Father Brown Season 11

One of the famous cozy mystery drama television series is Father Brown. This comedy-drama television series was first aired back in January 2013. The comedy television series became so famous that they aired 10 successful seasons so far for its critics and audience. Interestingly, this television series is loosely based on the Father Brown short stories by G.K. Chesterton.

Father Brown Season 11 audition role

Now, after the show aired ten successful seasons so far fans are wondering when will the 11th season come out. Fans and critics across the globe are desperate to know the details for the next season of this comedy television series. 

Will There be Father Brown Season 11? 

The tenth season of this comedy television series aired on 6th January 2023 and people are already expecting the release date of its upcoming season. Due to the show’s high appreciation and lots of positive comments, the officials of the show have decided to go for the eleventh season. 

BBC Studios, the official production company and broadcaster of Father Brown confirms that the series will return for its eleventh season to all the fans and critics. BBC Studios also revealed that the shooting will start in the Cotswolds. 

We are sure the fans are happy to hear this exciting news for the return of the eleventh season of Father Brown. Other than that, fans will sigh a relief hearing the shooting has already begun for the upcoming season. 

Father Brown Season 11 Release Date 

The shoot for the upcoming season is still going on and no official release date has been given out. The official release date highly depends on how long the shooting will take place. The more time they take to shoot an episode the longer fans and critics have to wait for the release date. 

As per its previous season’s release dates, many sources have made an expectation of when the eleventh season might release. The eleventh season will exclusively air on BBC One and BBC iPlayer in early 2024. So, fans might have to wait one more year according to some expectations for the release date of Father Brown season 11. 

Father Brown Season 11 Audition 

One can surely expect lots of twists and turns in the upcoming new season of Father Brown. The interesting plot twists have kept all the viewers attracted to the show. Over the last few years, we have seen lots of new faces in the comedy show. Adding new faces in the upcoming season will not be something new or surprising to the fans. 

Candidates willing to join can surely not join the lead role unless they are lucky enough. But, if you fit into a role that has been opened by the officials of the show do not miss such an opportunity and apply for it. A short audition will be taken by the officials as per the role they require. Make sure you fit in perfectly or else you will miss a big opportunity. 

How to get casted on Father Brown season 11? 

If you are willing to be a part of Father Brown then make sure to follow these steps given below:-

  • Make sure to visit the official website of BBC as they hire for any required role
  • After you visit the official website you will see roles that are required for the upcoming season 
  • All the eligibility criteria and requirement for the role will be mentioned under the mentioned role 
  • Make sure to read them carefully and click on “Apply Now” button 
  • After you have clicked on it a new form will open up which needs to be filled 
  • Make sure all the information given by you are correct and then click on “Submit” button 

Father Brown Season 11 Cast 

Here are the casts who will be seen on the eleventh season of Father Brown:-

  • Sylvester McCoy- confirmed 
  • John Burton 
  • Tom Chambers 
  • Ruby-May Martinwood 
  • Claudie Blakley 
  • Nancy Carroll 
  • John Light 

Other than these casts, we are expecting the same cast who were present in the previous season to make a return to the upcoming season of the show.