America’s Got Talent is almost to its finale in a few weeks. The 18th season premiered in the month of May 2023 and viewers saw a lot of contestants appearing in the show.

Now, there are only a handful of contestants left in the show as the qualifiers rounds are going on every week. Competition has become fiercer and tighter than ever and has left the audience and viewers and as well as the fans confused as to who would end up in the finale of America’s Got Talent season 18 2023.

Let us have a look at the highlights of contestants that have advanced to the further stages of the show in the AGT Walifier 4 rounds.

AGT Qualifier 4 Results, Elimination & Semifinalists


Zion Clark 

Zion Clark performed a mesmerizing athletic stunt in the qualifiers 4 round of AGT season 18 previous episode. The 25-year old American professional wrestler and mixed martial artist kicked off the qualifiers episode with a motivational talk. Even though he got eliminated in the top 5 proved that despite being physically disabled one can achieve anything in life if they are stubborn. 

Puppet Simon & The Cow Belles 

Puppet Simon & The Cow Belles performed after Zion Clark in the qualifiers 4. Their hard-work didn’t pay off as judges Simon Cowell and Sofia Vergara wanted their act to be stopped as they had pressed the ‘X’ button. Puppet Simon who is voiced by Gabriel Brown came quite far in this season but got eliminated. 

Roland Abante 

Roland Abante took the stage with his singing performance by singing the song, ‘I Will Always Love You’ by Whitney Houston. Hailing from the Philippines, Abante stunned everyone through his stunning performance in last night’s episode. But, it seemed like it was still not good enough to impress the audience and viewers because of which he was eliminated too. 


Mariandrea was the youngest acrobatic dance performer in the qualifier round. Mariandrea Villegas is a Mexican youngster who realized her love for dancing at an early age. Her flexible and athletic body was appreciated by the audience as they kept cheering for her during her performance. But, she got eliminated as well. 

Kylie Frey 

Kylie Frey is an American country singer. The singer has released several of her original music videos which only makes it clear that she would be giving an incredible performance during the qualifiers round. Sadly, her performance was not enough to get her through to the elimination round thus she was eliminated too. 

Chibi Unity 

Chibi Unity is a Japanese dance group who performed in the previous episode of AGT. Their cool performance left everyone amazed. Their dance performance included a lot of freestyle moves which was brilliantly done. Fans, viewers, audience, and judges were impressed thus advancing to the further stages of the show. 

Freedom Singers 

Freedom Singers is a singing group who did not qualify in the elimination round. The singing group had put together an emotional song of, ‘Another Day In Paradise’. The group did a great job throughout their appearance in the season. Most people even think that they deserved to be selected for further stages but sadly they were eliminated. 

Orlando Leyba 

Leyba is an American stand-up comedian who came with a great performance last night. His jokes were humorous and kept everyone laughing. He seems to be so talented in this field which is very much appreciated. But, it was the end for his journey in AGT as he too got eliminated. 

Anna DeGuzman 

Anna DeGuzman is a sole magician performer and had performed an amazing show last episode. Her card magic did the trick of getting everyone impressed which is why she was the second contestant who advanced to the further stages of the show. Fans will see more of her talents in the upcoming episodes. 

D’Corey Johnson 

Johnson is probably another one of the youngest contestants on AGT season 18. The 11 year old performed an incredible song in qualifiers 4. The youngster gave a sensational cover of ‘Wishing On A Star’ but that did not get him to qualify for the further stages. Sadly he got eliminated as well. 

Shadow Ace

Shadow Ace really stole the show among all the other contestants. His ‘hand puppet shadow’ performance showcased an incredible story. Judges wowed his talent but Shadow Ace failed to make it through to the qualifier round as he was eliminated. 

Contestant Status 
Zion Clark Eliminated (Top 5)
Puppet Simon & The Cow BellesEliminated 
Roland Abante Eliminated 
Mariandrea Eliminated 
Kylie Frey Eliminated 
Chibi Unity Advanced 
Freedom Singers Eliminated 
Orlando Leyba Eliminated 
Anna DeGuzman Advanced
D’Corey Johnson Eliminated (Top 5)
Shadow Ace Eliminated (Top 3)
AGT Qualifier 4 results

America’s Got Talent Season 18 Qualifier 1Result, Elimination

The first qualifier of the latest season of AGT took place last month on August 22nd, 2023. The episode took  place with a total of 11 contestants where only two contestants were selected and advanced to the further stages of the show while the rest of them were eliminated.

The first contestant to advance was the pet-owner duo, Adrian Stoica and Hurricane. The performance that the both put up on the stage kept everyone smiling. While Adrian was dressed as a country farmer in the show, Hurricane appeared to be a smart dog who could perform human tasks which was hilarious. 

Lavender Darcengelo was the other contestant who advanced in the qualifier week 1 episode. Lavender, the blind and autistic female singer rocked the stage during her qualifier performance on AGT 2023. Her performance on, ‘I Wanna Know What Love Is’ by Foreigner won the hearts of the audience, viewers, and as well as the judges. It was a beautiful performance that made her a deserving contestant to be selected in the qualifier round. 

AGT Qualifier 2 Results, Elimination & Voting

The second qualifier took place on August 29th, 2023. This episode saw Ahren Belisle and Murmuration advancing to the next stages of the talent competition show. First to advance was Ahren Belisle who cannot talk and is living his life with cerebral palsy.

He was not alone on the stage during his performance in the qualifier round because he was accompanied by his friendly pet. His comedy kept everyone laughing and thus gave him the golden opportunity to become the ultimate winner later as the show advances. 

Murmuration brought out an incredible performance just like they always do in the episode. A single mistake from the team could have cost them their position in the later stages of the show. But, being incredible at what they do earned them the respect in the show and among viewers worldwide. 

Qualifier 3 Results, Semifinalists

The third qualifier took place on Sep 3rd, 2023. In this episode, we witnessed another two of the greatest talents selected while the remaining 9 contestants were eliminated.

Mzansi Youth Choir gave their all out during their performance in the qualifiers round. The group performed on the song, ‘Everywhere’ by Fleetwood Mac. The group did not just sing but was even dancing to the song they were singing. It was an incredible show put up by the group. 

Next to qualify was visually impaired yet talented youngster, Putri Ariani. Ariani shook everyone when she first auditioned and even during her performance in the qualifiers round was able to do the same thing.

She stunned everyone with the song, ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’ by U2. Her magical voice became godly in this episode as she gave her own music on the piano. She deserved to be selected for the next stage. 

AGT Qualifier 4 Results & Contestants Performances

Name Performance OrderActAudition Episode
Zion Clark 1Athletic prowess8
Puppet Simon & the Cow Belles2Puppet act6
Roland Abante 3Singing3
Mariandrea4Acrobatic dance 6
Kylie Frey 5Country singer 8
Chibi Unity 6Japanese dance crew
Freedom Singers 7Singing group4
Orlando Leyba 8Stand up comedy1
Anna DeGuzman 9Card Magic4
D’Corey Johnson 10Song 1
Shadow Ace11Shadow Puppet 1
AGT Qualifier 4 Performances