLeonie Jackson Memorial Fund (Deaf Support)
George & PamelaGeorge MladenovPamela MladenovBankstown Women’s Health Center
Grant & CherylGrant DenyerCheryl “Chezzi” DenyerLifeline Central West (Helping Farmers)
Harry & TeddyHarry JowseyTeddy BriggsBeyond Blue (Mental Health Support)
Jana & CornelisJana PittmanCornelis RawlinsonRoyal Hospital of Women
Peter & FrankiePeter RowsthornFrankie RowsthornAutism Awareness
Amazing Race Australia Teams 2023

Alli Simpson and Angie Simpson

Alli Simpson who is a popular singer, actor and host is participating in The Amazing Race with her mother Angie Simpson. The duo is competing for the cause of Dementia as Alli’s Grandma is suffering from dementia and her family knows the pain and feelings that other families having dementia patients can feel.

The mother and daughter duo belong to Gold Coast, Queensland. Alli Simpson is famous as a singer, television personality, actress and radio host with millions of followers while Angie is Alli’s manager who handles her social media and work. Angie has helped Alli in making music and growing.

Alli has also worked in movies and TV series. The Masked Singer and The 12 Dogs of Christmas are some of her popular TV series.

Rebecca Judd and Kate Twigley

The sister duo Rebecca Judd and Kate Twingley are appearing on The Amazing Race. The duo from Perth, Western Australia will be donating the money to The Impatient Advocacy Foundation which was founded by her friend Nicole Cooper.

Unfortunately, Nicole lost her life last year while battling cancer. Rebecca is a model by profession, influencer, host and television personality. Both describe themselves as competitive mothers who are ready to tackle the challenges coming their way while competing in the show.  

Ben Gillies and Jackie Gillies

The famous Australian couple Ben Gillies and Jackie Gillies are coming to give a tough competition to the other celebrity contestants on The Amazing Race. The proud parents of twin boys Bonham and Rocco want to win money for the Moira Kelly Creating Hope Foundation.

Ben Gillies is the former drummer of the famous Australian band Silverchair while his wife Jackie Gillies got into fame when she appeared in the reality show The Real Housewives of Melbourne.

Both Jackie and Ben met when they were teenagers and in 2010 reconnected and got married soon while Jackie confessed that she had manifested this relationship. Let’s see if the proud parents and the couple win the race or not.

Dane Simpson and Bow Simpson 

The famous comedian Dane Simpson is pairing up with his father Bow Simpson to compete in the race for the cause of providing water. Dane thinks it’s a great chance for him to show off his dad in front of everyone via stand-up comedy.

The duo is sure to bring laughter to the show. The pair want to win the cash prize so that they can provide fresh water to the Walgett people. According to Dane, his dad Bow Simpson spends a lot of time in Walgett as he also has a house there.

Bow Simpson helps in providing water to people in Walgett by working with a charity. However, the town is surviving without drinkable tap water and buys water bottles every time. Dane wants to help them and have a collective experience with his father.

Dane is also on tours due to his shows, so it is the opportunity for the due to spend some father and son time.

Darren McMullen and Tristan Dougan

Darren McMullen is participating with his nephew Tristan Dougan in season 7. Darren McMullen is a renowned host and actor who has also been famous for hosting the reality shows The Real Love Boat, The Masked Singer and The Celebrity Apprentice.

In the House Husbands the Australian comedy drama Darren has starred as Alex. Darren has shared that he has a perfect strategy for the show where he will act mentally and make his nephew Tristan do the physical work. They are representing an organization that takes care of orphan children called Feel the Magic.

Emma Watkins and Hayley Watkins

The sister duo Emma and Hayley Watkins are participating in the charity Leonie Jackson Memorial Fund. It is an organization for deaf people that supports the deaf children with education and other services. Emma Watkins whom you may know as former Wiggle and from the Masked singer Australia.

Emma’s participation in the show is the chance to help people for a worthy cause while spending time with her sister Hayley. Emma and Hayley will be spending time together after being together in the summer camp. Hayley never had such an opportunity to explore so she’s excited to travel and meet new people while performing the challenges. 

George Mladenov and Pamela Mladenov

George Mladenov and his sister Pamela Mladenov are the duo we will get to see on The Amazing Race season 7. George Mladenov has impressed the audience by competing in the reality show Australian Survivor: Heroes v Villains.

It will be entertaining to watch the former survivor teaming up with his sister Pamela to complete the challenges to win the prize money. They are participating in charity at the Bankstown Women’s Health Center. However, will he have the same success in The Amazing Race as he had in Australian Survivor? 

Grant Denyer and Cheryl “Chezzi” Denyer

Grant Denyer is participating with his wife Chezzi Denyer. Grant Denyer is a former motor racing driver and currently is a host and television personality.

The couple is supportive of each other, and they are going to treat this as a vacation as their kids won’t be around them pooping and vomiting. While Chezzi aka Cheryl is excited to come out of her comfort zone while facing the challenges. So, the girls of Grant and Chezzi can learn to be brave by watching their parents.

The pair are competing for the Lifeline Central West as they have helped the most on the ground to the people living in their town. They are determined to help the farmers who face several issues as farmers are the ones who bring food to our table.

Harry Jowsey and Teddy Briggs

The best buddies Harry Jowsey and Teddy Briggs are coming to The Amazing Race after appearing in the reality show Big Jump. Harry got to fame after appearing in the Netflix series Too Hot to Handle in 2020. He’s a celebrity on social media with four million plus followers.

The best friend Harry describes themselves as hopeless idiots and Teddy is not sure if they are good at competing. The duo will be participating on behalf of a mental health and wellbeing support organization named Beyond Blue. 

Jana Pittman and Cornelis Rawlinson

The mother and son duo are teaming up to get some quality time and to contribute to the Royal Hospital of Women. As it is the only women’s hospital which is dedicated to women and babies. Jana is 40 years old while her son Cornelis Rawlinson is 16 years old from Eastwood, New South Wales.

Jana was the youngest to win in the Olympics at the age of 16. But she has captured the attention with her transformation from Olympian to doctor. She’s an Australian Commonwealth gold medalist former athlete and a proud mother of six children.

According to her she didn’t get to spend much time with her elder son Cornelis so she’s excited to spend time with him on the show. 

Peter Rowsthorn and Frankie Rowsthorn

Peter Rowsthorn who got famous for his role as Brett Craig in the iconic drama Kath and Kim is participating with his daughter Frankie Rowsthorn.

The duo is standing for all who are suffering from Autism and also in admiration for Peter’s Grandson who suffers from Autism. According to Frankie, it is a beautiful organization that gives autistic people space to grow and be themselves.