Love Triangle is making a comeback with a second new exciting season in October this year. This brand new reality dating show arrived with its first season last year which was well-received by the viewers.The creators and the production team have decided to keep moving with their series so that fans will always have something to look at every week.

This is also one of the reasons why fans and viewers are looking for definite answers for a possible renewal of Love Triangle season 3. Here, in this article, we will try to provide all necessary details to apply for Love Triangle Auditions 2024 – Season 3.

Will There Be Love Triangle Season 3?

As of this writing the second season is yet to arrive officially even though the series was renewed long ago. To answer the question whether the third season has been renewed or not then as of now there has been no confirmed news yet. It is not an easy task for the production house to renew future series altogether at once.

This is because a lot of analysis needs to be done after the end of a successful season and based on those results the production house decides to renew a new season. 

Since the second season has not yet arrived yet fans would be requested to have some patience because the official news for the third season will not be revealed anytime soon. If you are interested in keeping up with the latest updates then it would be a wise decision to follow the social media pages of the show.

Step By Step Process To Apply For Love Triangle Auditions 

Love Triangle auditions will most probably take place online where interested contestants would have to send/submit a self recorded tape video along with their application form. The process is super simple and can be done in one sitting if you have all things ready and saved on your desktop.

You would have to be ready with a self tape, a soft copy of your passport-sized photo, and a photo of your whole body in a single image. Follow the steps mentioned below to apply for Love Triangle Auditions.

  • First, candidates would be required to visit the official application page/website
  • Once they have landed on that particular page then they must click on the ‘Apply’ button. 
  • Fill in the blanks in the application form by entering all details like name, email, phone etc correctly.
  • Submit your self recorded tape and attach images and then submit your application. 
  • Please note that you must go through the eligibility criteria and terms and conditions before applying. 
  • If your application impresses the team of Love Triangle then you will be contacted within a few couple of days. 

Casting Process For Love Triangle 2024

The casting process is expected to take place online because applications will have to be submitted online only until and unless there is an open casting call. In case there is an open casting call then the casting team will visit different cities from time to time to onboard new casts for their upcoming season.

To be on the safer side it would be recommended that you apply for the next season online because in case there is no open casting call announced then it will be a waste of time for you. 

But, the production team should reveal soon in case they want to go for an open casting call. If such a thing happens then you would have to visit the location and give your auditions at the site. You may not be asked to submit a form but it would be mandatory for you to carry your ID proof. 

Eligibility Criteria & Requirements To Be On Love Triangle New Season

  • Aspiring candidates who wish to apply must be at least 18 years old to apply.
  • Candidates must be a legal citizen of their respective country. 
  • Candidates must possess all legal documents and must submit whenever asked to the concerned authorities.
  • There should be no criminal records of the candidates.
  • Candidates must accept the terms and conditions before applying for the show.
  • Candidates must possess all travel documents with them with a valid passport in case it is required for filming procedure.
  • Candidates must be available during the filming process. 

Application Process for Love Triangle Season 3

The application process for the third season is expected to be revealed soon after the end of the second season. However, if the official website is allowing candidates to apply then they can apply immediately whenever they have the time to do it.

The application process is expected to be online where candidates would have to submit the form online by filling it from the website itself.