If you are a Glassblower and wanted to showcase your art then this opportunity is for you. Netflix’s famous show Blown Away is coming back with season 4. The show features some of the exclusive glassblowers who compete with other participants to win the title of blown away champion.

Participants face a variety of challenges and try to confront them with creativity and technique. In each episode, a contestant gets eliminated whose design has the lowest marking. Katherine Gray evaluates the contestant’s work as a judge. Also, Netflix has made an official announcement regarding blown away season 4 that says the show will release on July 19, 2024.

Overview of blown away show

The renowned reality show Blown Away is a glass-blowing competition where the artist makes an excellent piece of art with glass. The show has artist from all around the world who excels in the skill of glassblowing. Competitors compete with each other and time to create a marvellous piece of art. In 2020 the first season was released on Netflix.

The show features talented glassblowing artists who create artistic masterpieces with inspiring techniques and technology. The show has got a great amount of love from fans and is also got nominated for a variety of awards in Canada. Blown Away has won the Canadian Screen Award for Best Direction reality show.

The best production design of art direction in the non-fiction category in 2022 and many more. The show has been renewed for season 4 and will be released in 2024 with the host Nick Uhas and Katherine Gray the judge. 

How to Cast Blown Away Season 4?

To get cast in the famous glassblowing artistic competition series you need to apply for the application and auditions. The casting for the show will be starting soon. Make sure to fulfil the eligibility criteria of the show.

Go through the terms and conditions to make sure that you will be agreeing to it. You will get cast once you submit the application form, after completing the application and audition process you will be informed if you get selected. 

How to Apply Audition & Application for Blown Away Casting Season 4?

To apply for season 4 you need to complete the application process and auditions. To apply for the season you can visit the official site of Netflix and search for the blown away season 4. Once you find it click on the apply button and feel the application form.

Make sure to complete the application form in one go as you can’t access the form again after starting to fill it out. Submit your photos and videos of your art to stand out as it’s mandatory to upload. If you have applied earlier as well but didn’t get selected then make sure to apply again who knows you will get your chance this time.

If you face any technical problem or error while filling out the form you can contact the official casting team through email. Make sure to apply as soon as possible to stand out for the chance.

Require documents for the Blown Away show

To be applicable for the show there are some basic documents you need to submit. You need to have a valid passport and id proof. The passport should be updated.

As the application will start you will be informed about other required documents if there are any so keep checking on the website and stay connected.

Eligibility criteria for the Blown Away

To apply for the competition you need to fulfill the eligibility criteria of the show. The eligibility criteria are:

  • You need to be at least 19 years old or older.
  • You should have English speaking and comprehension skills.
  • You should possess a valid and updated passport
  • You should be ready to travel to Canada when require. Although the travelling expenses are covered.
  • You need to be ready for the background check 

Be enthusiastic and high spirit to get on the show and blow the minds of the audience with mind-blowing glass art. 

When is Netflix Blown Away Season 4 Release date?

Season 4 of Blown Away will be realising on 19th July 2024 on Netflix consisting of 10 episodes and all ten episodes will be released together to stream. 

Blown Away Season 4 Trailer 

The official trailer of the Netflix series blown away is yet to release. According to Netflix, the series will be released in July 2024 so the trailer of the series will be launched one month before the premiering date of season 4 Blown Away.

Rating & Review

Blown Away is one of the top reality shows on Netflix. It has a rating of 7.2 out of 10 from 3.6 K users. The series had good reviews consisting of how the show works and how artists make their beautiful artworks to impress the audience but on the other hand, the audience was complaining about the game politics between contestants. There are almost 10 critics’ reviews on IMDB about the Netflix reality series Blown Away.