Big Brother Canada is a famous Canadian reality show where fifteen people share an isolated home and try to avoid themselves being evicted by their housemates. As interesting as it sounds the job is quite difficult to be named the winner.

However, with 11 seasons under its belt the show’s production team had already started casting for its 11th season back in August 2022. Eligible candidates had started to apply for the auditions for its next season. The 11th season has arrived recently and it is a huge question whether audition process will begin for its next season soon?

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Big Brother Canada has got 11 seasons under its belt with its very first season airing back in the year 2013. Every year Big Brother Canada has released one season and fans were happy about it. In case you still haven’t watched any of the season of Big Brother Canada you can watch it on

The moment you start watching the reality show you will feel right at home inside the house given that it is one of the only versions of Big Brother across the world that mimics the same format as the US. 

Will There Be A BBCAN Season 12?

The 12th season of the reality show is yet to be renewed as the 11th season aired recently. Looking at the timeline of the release of each season of the show we see that every season was released with a time gap of one year and aired in the month of Feb or March. The 11th season has just aired and till now there has been no confirmed news about the 12th season. 

BBCAN is a successful show that has been running successfully since 2013 and it can be expected by fans and viewers that the 12th season will also be renewed soon enough and the news for casting calls for the show will be announced. 

How To Apply For Big Brother Canada Audition Season 12?

Application process for the reality TV show happens completely online based from the official website of the show. Therefore, interested candidates should immediately visit the official website for the application process. Since, the 12th season will not be arriving until next year 2024 fans and participants and viewers from all across the world would have to wait for the renewal status of the show. 

Make sure that you pass the eligibility criteria before applying or else your application may get rejected straight away. Also, you need to check the rules and regulations and go through the guidelines of the show so that you do not miss out on important things. 

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements For Big Brother Canada 2024 – Season 12

The eligibility criteria for Big Brother Canada Season 12 auditions are as mentioned below:

  • Candidates must be at least 19 years old and must be a Canadian citizen/permanent resident.
  • Candidates must have an excellent physical and mental health.
  • You must be available for a video call with the producer in case the producer has selected you for an interview at a time that is to be scheduled by the Producer.
  • Candidates must be willing to live in BBCAN house which is located in Toronto for at least 75 days approximately.
  • The house that you will be living on will be having video and audio devices which will record.
  • Only one participant will be winning the prize money which is CAD$ 100,000.

Even though the eligibility criteria has been mentioned above you should visit the official website for updated eligibility criteria in case they decide to change. 

Big Brother Canada Host

Arisa Cox is going to be the host of the show as she has been doing this job since the very first season of the reality show. However, she has turned herself to be the executive producer of the show since season 9. The host for the season 12 is still not confirmed but it is expected that Arisa Cox will be back as the amazing host of the reality show because fans and viewers would want nothing else. 

Audition Tips For BBCAN 2024

Auditions is one of the most crucial parts before making it as a participant in the show. Candidates are required to make a video of themselves and submit the same on the official website. In case you want to make it in the next season make sure to give your best audition video to the BBCAN team. Mentioned below are some audition tips that you can follow.

Lighting Tips

  • In case you are shooting the audition video indoors make sure to do it in a well lit room. Your face should be clearly visible.
  • Do not shoot in front of the windows where direct sunlight is streaming in as this will cause your video to become poor.
  • Shoot yourself during the daytime so that the team of BBCAN can see you.

Audio tips

  • Speak loudly and clear as your voice and message that you are trying to convey should be clear.
  • Find a quiet area in your house or find a place where there is no disturbance 
  • If you are shooting indoors try not to shoot in a crowded area as your voice will be drowned.
  • In case you are shooting outdoors avoid shooting in loud areas and when it is windy outside as this will distort the microphone.

Camera tips:

  • Your video will be shown on TV so you need to shoot in landscape mode. Do not shoot in portrait or vertical style.


Q. When will BBCAN start in 2024?

Ans: The 12th season has not yet been renewed because the 11th season has been released recently. But, looking at the release date timeline fans can expect a release of the 12th season by Mar 2024.

Q. What is the prize money for BBCAN Winner?

Ans: The winning prize is CA$ 100,000.