The Voice franchise show, The Voice South Africa, is about to come back in 2024. After the successful completion of season 3 with all the head-on competition, viewers are excited for season 4. The show provides participants with an excellent opportunity to showcase their singing abilities.

Until now, finding the best voices of South Africa has provided the stage for many unknown artists. If you are someone who is finding an opportunity to shine, then this is your chance to shine on the voice stage. The season is expected to make its comeback in 2024. However, the application process will take place soon.

To know the application process, requirements, judges, contestants, and all other things related to the show on the website. To apply for the auditions, you need to complete the application process with an essential submission.

The Voice South Africa
The Voice South Africa

How does the voice of south africa work?

The show works the same as other reality shows, but it involves blind auditions, which is unique. The show starts with blind auditions, where the judges and audience are not able to see the performer. The panel of judges makes their judgment after hearing the performance based on voice quality.

This makes it fairer, as they are fully concentrated on the performer’s voice and not on their appearance. Once the judges get impressed with the performer’s voice, they turn their chairs by praising the button, which says I want you. If more than one judge presses the button, then the contestant is free to choose anyone as a mentor and apply to join their team.

The contestants get guidance from the top artists in the South African music industry. As the show continues with wonderful performances, battles, vote-offs, and eliminations, in the end, the show gets its top finalist. Competing for weeks, the best performer gets the title of Voice South Africa winner and other exciting gifts.

How do I enter the voice of south africa for 2024?

To enter the popular singing competition series, you need to register yourself by applying online through the show’s official website. To learn about it, keep checking the website. Check the official website of M-Net to learn about auditions. Check the eligibility criteria before applying, as you should meet the given requirements.

The show has given many talented artists access to the music industry and the chance to make a career in music. If you wish to apply, it could be your chance to be the next winner of the voice and win all the worthy gifts.

What is the Audition process for the voice SA?

The audition process for the popular singing reality show will start soon for season 4 in 2024. To appear for the auditions, you need to complete the application process. Visit the official site of M-Net to get all the updates regarding auditions and the application process.

You need to submit your personal information, some questions related to the show, and finally a short video of the contestant showing their musical talent. The participant can choose to sing any chorus of any song.

You should be visible in the video while singing. Your video should be in a valid format, following all the requirements given. Once your application is selected, you will be informed about the next steps.

What is the voice south africa application Process?

The application process for the famous South African singing competition is simple and expected to start soon. The application form is in online mode only. To access the application, visit the official website of M-Net and search for The Voice. Once the voice application displays, register yourself and log in. Fill out all the details required.

You need to fill in your basic personal information like name, address, phone number, email address, location, and a description of yourself; the description can be short yet informative. After filling out all the essential details, you need to make a video of yourself showing off your singing talent.

The video should be in a valid format with good sound quality, lighting, and no special effects. The video should be 90 seconds long with no autotunes or background music. Participants can choose any verse or chorus of the song they want. Make sure to prepare the video beforehand with high-quality settings.

How many types of voices are there in south africa?

The most renowned singing competition, The Voice South Africa, is part of The Voice Franchise. In South Africa, we have more types of The Voice South Africa based on concepts, themes, age, and types. There are seven different types of this singing competition.

  • The Voice
  • The Voice Kids
  • The Voice Teens
  • The Voice senior
  • The Voice Rap
  • The voice of all stars
  • The Voice Generation

Who are the judges of voice south africa?

The judges of Voice South Africa are Kahn Morbee, Lira, Bobby Van Jaarsveld, Karen Zoid, Riky Rick, Riana Nel, and Francois Van Coke. The voice judges are also coaches who mentor the contestants. The season 4 judges will be Riana Nel, Francois Van Coke, and Lilia.

What is the voice south africa audition venue?

The makers of Voice South Africa have already officially announced the starting and closing dates. The application process is free and straightforward. The application process is in virtual mode only. However, the makers have not officially declared the venues of the auditions in South Africa. Stay connected so you will get the latest news and updates about the show.

Is the voice of south africa winning prize money?

The Voice South Africa winners get exceptional careers in the South African music industry. The winner is declared in the finale based on the audience’s votes. The winner of the series gets the title of Voice South Africa Winner and some exciting prizes worth millions.

The winner signs a recording contract with Universal Music South Africa with a brand new Toyota RAV4 and Huawei P30 Pro. The winner also gets shopping vouchers worth R1000,000 at Truworths Clothing.

Who won voice south africa season 3?

Completing the journey while being the fan’s favourite, Tasché Burger won the title of the winner of The Voice season 3 in South Africa in 2019. She was on the Francois Van Coke team. Tasché Burger became the first female to win the show.