Ashlie and Todd on The Amazing Race

NameAgeHometownOccupationNet Worth
Ashlie Martin38Chino, CaliforniaHospitality Account ManagerApprox. $117,565 + Earnings from the show
Todd Martin38Chino, CaliforniaSpecial Education TeacherApprox. $67,926 – $88,956 (depending on location) + Earnings from the show
Ashlie & Todd Martin in Amazing Race

The Amazing Race 35 will be an amazing version of The Amazing Race franchise. It will premiere its 35th season for all the fans and viewers. The official premiere date of this upcoming American reality television show will release on 27th September 2023.

Interestingly, all the participants who will be participating in the show have been revealed by the officials. One of the married couples who will be seen on this upcoming special version of The Amazing Race is Ashlie Martin and Todd Martin.

Both Ashlie Martin and Tood Martin are a happy married couple. Both are 38 years old and hails from Chino, California. Both of them will be participating in the brand new season of The Amazing Race for the very first time.

According to some interviews, both the couple feels like they are confident enough to win the grand finale of the 35th edition of The Amazing Race. 

About Ashlie Martin Age, Wiki, Bio, Net Worth 

Ashlie Martin met her life partner at a very young age. Ashlie Martin hails from California and she is 38 years old. When it comes to her occupation she is an Hospitality Account Manager. 

Now, when it comes to her net worth the average salary per annum of a Hospitality Account Manager in California is $117,565. Interestingly, other than that, contestants on The Amazing Race are paid a certain amount from the officials. No contestant on the show leaves without being paid. 

About Todd Martin Age, Bio, Wiki, Net Worth 

Todd Martin met his life partner at the very young age of just 15 years old. Todd Martin hails from China, California and is 38 years old as of today. He is happily married to Ashlie Martin. When it comes to his occupation he is a special education teacher. 

The average salary of a special education teacher in California is $67,926. But, this salary highly depends on the state and district in the country.

If Todd Martin works in his hometown then his salary could range between $53,549 to $88,956 in California. Other than this, every contestant on The Amazing Race franchise is paid by the officials. 

Their Thoughts on Winning The Amazing Race

When Ashlie Martin was asked by the officials of The Amazing Race, What is the most important skill that you require for The Amazing Race? She replied the most important skill for this game show is going to be communication.

Ashlie also revealed that, if you cannot communicate properly then you are not going to make it past the first leg of the show. She believes that proper and clear communication is what every contestant in the show must have.  

When Todd was asked the same question he just added a quick decision. He believes making a quick decision in such competitive game shows is very crucial and important for the next step. 

The next question they were asked was “What previous Amazing Race team does your dynamic remind you of the most? Ashlie immediately replied she was terrible with names. On the other hand, Todd revealed that he loved the way the Afghanimals played. 

Social Media Profiles of Ashlie martin & Todd Martin

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