Amazing Race USA Season 36 Audition 2024

Everyone wants to be on Amazing Race Auditions, but very few of them are lucky enough to participate on the much-anticipated show. Here in this post, we have covered all aspects of Amazing Race Auditions (USA Version), the Amazing race season 36 Casting call, and the application process.

Every year we get to witness a good round of Amazing Race and there is no doubt for another season to make a comeback. The thirty-fifth season of the show has already received its official release date and fans are already looking well ahead for the forth-coming season which is Amazing Race season 36.

This original reality television competition series has been airing since 2001. Yes, it has been quite a long time since this famous television competition series premiered its first season. Over the years, the show has received many accolades and awards. It was even nominated for the Emmy award multiple times.

Being nominated for such a reputed show and that too multiple times, is a great achievement for the franchise. So, do not worry we will experience more of The Amazing Race in the coming many years. 

Further in this article, we will talk about how to apply for Amazing Race, the eligibility criteria for Amazing Race, the requirements for Amazing Race, the application process and many more. 

How to Apply for Amazing Race Audition Season 36 Casting Call 2024?

Amazing Race is one of the most famous American television competition shows in the world. The application process to get into such famous and well-reputed shows is very easy only if you follow all the terms and conditions very strictly.

Many potential applicants of the show do not know how to apply for a brand new season of Amazing Race. Do not worry here is a detailed step of how one can apply for the Amazing Race audition season 36 casting call 2024:-

  • The official casting production company of Amazing Race is none other than CBS. Applicants are required to visit the official casting website of CBS or you can simply type “The Amazing Race Casting” on your browser and click on the search
  • After you have searched for the above keywords on your search engine, make sure you click on the first website which is the official casting website of Amazing Race
  • All the steps are mentioned on the official website where the first step you will see a link to a video where the casting director is explaining what they are expecting from the applicants. Yes, you are required to watch the video and then proceed further 
  • Make sure you read all the steps given on the page and on the right side you will see two options which are “Team of two” and ‘Singles” You are required to click as per your preference
  • After you click any of those options a new application form page will open up where you need to fill in all the details that have been asked properly
  • You will be required to make a video that will show your personality along with a photo of you and your partner 
  • After you have given all the information make sure to recheck them before you click on the “submit” button 

Eligibility Criteria and Requirements for Amazing Race (American Version) Audition Season 36

If you are willing to be a part of the next season of Amazing Race then make sure to follow all the eligibility criteria and requirements of the show. Here are the eligibility criteria and requirements for Amazing Race audition season 36:-

  • Applicants need to be proper US citizens and must have a valid passport and US driver’s license
  • The minimum age requirement to apply for Amazing Race is 18 years old and not below that 
  • While uploading your video make sure the video you make is less than 50MB and they are in the following file formats: mpg, mpeg, flv, avi, mp4, mov, 3gp, wmv, and mv4. 

Application Process For Amazing Race (USA) Audition Season 36

The application process for applying to Amazing Race is online. Yes, you do not need to run from one studio to another to be a part of a brand new season of Amazing Race.

Make sure you visit the official casting website of the company before the new application forms come out and then fill it out only after reading all the terms and conditions. 

Do not visit any third-party websites to apply for a new season of Amazing Race. It will only lead you to fraudulence and nothing else. Only submit your personal details using the official casting website of the company. If you are shortlisted then you will be called by the officials of the show for further process. 

Amazing Race Audition Season 36 Casting Process 

There are certain criteria for casting of Amazing Race. According to the official website, they choose teams who have known each other for a minimum of one year. They choose relationships that are highly relatable and they have a great bond between themselves. 

So, if you show proper affection for your other half then there is a high chance of you getting selected in the brand new season of Amazing Race. Moreover, the casting process for Amazing Race season 36 is online.