Who is ANW Contestant Luke Dillon ?

Luke Dillon is a participant in the American Ninja Warrior. He is 21 years old and from Warwick, Rhode Island. He started his ANW journey in the 13th season of this show when he was 19.

Despite his young age, he finished 12th in the qualifying rounds and advanced to the semi-finals, where he was one of the seven competitors to fall off the spinning bridge, ending his rookie season. Fast forward to season 15, he raced Ramcis Valdez, where he hit the semi-final buzzer for the second time in a row.

Overall, he is placed in the 5th position and has once again managed to secure his spot in the final with his speed and agility.

Luke Dillon Bio, Wiki

Here is more information about Luke Dillon:

Real nameLuke Dillon
HometownWarwick, Rhode Island
Weight170 lbs
Training gymLaid-back Fitness

Luke Dillon auditioned for American Ninja Warrior Season 15

Dillon is an athlete by birth, having a background in gymnastics, parkour, and rock climbing. He has participated in several competitions, including that of rock climbing. He began to work on his dream of going to the American Ninja Warrior in 2018.

Dillion is a motivated guy who is the epitome of the phrase “success requires hard work”. He is a dedicated and passionate competitor, always in search of ways to improve his skills. He is known to train for 6 hours a day throughout the week. He also travels to other gyms to train with other top ninja athletes.

He is also full of positivity and encouragement and is always willing to help others. He is a visiting speaker at several schools and community events and mentors young ninja athletes.

Dillon is looking to win the ANW Season 15. He is already a reputed name in the house after qualifying for the finals on two occasions, season 13 and 15. This time around, he says he is not just in the finale mix to participate but to conquer it.

Luke Dillon Net Worth

Though Dillon’s net worth is not public, we do know that he is a sponsored athlete who receives a decent sum of money from his sponsors for competing in the American Ninja Warriors. He also adds to his wealth by teaching ninja classes to young athletes.

A rising star in the American Ninja Warrior, Dillon is a determined and talented individual with a keen eye on the ANW trophy.