BBCAN Voting Season 11

Big Brother Canada has aired 10 successful seasons so far. This show has been Canada’s one of the most favorite reality game show. Many of us know how the game works and participants are eliminated on their way to the finale.

It is where 15 people share an isolated home and all of them try to avoid being evicted by their home mates. In such type of contestants, following proper rules and regulations are very significant. The winner is awarded heavily so, all the participants are bound to follow all the rules, terms, and conditions according to the reality game show.

How to Vote for Big Brother Canada 2023? 

While voting for any participants one must make sure that all the voting rules are followed strictly. Voting for a contestant of Big Brother Canada is quite easy. Normally, the officials of the show open up voting dates and gives a deadline and within that duration public is advised to vote for their favorite home mates.

Moreover, the voting period is announced on-air during the program and is open for a set period of time. Here is the process of how one can vote for their favorite contestant in Big Brother Canada 2023:-

  • To vote one must visit the official website of the show and which is 
  • Make sure you visit this official website during the voting period or else you will get nothing. After you have visited this website make sure to follow all the instructions as per the officials given on the website 
  • After you have cast your vote on the official website make sure to submit them

[Note: Two users must not have the same IP address and participants may vote as many times as possible. These votes will only be counted if all of them have followed the instructions and conditions from the officials.]

Voting Rules for Big Brother Canada 2023

Big Brother Canda Contestants group photo

The official voting rules are revised every year for each season of Big Brother. Participants must ensure they follow all the latest rules and while they are voting means they agree to be bound by those roles and regulations. The show focuses a lot on the voting procedure and rules because the whole game is dependent on it. So, the voting part is a very crucial part of Big Brother Canada. 

Eligibility criteria for voting on Big Brother Canada

Here are the voting rules for Big Brother Canada 2023:-

  • All the users and participants willing to vote must have proper internet access from a laptop, computer, tablet, or mobile. They must use a personal IP address, and no two IP addresses must be used for voting 

Termination rules for voting on Big Brother Canada 2023

  • All the voting rules are in full force and in full effect while you visit the official website for voting 
  • Voting participants may terminate the use of the site and their participation while voting at any point of time for any reason by simply ceasing all the use of the site 
  • The producers of the show may terminate the access to the site for that participant and voting any time with or without prior notice 
  • Even if the participant has terminated themselves or have been terminated by the officials all the rules and regulation will remain in effect 


  • Participants will be able to vote on major decisions that will directly impact the competitions which may occur during the on-air program 
  • Voting period is announced while on-air of the show and is open for a set period of time. Make sure you follow or else you will not be allowed to vote 
  • All the participants willing to vote must visit the official website of the program to vote 


  • If a participant has attempted to submit ineligible votes then the original and additional votes will not be counted. The participant will be deemed void in producer’s sole discretion 
  • All the ‘ineligible vote’ includes any vote that is late, incomplete, or fraudulent 
  • If the vote have been scripted, automated, robotic, or mechanical means that vote will be void 
  • If it has been discovered that the participant has engaged or has attempted to engage in any suspected methods then according to the rules of the program those votes will be void 

Right to Void or Terminate

  • The producers of the show have the right to modify the rules in whole or in part at any time without notice or obligation 
  • Producers have the right to terminate, suspend or modify voting in a part or whole at any time with or without obligation 


  • Just by submitting the video all participants agree to abide and accept all the rules and decisions of the producers 
  • All the issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, enforceability, and interpretation of voting shall be governed and constructed accordance with the laws of the province of Ontario 
  • Producers have the right to block any individual from participating in the voting who has not followed the rules 

These are some of the rules and regulations for Big Brother Canada 2023. The rules and regulations are updated every season so make sure you read them before casting your vote. All the official rules for Big Brother Canada 2023 are available on this website:

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Big Brother Canada Remaining Contestants 

Big Brother Canada is all about elimination. This show airs every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The 11th season first aired on 8th March 2023 and has aired five episodes so far. 

Initially, the show had sixteen participants, and here are the names of its remaining participants:-

  • Anika Mysha – Investment Advisor 
  • Claudia Campbell – Marketing Coordinator 
  • Daniel Clarke- Graphic Designer 
  • Dan Szabo- DJ
  • Hope Agbolosoo-  Skills Coach 
  • Jonathan Leonard-  Fisherman 
  • Kuzivakwashe Mujakachi-  9-1-1 operator 
  • Renee Mior- Law student 
  • Roberto Lopez-  Gym Manager 
  • Santina Carlson-  Aesthetician 
  • Shanaya Carter-  Bartender 
  • Terrell McDonald-  Personal Trainer 
  • Vanessa Mactavish- Yoga Instructor 
  • Zach Neilson-  Senior Vice President 

Big Brother Canada 2023 Eliminated Contestants 

Within three weeks of season 11 lots of things have happened. Here are the contestants who have been eliminated so far:-

  • John Michael Sosa – Project Manager (Evicted) 
  • Amal Bashir – Superfan (Walked)

Is Voting option available for BBCAN 2023?

Yes, voting lines are live now!