Based on a Japanese television reality show, Sasuka, American Ninja Warrior is an American entertainment reality show on sports. Contestants from all around the world come to feature on a set of obstacle courses in various cities.

These obstacles are segregated into several rounds, including qualifiers, semi-finals, and finals which are divided into four paths based out in the city of Las Vegas Strip (also known as Mount Midoriyama).

Update: The National finals conclude with the Las Vegas competitor moving to stage 3 and stage 4. There may be a chance to win $1 Million and become the next ANJ Winner 2023.

About American Ninja Warrior Season 15

Season 15 of American Ninja Warrior was premiered on the 5th of June, 2023, featuring several changes from all other previous seasons.  

Some major changes in this season are mentioned below:

  • Teenagers could previously compete only if invited as a special guest. However, the age limit for participants was reduced to 15 years, allowing teenagers to take part in the competition.
  • The season saw both the qualifiers and semifinals being held in Los Angeles, California, rather than in multiple cities.
  • This season saw more competition than any other previous season, with the number of competitors in each qualifying round increased to 30. Out of these 30 contestants, the top 12 men and 4 women will be advancing to the semifinals.  
  • The last two spots in the semifinals were decided by a head-to-head race on the Ninja vs. Ninja course, with the competitors ranked #12 and #13 (#4 and #5 in the women’s leaderboard) competing.

The semi-finals this time around were done in a different way altogether, in a Ninja vs. Ninja style format, where the two competitors competed against each other on a single obstacle round. Here forward, the winners from each round advance on to the finale, alongside the top 2 non-finishers of each semifinal.

American Ninja Warrior Season 15 Prize Money

The winning amount remained unchanged from the previous seasons at $ 1,000,000 for the winner, with the runner-up and the third place receiving $ 500,000 and $ 250,000, respectively. Moreover, the top 10 finishers of the contest receive cash amounts, too, with the 9th place receiving a consolation amount of $25,000.

American Ninja Warrior Season 15 – The Finalist

The finalists for American Ninja Warrior Season 15 were:

Kai Beckstrand17Utah
Kaden Lebsack17Colorado
Jera Boyd18Minnesota
 Austin Gray27Colorado
Jackson Twait24Iowa
 Hans Hertz15Colorado
Max Feinberg19Virginia
Barry BoydNAPittsburgh
Cam Baumgartner24Shaunberg, IL
Mike Silenzi36Illinois
 Scott Behrends37Iowa
Ben Behrends16Iowa
Taylor Greene15Colorado
Riley PorterNAMichigan
Maggie Owen17Illinois
Mady Howard23Utah
Tyler Yamauchi37Illinois
Nate Hansen23Colorado
Josiah Pippel16New Jersey
Noah Meunier17NA
Jay Lewis18Connecticut
Evan Andrews18Montana
Luke Dillon21Rhode Island
Kevin RodriguezNARhode Island
Jonathan Godbout17Massachusetts
James McGrath36Washington
Matt D’Amico21Massachusetts
Joe Moravsky34Connecticut
Najee Richardson32Pennsylvania
Sean Bryan38California
Rachel Degutz24New Jersey
Taylor Johnson21NA
Addy Herman18Massachusetts
Emily Gardiner16NA
Vance Walker18Georgia
Isaiah Thomas17Texas
Kyle Soderman29California
Grant Kiningham20Texas
Karsten Williams42Texas
Jonathan BangeNANA
Sebastian ChrismerNATexas
Jody Avila37Texas
Joseph Rouse15Arkansas
Daniel Gil30Texas
Cal Plohoros17NA
Benjamin Drake18Tennessee
Madelyn MadarasNATexas
Barclay Stockett29Texas
Clarisa Morris          NAWashington
Sandy Zimmerman45Washington
RJ Roman27Florida
Elijah Browning18Tennessee
Nacssa GaremoreNAFlorida
Caleb Bergstrom23Florida
Ethan Bartnicki17Georgia
Enzo Wilson17Florida
Brandon ThomasNANA
Vinnie Castranova25Florida
Flip Rodriguez34Florida
David Bergstrom-Wright21Texas
Austin HairNANorth Carolina
Alex Romer17Florida
Johnny BrownNANA
Jaleesa HimkaNAColorado
Ashley Bergstrom21NA
Zhanique LovettNANA
Emma PereyraNANA

American Ninja Warrior Season 15 – The Semi-Finalist

The semi-finalists for American Ninja Warrior Season 15 were:


Daniel Gil: This 38-year-old firefighter from Mount Laurel, New Jersey, is a 2-time American champion of the American Ninja Warrior. Known for his speed and agility, he is one of the most consistent ninjas.

Drew Drechsel: The 4-times finalist is a 29-year-old roofing contractor who is known for his powerful strength and ability to overcome obstacles.

Geoff Britten: Known for his technical skills and ability to stay calm, the 37-year-old has been a 3-time finalist.

Joe Moravsky: The 30-year-old personal trainer from Pennsylvania has been a 2-time finalist of the show. The man is known for his positive attitude and never give up spirit.

Najee Richardson: Known for his incredible speed and power, the 30-year-old from Washington is a 2-time finalist.

Paul Kasemir: The 39-year-old software engineer has already been 2-times finalist. Looking to win it this time, Paul is sharpening his calm demeanor and focus.

Sean Bryan: A creative person, Sean is a 37-year-old firefighter appearing for the 3-time in the finals.

Travis Rosen: The 22-year-old is an athlete freak known for his never-give-up attitude.

Tyler Gillett: Gillett is one of the strongest ninjas in the competition and has a never-give-up attitude. He is also a family man with a young daughter.


Jessie Graff: A trailblazing stuntwoman from LA, she’s the first woman to conquer the Warped Wall. Known for strength and agility, she’s a fan favorite.

Meagan Martin: A two-time finalist and motivational speaker, Meagan brings relentless spirit from Salt Lake City.

Kacy Catanzaro: NYC’s former gymnast broke barriers by conquering the Salmon Ladder, praised for speed and agility.

Nicole Zanatta: Former wrestler, mother of two, and two-time finalist, Nicole’s tenacity shines in each challenge.

Allyssa Beird: Vegas-based personal trainer Allyssa’s strength and rock climbing prowess mark her debut.

Barclay Stockett: A software engineer with speed and agility, she joins from the San Diego’s rugby team.

Lacee Barber: San Diego’s determined personal trainer and mother of two brings unmatched strength.

Katie Uhlaender: Olympic skeleton racer and mother from Utah, Katie’s resilience fuels her ninja journey.