The latest season of America’s Got Talent has been quite popular as compared to its any versions previously. The 18th season first premiered on NBC on May 30, 2023, and has already finished its auditions month. We do have to agree that, this time we did get to see amazing auditions and the performance was just another level. 

For the very first time in the show’s history, the audience used the Golden Buzzer moment for Mzansi Youth Choir. If you have watched most of the auditions then you will surely know about this choir group. Moreover, America’s Got Talent as a show needs no introduction.

It has so many franchises opened all across the world and is getting famous every year. All the Golden Buzzer moments of this season are surely something that will catch your attention. Further in this article, we will talk about all the confirmed contestants and the contestants who have received the Golden Buzzer.

America’s Got Talent Contestants Who Advanced Auditions Round Confirmed Contestants

So many individuals and groups have come to the 18th season of America’s Got Talent but, not all of them passed the auditions. But, each and everyone who came up and performed their auditions was highly confident and gave a unique performance unfortunately, those were not up to the mark.

But, all the people who advanced to the next round, will need to practice more and give something very unique to the judges in the next round. 

Now, each contestant including groups who presented on the AGT platform got 90 seconds to demonstrate their talents to the four judges present before them. The most number of votes among the four judges a group or individual receives means they have passed their audition round. 

Now, here is a tabular data of America’s Got Talent season 18 who have advanced the audition rounds:-

Name Age Act Audition Week Instagram IDHometown 
Orlando Leyba 45Standup Comedy 1Orlando Leyba (@heylando) • Instagram photos and videos San, Juan 
Shadow Ace24Shadow Art1Ace Philip José Galit (@boomshadowace) • Instagram photos and videos Bantangas City 
D’Corey johnson 11Singing1NAKentucky
Trigg Watson 28Magic 1TRIGG WATSON (@triggwatson) • Instagram photos and videos Townsville
Three G18-30Acrobatics 1triothreegUkraine 
Steel Panther 50-58Heavy Metal Band 1 California 
Philip Bowen 38Violin 1philipbowenmusicMontgomery 
TrexNABreakdance and Acrobatics 1NANA
Ray World 64-85Fire danger act 2
Mitch Rossel 29Singing 2mitch_rossellTennessee
Zoe Erianna 6Singing 2NAPennsylvaniaa 
Mandy Muden 60Magic 2mandymudenLondon
Avantgardney20-30Dance Group 2NAOsaka
Ramadhani Brothers 26 and 36Head to Head balance 2ramadhanibrothersofficialTanzania 
Sainted NATrap Choir 2 Charlotte 
Lambros Garcia 10Dancing 2NANA
Herwan Legaillard 33Sword Swallowing aerials  3 France 
Alexandr Leshchenko 333D Dancing 3alexander.leshchenkoKyiv
Alfie Andrew 12Singing 3alfieandrews12Manchester
Grace Good 30Hula Hooping 3gracegoodLas Vegas 
Ahren Behlile 28Standup Comedy 3ahren_belisle_backupCanda
Ricardo Pace 21Hand-squeaking3𝑅𝑖𝑐𝑐𝑎𝑟𝑑𝑜 𝑃𝑎𝑐𝑒 (@maestropace) • Instagram photos and videos Italy 
Roland Abante 45Singing 3Roland Abante”BUNOT” Official (@rolandabante) • Instagram photos and videosCebu City
Brynn Cummings 12Ventriloquism and mentalism 3Brynn Cummings (@brynnocummings) • Instagram photos and videos Paw Paw
John Wines 59Electric Guitar 3John Wines (@oldgreyguitarist) • Instagram photos and videosSouth Coast of UK
Thomas Vu34Rubik’s Cube on fire 4Thomas Vu ( • Instagram photos and videos Orange County
Ninah Sampaio18Rubik’s cube and singing 4NINAH SAMPAIO 🎙 (@ninahsampaio) • Instagram photos and videosBrazil
Anna DeGuzman24Magic 4Anna (@annadeguzman) • Instagram photos and videos New jersey
Maureen langan 56Stand-up comedy4Maureen Langan (@maureenlangan) • Instagram photos and videos New Jersey
Eseniia Mikheeva7Dancing4Eseniia Mikheeva 💃🏼 Dancer’s💃🏼 (@esenya_miss) • Instagram photos and videos Moscow
Dani Kerr23Singing 4Dani Kerr (@dani.j.kerr) • Instagram photos and videosStatesville
Warrior Squad 14-30Dancing and acrobatics 4Rahul Yadav (@warrior_squad_india_official)Haryana 
Freedom Singers 20-25Singing 4@lacan_freedomsingersGeorgia 
El InvertebradoNAPole dancing and contortion 4NANA
Lachune 31Singing 5Lachuné (@lachunek)NA
Sangsoon Kim 28Magic 5Sang Soon Kim(김상순)28
Justin Jackson33Tap dancing5NAMontreal
Barry Brewer Jr30Stand-up comedy5Barry Brewer J Chicago
Ryland 10Magic5Ryland The Kid Magician England
Erica Coffelt 36Dance 5erica_coffelt/reels/Reno
Chen Lei 25Acrobatics 5Lei Chen (@artistchenlei) Las Vegas
Sharpe Family Singers 18-45Singers 5Sharpe Family SingersBasking Ridge 
Trailer Flowers 25 and 27Music Duo5TRAILER FLOWERSNashville
Mariandrea 14Dancing6Mariandrea Villegas CLA
82nd Airborne Chorus NASinging 6The TemptationsFort Liberty
Artem Shukin Magic 6artem_shchukin_officialSaratov
40 Pounds Dance 6NABrooklyn
The ZooDance 6thezoolvLas Vegas
Oswaldo Colina Finger dancing 6dedosbailarinesofficialMexico
Trent ToneySinging6trenttoneyyOregon
Puppet Simon and The Cow Belles Puppets, comedy, singing6pandersoniumNA
Duo Desire Aerialists 6duo.desireNA
Andrew StantonKnife swallowing6andrew_stanton_ssssRockport 
Poetic Flight Pilots 7NA
BJ GriffinSinging and electric cello7bjgriffinmusicVirginia Beach
Phil Wright and Parent Jam Dancing7theparentjamLos Angeles 
Timothy Fletcher Drumming 7timothyfletcher_Baltimore 
Rybka Twins Dancing and acrobatics 7rybkatwinsofficialPerth
Duo Just Two MenHand balancing7NANA
Cakra Khancakra.khan7cakra.khanJakarta 
Magic Mike Jacobson Magic7hellomagicmikeLos Angeles 
Atai ShowDancing7atai.showNA
2 Moms united by one heart Singing 72momsunitedby1heartOdessa and Eugene
Duo AceroPole dancing8duoaceroNA
Summer Rios Singing8summerriosBrunswick
Leonard LeeDog slam dunks8liveloveleonardleeFairfax
Pulse Percussion Drumline8pulsepercussionNA
Noodle and Bun Band 8NAFrance
Zion ClarkWrestling8bigz97Columbus
True Villians Rock band8truevillainsnashvilleNA
TwinjasMMA, jiu jitsu8twinjas_officialNA
HB Monte DJ 8hbmonteCalifornia 
Bomba TrioComedy ping-pong act8NA
Kylie FreySinger8kyliefrenchfreyOpelousas 
Sunny Chatum Comedian8Paris

AGT Season 18 Golden Buzzer Performance 

This season was filled with joy, emotions, and lots of amazing performances. The groups and individuals who received the golden buzzer from the judges and Terry Crews were worth it.

They all deserved them only because of their great performance on the stage. Fans and viewers are quite excited to see them on the final stage of the show and what they will perform. 

Here are the AGT season 18 Golden Buzzer performers:-

Name ActAudition WeekJudges who gave golden buzzer 
Mzansi Youth Choir Choir 1All 
Putri Ariani Singing 2Simon Cowell
Chioma and The Atlanta Drum AcademyDrums 3Terry Crews 
Murmuration Dancing 4Howie Mandel
Lavender DarcangeloSinging6Heidi Klum 
Gabriel Henrique Singing8Sofia Vergara 
Chibi Unity Dance 8All
AGT Season 18 Golden Buzzer Contestants

What Does Winning Golden Buzzer on AGT Mean? 

Winning a golden buzzer on the famous talent competitive show, America’s Got Talent means it sends those participants direct to the live shows. These people do not need to participate in any middle shows. 

AGT 2023 Upcoming Schedule for Season 18

America’s Got Talent will feature every Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ET-7 P.M. It features every week on Tuesdays. On the other hand, live shows which include audience voting will begin on Tuesday which is August 22, 2023, and the results will air on the following Wednesday from 8-9 p.m. ET. Moreover, the finale of this show will air on September 26, 2023. 

Title Air Date 
Road to Lives August 15, 2023
Qualifiers 1August 22, 2023
Qualifiers 1 Results August 23, 2023
Qualifiers 2August 29, 2023
Qualifiers 2 Results August 30, 2023
Live Shows 1September 5, 2023
Live Shows 1 Results September 6, 2023
Live Shows 2September 12, 2023
Live Shows 2 Results September 13, 2023
Live Shows 3September 19, 2023
Live Shows 3 Results September 21, 2023
Live Finale September 26, 2023
Live Finale Results September 27, 2023
AGT Season 18 Schedule