American Ninja Warrior Season 16

American Ninja Warrior abbreviated sometimes as ANW is a famous American sports entertainment reality show that is based on the Japanese television reality show, Sasuke. Here, in this show, there are many participants including both men and women to pursue their common dream of reaching Mount Midoriyama on the world’s most notorious obstacle course.

American Ninja Warrior 2023

American Ninja Warrior started back in the year 2009 and has got 15 seasons already under its belt. The show has received decent ratings from critics like IMDb (6.8/10) and people those who have watched the show have quite liked it as well. 

Now, the latest season which is the 15th season of the show is about to air on June 5th 2023. As of this writing it is next month and viewers from all across the globe are already speculating the release for its 16th season already. Even though it is quite early to make an assumption that the show will renew for its 16th season but here in this article you will find out some latest updates about it. 

Everything Known So Far About ANW Season 16 – 2024

A piece of good news for the viewers and as well as for interested participants is that NBC has renewed for the show for another additional season. This means that the 16th season has got the green light from the concerned team and will be back once again next year in 2024.

It seems like the show isn’t going anywhere soon because now the 15th season has yet to be aired and NBC has already renewed the series for its 16th season already. It is expected that the 16th season will be airing on summer 2024. 

Production for the 15th and as well as the 16th season is currently underway. It has been revealed that A. Smith & Co will be filming both seasons back-to-back with selected ninjas featured in both the seasons. The winning prize of $1 million will be given to the conqueror of all the four stages at the national finals in Las Vegas. 

Is The Show Confirmed For A New Season In 2024?

Yes, the show has been confirmed for another season in the year 2024. The production team had already green-signaled the 16th season and has said that the production for the 15th season and as well as the 16th season is currently ongoing.

The 15th season which will be airing next month in June will be having new obstacles for the ninjas. It will be as exciting as ever for the viewers to watch and at the same time more difficult for the contestants to become the ultimate winner. 

How To Be On ANW (American Ninja Warrior) Season 16?

First of all contestants or rather say interested candidates those who wish to be a part of the casting team in the next season they would have to be an eligible candidate and fulfil all the requirements before they can apply for the next season. You can visit the official website to know more details about the eligibility criteria and other requirements to be on the show. In case you meet all the requirements then you can follow the steps mentioned below to be on the season 16 of ANW.

  • Visit the official website of the show to apply for the upcoming season.
  • Click on the application form link 
  • Fill out the application form by putting all the details carefully and correctly 
  • Check out the filled registration form once again before submitting the form
  • You can take a print out of the application form
  • It is likely that the application form will be releasing in the month of Sep and end on Dec

Application Process for American Ninja Warrior – Explained 

The application process is completely online based and interested applicants must keep themselves updated with the latest information about filling out application forms. Candidates must visit the official website to know details like the application form release date and deadline for the same. You need to carefully read the terms and conditions and as well as the rules and regulations before applying for the show’s upcoming season. 

Even while filling out the application form you need to make sure that you have put in all the information correctly. In case you have entered wrong details then it is very much likely that your application will get rejected by the team. Once you are done with filling out the application form you must kep a print out of it. 

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements 

  • The candidate must be a legal resident of the United States of America
  • The contestant must be physically and as well as mentally sound and healthy 
  • There is no upper age limit for applying in this competition show 
  • However, the minimum age requirement to apply for the show is 19 years 
  • The contestant should fill out the 20-pages survey and create a self-video about themselves 
  • The video will be considered to be the audition process and the length of it should be between 2-8 minutes depending on the season. 

How To Apply For ANW Season 16 Audition?

The audition process is online just like filling out the application form. It is during the filling out of the application form when you would have to also submit a video of yourself explaining about yourself and describing your personality.

This video will be considered as your audition process and you do not have to visit a location to audition physically. Since there are many applicants coming from all across the country there will be huge number of applicants which is why the team has decided to let the candidates upload a video of themselves which will be considered as audition process. 

Visit the official website to apply for the upcoming season. It is in the official website where details for the application process, opening dates, deadline date would be revealed. You can keep visiting or follow the official social media handles of the show on different platforms to get the latest information about the show’s application process for the upcoming season. 


ANW is a reputed show and has been running successfully for 15 seasons and has already been renewed for another season which will be airing next year in 2024. It is a great opportunity for athletes to get a chance to win a huge amount of $ 1 million. As exciting as it sounds the tasks are very difficult to perform which is also surprisingly becoming tougher and tougher as every season is getting renewed.