Today is the day the singers will be performing in front of the large live audience. Will they give it their best, will they leave a mark to remember in front of the audiences.

Australian Idol Top 21 Contestants 2024

Drea OnmadeThat’s What I like ItAdvances to Top 21
Trent RichardsonStay (Rihanna)Advances to Top 21
Amy ReevesClarity (Zedd)Advances to Top 21
Kiani SmithYou’re The One That I WantPut on notice
Imogen SpendloveAgainst All Odds (Phil Collins)Advances to Top 21
TJ ZimbaAirplanes (B.O.B & Rihanna)Advances to Top 21
Chennai BoucherKryptonite (3 Doors Down)Advances to Top 21
Denvah Baker MollerYellow (Coldplay)Advances to Top 21
Jake CarlsonEverything I Ever NeedAdvances to Top 21
Natash RoseBad Romance (Lady Gaga)Advances to Top 21
Kobe WhiteYou’re still the One (Shania Twain)Advances to Top 21
Jonathan WellsAttention (Charlie Puth)Advances to Top 21
Jess ChalmersBreakfree (Ariana Grande)Advances to Top 21
Issac McCallum7 years (Lukas Graham)Put on notice
Dylan WrightSorrento Moon (Tina Arena)expected to make it to top 21
Jesse LazzaroSay Something (A Great Big World)Advances to Top 21
Saoirse HoardingJealous (Labrinath)Strong performance, room for improvement noted, challenging journey ahead
Australian Idol Top 21

All Performances of Tonight on Australian Idol

Drea Onmade | That’s What I like It

“A rockstar vibe was evident in her performance as she sang Bruno Mars’ hit song ‘That’s What I Like’.  Both the audience and the judges were mesmerized by her powerful and captivating performance. She seemed completely unfazed by any nerves or stress, proving herself to be a natural performer.

Amy praised her, saying, ‘You’re born to do this’, while Marcia added, ‘It’s a no-brainer girl.’ It’s no surprise that she made it to the Top 21 with her undeniable talent.”

Trent Richardson | Stay (Rihanna)

Next up on stage was Trent, who appeared to be in shock at how far he had come in the competition. His dad was watching him from the audience table. Trent announced, “It’s going to be an emotional ride.” 

He sang Rihanna’s “Stay,” and it was clear that he had chosen the perfect song for the occasion. The audience loved him and sang along with him. The judges were also impressed, praising him for his unique talent. Amy said, “You may not be the strongest vocalist, but you made a great choice with that song.” 

As a result, Trent made it into the top 21.

Amy Reeves | Clarity (Zedd)

To impress the judges who had traveled all the way from Broome, Amy stepped onto the stage, hoping to secure a spot in the Top 21. With memories of her dad in her heart, she began to sing Clarity by Zedd. Her vocals were incredibly strong, and the energy she brought to the song left everyone in awe. 

After finishing her performance, Amy said, “It was just amazing to watch.” Kyle exclaimed, “I’d pay to watch that show!” With her excellent singing, Amy secured a place in the top 21.

Kiani Smith | You’re The One That I Want ( John Travolta, Olivia Newton)

Kiani, the youngest performer, has made it to the top 30. We expect her to go further because she is exceptionally good. She sang “You’re The One That I Want” by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.

However, her performance was not up to the mark as compared to her previous performances. The judges seemed a little disappointed, with Amy saying, “It was missing something.” According to the judges, it could have been better. Unfortunately, she was given a notice after her performance.

Imogen Spendlove | Against All Odds (Phil Collins)

Imogen has always been a risk-taker. During her first audition, she chose to perform a big song, “Against All Odds” by Phil Collins.

The judges were emotionally moved by her performance, and praised her greatly. Despite being a factory worker, Imogen made her way to the top 21 in Australian Idol. The judges even went so far as to praise Kyle, saying, “You actually performed the song better than the original.” Imogen is truly an impressive performer.

TJ Zimba | Airplanes (B.O.B & Rihanna)

Judges have been very skeptical about TJ Zimba even breaking all the rules to get him in the top 30. But he managed to surprise everyone with his performance of “Airplanes” by B.O.B and Rihanna. Both the judges and the audience were impressed with TJ’s performance, and he truly performed like a top-notch artist.

The judges were impressed with his performance and, “You truly are an individual,” said Marcia. He went from being on notice to getting back on track and giving one of the best performances and eventually showing up in the top 21. He has come a long way and truly deserves all the recognition he is getting.

Chennai Boucher | Kryptonite (3 Doors Down)

Chennai, the old comer, had her ups and downs in the show, but she wasn’t quite a real cooperating one. However, she performed well while singing “Kryptonite” by 3 Doors Down. Her voice was really heavy, loud, and good. 

The judges loved it and said, “That’s how it’s done.” Amy added, “All your moves remind me of Lady Gaga.” With no discussion, she made it to the top 21. There were no doubts about her performance.

Denvah Baker Moller | Yellow (Coldplay)

Denvah, a country girl with a unique voice, has always been praised for her singing. 

She performed her own country-style rendition of “Yellow” by Coldplay, which impressed the judges and secured her place in the top 21. Her iconic voice and charming personality mesmerized the audience. Amy exclaimed, “This is what Australian Idol looks like!”

Jake Carlson | Everything I Ever Need 

We witnessed Jake, the music therapist, showcasing his singing skills in front of the judges. He decided not to use his guitar and performed using only his voice. 

With the song “Everything I Ever Need,” Jake’s vocals were so powerful that the judges couldn’t help but argue about his performance. After much deliberation, they finally agreed that he deserved a spot in the top 21 contestants.

Natash Rose | Bad Romance (Lady Gaga)

Natasha, the pop singer, wearing her red outfit while she sang “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga. Her performance was so powerful that she set the stage on fire. 

Impressed by her performance, Kyle complimented her saying “You did really well, great song, great performance.” Natasha’s performance earned her a spot in the top 21.

Kobe White | You’re still the One (Shania Twain)

Kobe walked confidently onto the stage, his new look catching the attention of the judges and the audience. As he began singing “You’re Still the One” by Shania Twain, his smooth and soulful voice filled the room. The listeners were spellbound by his performance, and he left no doubt that he had given it his all. 

When he finished, the judges gave him a standing ovation, and he was welcomed into the top 21.

Jonathan Wells | Attention (Charlie Puth)

The dancer Jonatha had been given a final chance to prove himself. He chose to sing and perform “Attention” by Charlie Puth, and the entire audience was mesmerized by his moves. He performed like a true professional. 

However, while the judges praised his energy level, they noted that his vocals were not up to par. As a result, the judges decided to put him on notice based solely on his vocal performance.

Jess Chalmers | Breakfree (Ariana Grande)

“Break Free” by Ariana Grande was the song choice for Jess’s performance, and she was super excited to step up on stage with her dazzling look. Jess performed like a true pop star, impressing the judges. 

However, Kyle gave her some constructive criticism by saying, “You are a great performer, but not up to the mark for me.” Despite the feedback, the judges really loved her, but unfortunately, they put her on notice. We can only wait and see what happens next in the competition.

Issac McCallum | 7 years (Lukas Graham)

Isaac, a former homeless person, has come a long way from being a trolley pusher to performing on the biggest singing stage of Australian Idol. His love for music has brought him to the show, and we would love to see him succeed. Singing Lukas Graham’s “7 Years Old” and making it to the top 21 is crucial for him. 

However, Isaac was nervous and made some mistakes, forgetting a few lyrics. Kyle, one of the judges, wasn’t impressed, saying, “You’ve gotta pull yourself together.” Despite this, the audience loved him, and after some deliberation, the judges unfortunately put him on notice.

By far all the ones who are in notice

All the contestants who have made it to the notice point are Kiani, Jess, Issac and Jonathan. We can only expect what the next episode holds for these contestants. Stay tuned to updates…