American Ninja Warrior entertainment reality show is based on the Japanese reality show Sasuke. This sports entertainment reality show has aired 14 successful seasons so far. Moreover, the show has generated lots of amazing contestants so far. Here are American Ninja Warrior all previous seasons’ winners and runners-ups.

American Ninja Warrior Winners

Season 1: Levi Meeuwenberg

The first season of the show was won by Levi Meeuwenberg and the runner-ups were Rich King and Brian Orosco. In the finals, there were two challenges. In challenge one, the competitors had to shove 10 large slabs across a 50-foot distance and arrange them in a pyramidical structure.

They had to do all this in a bungee cord, where the end was strapped in a big tire. In the second challenge, competitors must crawl under a cargo net. Then they had to walk across two legs with a heavy barrel and run through the forest of tires without touching them. Levi conducted these two tastes successfully and won the first season. 

Season 2: David Campbell

The second season of this show was won by David Campbell. On the other hand, the runners-up were Paul Kasemir, Brian Orosco, and Brent Steffensen. Both Brent and David resulted in the ultimate cliffhanger but, Paul lasted to the third doorknob and Brian lost his grip at the end of the track.

Season 3: David Campbell

The third season was again won by David Campbell. He won a grand prize of $500,000 at the end. He completed all the challenges with his greatest speed, agility, and unwavering determination. The runners-up along with David were James McGrath, Paul Kasemir, and Ryan Stratis. 

Season 4: Brent Steffensen

The fourth season of the show saw a new winner and he was Brent Steffensen. He started as a budding stuntman and gained enormous skills which paid off in the finale. He became the ultimate cliffhanger breaking the records of Levi’s the first season winner. He was listed first in the Southwest Regional Qualifying list.

Season 5: Brian Arnold

Brian Arnold was crowned winner of the fifth season of this amazing show. During the finale, he had everything from luck and determination to skills and agility. He had an incredible pace and with his lightning-fast skills, he was able to win the finale of the fifth season of the show.

Season 6: Joe Moravsky

Joe Moravsky was crowned the winner for the sixth season of this reality sports show. He completed his task in 3:40:48 beating all the other tough competitors in the finale. The other runners-up in the game were Elet Hall, Andrew Karsen, Michael Needham, Dan Galiczynski, and many more.

Season 7: Isaac Caldiero

The winner of the seventh season of this show was Isaac Caldiero. He took home the title winner prize along with a cash prize of $1 million. He was tied with Geof Britten for the Last Ninja Standing but, it was Caldiero who got a faster time so it was obvious to crown him the champion.

Season 8: Drew Drechsel

Drew Drechsel was made the winner of the eighth season of the show. He won the title with an outstanding degree of performance in the final round of the run. The runner up of this season was Caleb Watson, James McGrath, Travis Rosen, and Brett Sims. 

Season 9: Moravsky

The ninth season of the show took place back in 2017 and the winner was Joe Moravsky. He won a whopping cash prize in the final run of the show. He completed all the challenges in the show with full spirit and fans knew that he could be declared the winner in the final stage of the show. The runners-up were Sean Bryan, Adam Rayl, and Daniel Gil. 

Season 10: Drew Drecshel

The tenth season of the show was won again by Drew Drecshel. This ninja superstar of the show conquered all four stages in the intense national finals. His hard work and determination helped him win the title of the show. The runner-ups of the season were Nicholas Coolridge, Josh Levin, and Kevin Bull. 

Season 11: Drew Drechsel

Again the eleventh edition of the show was won by Drew Drechsel. He became the third person to achieve ‘Total Victory’ on American Ninja Warrior. After climbing a 75-foot rope against Daniel Gil, Drew was declared American Ninja Warrior champion. The runners-up for this season were Daniel Gil, Ethan Swanson, and Michael Torres. 

Season 12: Daniel Gil

The 12th season of the show was won by Daniel Gil after he defeated Austin Gray in the finale. He revealed in an interview that, he kicked things into an entirely new year when he was in the finale. The runners-up of this season were Jake Murray, Lucas Reale, and Najee Richardson.

Season 13: Kaden Lebsack

Kaden Lebsack was declared the winner of the 13th season of the show. He gave a spectacular performance that defied odds and strength. Additionally, he won the grand prize at the end of the show. The runners-ups were Austin Gray, Vance Walker, and Kyle Soderman.

Season 14: Kaden Lebsack

Kaden again became the winner of the 14th season of this reality game show. This teenager completed all the tasks properly and faced amazing competition from other contestants. The runners-up of this game were Jay Lewis, R.J Roman, Josiah Pippel, and Josh Levin.

Do Contestants Get Paid on ANW? 

Aside from the very first season of the show, if a competitor had completed all four stages of the National Finals, they received a cash prize. Moreover, the cash prize was given only to the final winners of the show. The winner of the show is only paid and no one else. 

Winner Prize Money in American Ninja Warrior 

Seasons Winner Prize 
Season 1$250,000
Season 2$250,000
Season 3$500,000
Season 4$500,000
Season 5$500,000
Season 6$500,000
Season 7$1,000,000
Season 8$1,000,000
Season 9$1,000,000
Season 10$1,000,000
Season 11$1,000,000
Season 12$1,000,000
Season 13$1,000,000
Season 14$1,000,000
American Ninja Warrior Winner Prize

Prize Money for Runner-Up & Other Contestants 

Only the winners in this reality game show are paid no other contestants or runners-up are paid. But, if there is more than one contestant who completes stage four, then the prize money is split among them. The person who completes all the tasks in lesser time is declared the winner.

Is there any Fee Charged To Participate in ANW? 

If you are willing to participate in American Ninja Warrior then you are required to pay some money to NBC. You are also required to pay for your food, lodging, and travel expenses if you are willing to participate in the show.