The Challenge Last Night Elimination Results

The Challenge USA Tonight Elimination and Recap 

It has been more than a month since the second amazing season of The Challenge premiered. The show has already finished its ninth episode and ten contestants from different shows have been eliminated. The remaining contestants of the show are giving their best to stay alive in the show but, according to the game, one or two contestants have to leave the game after each episode. 

Further in this article, we will talk about who was eliminated from the ninth episode of the second season of The Challenge USA. 

Recap and Elimination

The first stage in the ninth episode of the second season was “Speed Jumps”. It was where all the players had to use trampolines to peek over a wall at a series of numbers. The top three men and women just had to add up to move to the second round. It came as a huge surprise that, contestants cannot do simple maths. Still, it was Josh, Fessy and Sebastian to moved to the second round first followed by Chanelle, Tori, and Michele. 

Now, in the second stage of the episode players had to jump on another trampoline. This time they had to jump on the top of a big rig which was flying down a runway. Contestants had to jump high up and grab flags which are with one, two and three points. Players can only take one flag at a time and not two. 

It was Tori who took a very bad fall and we can see her video multiple times being played by the officials. But, she makes a good comeback and finishes her run, but she solidifies her second individual win. It was Fessy who cinches the dub for the men. 

Sebastian pitches a plan to get a Survivor player out of the game and agrees to go with Chris, but only Tori will agree to keep Alyssa safe. But, later in the episode, we can see they have selected Cassidy and Chris. It is Sebastian who decides that everyone in the show should vote for Cory, which would save Cassidy.

In this show, we can see most of the time everyone votes for a guy. Chris’ one vote on Alyssa could sink the entire ship. 

Now, in the “Trick, Trick Boom,” the opponents start on a giant tower filled with balls. The arena game that was selected in this episode was Trick Trick Boom. All the contestants have to race down the ladder to line up three barrels and with all panels on them.

Contestants must toss balls from the platform to sink a trick shot into the coloured barrel, but here the ball must touch all three panels. After they have completed this part, all the contestants must add two sideways panels and hit another trick shot, this time they have to hit all five panels. 

While doing this, Chris seemed to be methodical in his decisions. He looked calm, collected, and very cool. He did give his shot and gained the point that he wanted very desperately.

On the other hand, Sebastian did sink one and was not far behind, but it all fell apart from him when Chris hit the final target. Unfortunately, Chris became safe and Sebastian Noel from Survivor: Ghost Island had to go back home

Episode 2 Elimination

The first episode of the second season of The Challenge USA 2023 premiered on August 10 2023. In the very first episode fans witnessed Ameerah Jones from her original season Big Brother 24 being eliminated. This episode also saw Jonna Mannion being eliminated. She came from the original season, The Real World: Cancun.

Episode 3 Elimination

The third episode took place on Aug 17th, 2023 on CBS and Paramount+. Again in this episode viewers witnessed the elimination of contestant Paulie Calafiore. Paulie is one of the male contestants who has a fame for being a television personality. Paulie had appeared in the 18th season of Big Brother. 

Episode 4 Elimination

Two more contestants of The Challenge USA season 2 got eliminated in the 4th episode. In this episode contestants Luis Colon and Amanda Garcia got eliminated. While Luis had appeared on The Amazing Race season 34 Amanda was one of the contestants in ‘Are You The One?’ season 3. 

Episode 5 Elimination

The fifth episode aired on Aug 24th 2023 where female contestant Alyssa Lopez from the original season Big Brother season 23 got eliminated. She was eliminated in the 7th position on season 23 of Big Brother. She tried her best to remain on this show but luck was against her this time. 

Episode 6 Elimination

Dusty Harris, who had appeared in the original season of The Amazing Race season 34 got eliminated in this episode. The sixth episode premiered on Aug 27th 2023 which saw the exit of Dusty Harris. He was a male contestant in the show. 

Episode 7 Elimination

Big Brother season 23 female contestant, Tiffany Mitchell got eliminated in episode 7th of The Challenge USA season 2. According to her Insta profile she seems to be a public figure having a lot of fan following but her elimination on The Challenge season 2 has really kept her fans disappointed. 

Episode 8 Elimination

Male contestant Monte Taylor from the original season Big Brother season 24 got eliminated in this episode. He seemed to be a tight competitor to other contestants but sadly this episode was the end of his journey in the show. He has got a good amount of social media followers and has gained a lot of fans on his Instagram profile. 

Table of Eliminated and Remaining Contestants on Challenge USA 2023

Name GenderOriginal Season Current Status 
Chris Underwood Male Survivor: Edge of Extinction Remaining 
Alyssa Snider Female Big Brother 24Remaining 
Cory Wharton Male Real World: Ex-PlosionRemaining 
Cassidy Clark Female Survivor 43Remaining 
Chanelle Howell Female Survivor 42Remaining 
Faysal Shafaat Male Big Brother 20Remaining 
Desi Williams Female Survivor: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers Remaining 
Michaela Bradshaw Female Survivor: Millennials vs Gen XRemaining 
Johnny Devenanzio Male The Real World: Key West Remaining 
Josh Martinez Male Big Brother 19Remaining 
Sebastian Noel Male Survivor: Ghost Island Remaining 
Michele Fitzgerald Female Survivor: Kaoh Rong Remaining 
Tori Deal Female Are You The One? 4Remaining 
Tyler Crispen Male Big Brother 20Remaining 
Wes BergmannMale The Real World: Austin Remaining 
Tiffany Mitchell Female Big Brother 23Eliminated 
Monte Taylor Male Big Brother 24Eliminated 
Alyssa Lopez Female Big Brother 23Eliminated 
Amanda Garcia Female Are You The One? 3Eliminated 
Jonna Mannion Female The Real World: Cancun Eliminated 
Dusty Harris Male The Amazing Race 33Eliminated 
Ameerah Jones Female Big Brother 24Eliminated 
Luis Colon Male The Amazing Race 34 Eliminated 
Paulie Calafiore Male Big Brother 18Eliminated 
The Challenge USA ELimination Order